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Drug Addiction is a disease that is increasing every passing day. A person who is suffering from addiction needs to recognize first that he is having an issue in order to seek help. Addiction to narcotics is not just about being an addict in fact it brings along many other health issues that are of great risk. So, the first crucial step is a realization of the issue, and only after that, a person will be able to get help from the health care team of any detox and drug rehab center. The professional will examine the addict. The session of examination would be based on questions related to their overall behavior, narcotic use pattern, etc. the overall health status will be examined, and keeping the results in view, the staff will design a tailored need plan that will suit the needs of the addict drug treatment. The plan will also consider that what type of drugs a person is using. Every narcotic has its nature and effects. Some of the commonly used drugs by people involve alcohol, opioids, hallucinogens, cocaine, ice, prescription drugs, and nicotine. The type of drug will indicate the exact diagnosis plan. Many of these narcotics have the power of causing painful and life-taking withdrawal symptoms. So, firstly, make sure to have a proper diagnosis by the healthcare team of rehab and then follow your treatment to achieve the best results. Browse AscendantNY.

Origination of addiction

When people use narcotics, there is an obvious disturbance in their physical and psychological health. The question arises that what are the factors that contribute to becoming the root cause of drug addiction.

1. Development of resistance


Our brain tends to develop resistance. When a body inhales a drug, it develops resistance eventually. Later on, the old same amount of narcotics will not affect the body. In simple words, the drug user won’t be able to enjoy the same effect and he would eventually double the dose of the drug. The cycle continues and as a result, the increased usage of the drug will become a reason for addiction. So, before the drug changes the circuits of the brain, we need to stop the individual.

2. Genes and Familial History of drugs


Drug addiction is not an issue of today. It is a disease suffered by a lot of people. Many people lost their lives. Thousands of families got disturbed due to the addiction of their family members. Sometimes, the addiction becomes part of genes and the upcoming generation is at high risk of developing an addiction. Similarly, if any of your house members are an addict then you may also get involved in such activity. It is proved by research studies as well that genes have the strength of developing a drug addiction.

3. Society & Environmental Factors


Society and people around in our environment play a major role. These factors can cause addiction as well. Sometimes you get exposure to the addictive drugs and you give them a try, sometimes the peer pressure motivates you to try them. Often due to financial stress or family members, people find escape in the use of narcotics. Such people are not strong to cope with such circumstances so they develop drug addiction.

4. Drug usage duration


This point is somehow similar to developing resistance but this factor also includes the fact that how much drug was consumed by the addict, how often he used to consume the drug, did he use a single type of drug or mixed the variation of drugs. Overall, the frequency of drug use matters a lot. Also, addiction is not a one-night happening process. A drug cannot make a person addict in a singular use. But there are chances that a person’s body may not be strong enough to bear the drug effect and as a result, causes a mental health issue or other sorts of complications. In some cases, it can cause death as well.

A guide to coping up with drugs


The foremost step is to get a designed treatment for your addiction, but the following guide will aid you to make the journey easier and recover fast.

  • Recognition of addiction signs

Many people do not feel that they are addicted. They make addiction a part of their routine life. They start living with their withdrawal symptoms as they are part of his life and daily routine. They fail to recognize their signs. It is important to notice the little signs if you are using drugs.

  • Have some knowledge about drug addiction

The important and the most helpful steps are to educate one’s self about addiction and gain information on it. Take a knowledgeable start. Now, we have a lot of great resources to seek information and learn that how we can help ourselves in gaining control. How we can give less harm to our bodies. The knowledge can prepare and motivate you as well for making a healthy change and take a good start.

  • Skills to manage addiction

The reasons for the addiction are not just about drugs. Sometimes the individual is suffering from some sort of relationship issue. The person is not able to handle this little stress, he has no idea that how to deal and cope with these issues, and as a result, he involves himself in drug usage. Mental issues are considered a very important reason for drug addiction. It is very crucial to develop life coping skills in ourselves to fight with daily issues and get an escape from drugs.

  • Find a support system

Our friends and family circle is the biggest support. Have a friendly relationship with them. Develop a strong bond with them. Share your daily life issues with them if you are not able to handle the issues properly. It might be possible that they help you in resolving them and save you from bigger issues. Building a connection with family is always the best solution because no one can be much fair and loyal to us as our family. Their experiences will help you in resolving problems that can become a reason for drug addiction.

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