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How to Fix Creases in Shoes: 2021 Step by Step Guide!

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Either we wear shoes daily or occasionally, a smooth and creases free look matters. Whether you prefer sneakers or dress shoes, wrinkles or creases urge you to throw your shoes out after just wearing them for some time. Because creases do not only look ugly or worn out but also cause wounds on your feet. How costly the shoes were, while thinking about it you definitely want to know some solution to this problem. A lot of effort is required in bringing such a thrashed pair of shoes back to life.

Reasons Behind Creases

In case your shoes are made of leather, you must deal with them with great care. For that purpose, first of all, look into some reasons behind the causes of creases:

  • The quality of the leather matters a lot in causing creases or no creases. High-quality leather ends up with less creases over time as compared to low-quality leather.
  • Fitting of the shoes is of great concern while purchasing new leather shoes as unfit shoes will get disfigured easily.  
  • Foot shape is another factor causing creases that cannot be avoided. As you will flex your feet, that portion of the shoes will get creased.
  • Creases also appeared more often in flat toe shaped shoes. So full or semi cap toe shape is the most preferred one for long-lasting good looks. 

Precautionary Measures

Let’s look into some precautionary measures as well:

  • Use sneakers shield available in the market that can fit properly inside the sneakers.
  • Use shoe trees that can well fit inside the shoes and increase the lifetime of your leather shoes. 
  • Use shoe hooks to properly wear off your shoes otherwise, creases will get appeared in poorly worn off shoes.

Some Proven Methods

So here we are going to give you a very informative guide with proven methods to get rid of your shoes’ creases. 

Method 1: Use of Cloth Iron

A clothes iron is the best choice for sneakers and trainers shoes.


  1. Arrange a medium heated unplugged iron, some old clothes or tissue papers, and a wet towel.
  2. Stuff your shoes with old clothes or tissue papers, so you could not see creases in the shoe. Tap on the top with your hand, if it is suffocated well, you will hear a tapping sound. If you will press the shoe with your thumb, it will not go inside.
  3. Take a towel, wet it with hot water and squeeze it out for extra water, so it gets damp. Now, fold it and cover the shoe toe with the wet towel properly.

  4. Iron the toweled shoe till the time the creases go away. The leather will get stretched on ironing but will take its original shape once cooled. Pro Tip: Hard creases will take more ironing, so please be patient and spend more time to wash away all the creases. Warning: During ironing, keep on checking the shoe by removing the towel away to make sure the shoe has not burnt.
  5. Take off the towel and stuffing. Finally, you will find a brand new pair of shoes in front of you. Pro tip: Let the shoe cool down for some time before removing the towel and clothes.

Method 2: Use of Cloth Steamer

Clothes’ steamer is the best option for suede and nubuck leather shoes. Please be aware of not using too much moisture on these types of leather shoes.


  1. Collect a shoe tree, some old clothes or tissue papers, damp cloth and cloth streamer.
  2. Suffocate your shoes with old clothes or tissue paper to make the toe box.
  3. Cover the shoe with a damp cloth from the toes towards the side. Pro Tip: Cover the shoes with damp cloth properly, so that streamer can be applied to all the places where creases are sighted.
  4. Move the steamer on the wet cloth gently without leaving it in-touch for a longer time. Warning: Do not apply too much heat or moisture on a single portion of the shoe as it will destroy the texture of the shoe.
  5. Remove the stuffing and put the shoe tree inside your shoes, so that the suede and nubuck leather get stretched until the next use.

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Method 3: Use of Shoe Polish, Oil or Conditioner

Leather shoe polish, oils and conditioners are the best choices for less or newly creased fancy dress shoes to fix them.


  1. Bring together a soft dry cloth and leather shoe polish, oil or conditioner. If you want to find out the most suitable shoe polish for your leather boots, go through our latest review for 2021 here.
  2. Put some drops of oil or apply wax cream on the creases and massage gently with the soft dry cloth until its absorption. Pro Tip: While applying polish or oil and doing massage, stretch the surface of the shoes to remove the crease.
  3. Take a shoe tree and put it inside the shoes to keep them stretched till the next use.

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Method 4: Use of Heat Gun or Blow Dryer

You might be in a hurry for some occasion and want your shoes to free from ugly creases in less time. Then you can take a decent look just by treating your creases by using a handy blow dryer.


  1. Fill some newspaper, old clothes or tissue paper into your shoe. A shoe tree can also be used to provide a tough toe surface for treating creases.
  2. Turn on the heat gun or blow dryer by setting on medium heat and throw the air on the creases at a distance of 3 inches. Massage the creases by a continuous movement of hands with a soft dry cloth. Pro Tip: Move the heat gun or blow dryer constantly to avoid constant heat exposure at one spot, which can burn the shoe.
  3. Stop when there are no more creases sighted on the shoe. Let it cool and message the best leather conditioner for better results.

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Method 5: Use of Alcohol

Alcohol makes the leather moisten and relaxed which helps to reshape leather and wash away creases.


  1. Take an empty spray bottle and make a solution with equal amounts of water and rubbing alcohol.
  2. Spray the mixture onto the creases and massage it gently till its full absorption.              Pro Tip: Do not spray an excessive amount of rubbing alcohol mixture as it will dry the leather.
  3. Let the spray dry and treat the shoe with some oil or conditioner to get good results.
  4. Put the shoe on a shoe tree to get the leather stretch to its original shape.


When we have a range of shoe types, fixing creases is a big challenge. Oils and conditioners are there for treating light creases but they do not treat hard creases well. A mixture of rubbing alcohol with water is the perfect solution for new to moderately old creases, but excessive use can dry the leather and cause more creases in the future. The blow-dry method is the best approach for dress shoes, but too much heat can darken the leather. Ironing leather shoes is not the best method to adopt all the time. As with more ironing leather will lose its shape. So, you must try the alternative methods described above in certain situations.

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