How to Extend the Life of Your E-cigarette Battery – 2024 Guide

When you look around you, there are many visible signs that technology is becoming an unskippable part of our daily routine. We are not talking here only about cars, smartphones, computers, and other pieces of equipment. It is worth mentioning that even cigarettes have passed through the improvement procedure. That is the reason why e-cigarettes are becoming more and more popular.

The reason why people decide to switch to the electric version of cigarettes is simple to understand. They are not completely risk-free, but they neither produce carbon monoxide or tar. Those two elements are the most harmful for the human organism.

However, not everything around them is simple and good. One of the things all e-cigarette consumers will have to worry about is the battery. Many times you will get frustrated when you see that your e-cig battery does not last as long as you would want to. Just like smartphone batteries, their quality goes down over time.

Fortunately for you, there are multiple ways to extend the life of your e-cigarette battery. Even better – all those steps are pretty simple and they do not require a lot of money, time, and energy. Let’s find them out together!

Use the E-Cigarette Batteries Regularly


Believe it or not, you need to use the battery regularly in order to extend its durability. If you use the device from time to time, the battery will not stay in the appropriate shape. However, if it works all the time, and if you regularly charge it and discharge it, it will work perfectly and it will last longer.

So, how often should you use the device? Well, it is recommendable that you use it daily. For instance, 3 or 4 times a day is going to be enough to keep the batteries and the entire device in a good shape.

Don’t Keep the E-Cigarette On All the Time

Just because we said that you need to use the e-cigarette daily, that doesn’t mean you should turn the device on for the entire day. Whenever you finish using it, turn it off. Even if you are going to consume another e-cigarette for 20-30 minutes, there is no reason to keep it turned on.

Generally speaking, most people forget to do that and they leave their device that way. That especially becomes annoying if you are somewhere outside. You leave the battery turned on in your pocket, and the device becomes empty when you are far away from home.

The Charger You Use Needs to Be Appropriate


Some people believe that all chargers they can find in the store or offline are the same. Certain type of chargers is matchable only with a specific style of batteries. Because of that, it is crucial for the battery life of your vapor device to find a matchable battery.

Indeed, it may happen that the charger you bought together with the device stops working. In that case, you have to buy the exact one or you need to find an adequate replacement. Logically, it is also essential to find a reliable seller that will not try to trick you in any way.

Don’t charge the battery for the entire day. Instead of that, remove the device from the charger when it reaches full capacity. Keeping it connected to the charger will only make the battery weaker.

The Battery Shouldn’t Drain Completely

There is one thing that you have to remember and it is crucial for the battery life of your e-cigarette. Many people commonly make a mistake. They will use their vapor until the battery runs out of charge completely. After that, they will connect it to a charger and wait until it becomes completely full.

If you are doing that, you are actually making things worse. Keeping the battery dry regularly only damages the battery itself as it puts it under strain. Instead of waiting for the battery to become completely empty, charge it up when it reaches 20 to 25 percentage. In that way, you will not damage the battery at all.

It Is Recommendable that You Have 2 or 3 Batteries


Well, this is one of the things where you will have to spend a bit more money. However, keep in mind that it can actually help you save money on a long-term basis. Purchasing 2 or 3 batteries will allow you to rotate them from one day to another.

Let’s imagine that you have one battery in your device while the other one is going to be in your bag as a spare part. In an emergency case, you will manage to replace the empty battery with the full one and continue using your device as usual. When you come home, you can recharge the empty one and put it back in your device when it is full.

Clean the Battery As Often As You Can

The last piece of advice we have for you is to clean the battery as often as you can. Logically, all the parts of your electric cigarette can become dirty. The dirt spreads pretty quickly and you will have to clean the device from time to time.

That especially counts when we talk about batteries. The dirt collects in your pockets or bags and negatively influences the durability and overall performance of your battery. Because of that, clean it as much as you can! A lot of dirt will force the battery to spend even more energy and you won’t manage to extend its longevity.

Final Thought

We are pretty sure that everything is clear now. If you apply all the pieces of advice that we just mentioned, you will manage to reach your goal. Generally, the most important tip from the list is actually the last one. Clean the battery as much as you can and whenever you spot a small change. In that way, the battery won’t use more energy than necessary and it will last longer.

On the other hand, the battery that you get with the device needs to feature quality. Because of that, you need to buy those devices and batteries that truly deserve your attention and can meet all the expectations that you have.

If that seems like a problem for you, we suggest you visit here after reading this article and check out one of the products that deserve your attention.

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