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Which Fabric Is Best for Apron – 2024 Guide

Getting into culinary is an exciting thing because not only it is a great hobby, but you are learning an important life skill. However, all that great work usually means staining all your clothes. Not everybody works tidy, so instead of constantly buying new clothes, the item you are looking for is an apron.

Not only that it protects you from stains, but getting an apron you like motivates you furthermore. In addition, it can be the best gift for someone who enjoys their stay in the kitchen, since you never have enough aprons.

With various fabrics and materials, it might be hard for you to determine which is the appropriate apron for your situation. For that reason, we made this article where we’ll discuss materials depending on their purpose to conclude what the best fabric for aprons is.

What should you look for in the fabric

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When looking for apron fabric, there are a couple of key specifications that you need to look for. The first thing that you have to ensure is a high thread number. This means that the fabric is thicker and that it won’t let anything cross it. In addition, the higher number of threads improves durability.

In addition, the fabric needs to be appropriate for the person’s job. For example, if they are in contact with chemicals such as washing dishes or regular cleaning services, a waterproof apron is essential. For people working with flames, the material needs to be fireproof to protect their clothes from burning.

The size is important as well. You cannot expect to fully protect a large person with a small apron. The same goes otherwise as well, so correct sizing is essential. Lastly, the material needs to be light and flexible. People will be constantly wearing them during their work, so they have to be comfortable.

Which fabric is the best

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As we mentioned above, the fabric gets chosen depending on what the person works on. For that reason, we will go through some of the most common materials and explain their advantages.


Cotton is the first type of fabric on this list for a reason. It is the most used material in manufacturing any type of clothes, and so do aprons. With a higher number of threads, it is thick enough to prevent staining on your clothing underneath, it is flexible and comfortable to be worn.

In addition, it does not contribute to the heat in the summertime so it makes workers feel cooler. In addition, it has great absorbing features that make it great for any type of job. In case of staining, it can be easily washed either at home or in industrial high-temperature washers.

For a stylish and functional look, you should go for darker colors. That way, the stains will not be visible, and you can maintain a stylish look, especially in front of a camera.


Because of its coziness, linen makes a great fit for cooks and bakers. Especially if you are a person who is just starting with their cooking adventure, and needs a protective layer of clothing. Linen aprons can be further modified with various colors and patterns to create the best and most stylish-looking cook for you.

If you check out labottegadicasa.com’s offer, you’ll see that a linen apron can come with all kinds of designs which is a huge plus.

Nylon or rubber

The most suitable type of fabric for people working with water is nylon. It is a waterproof material so it is great to protect your clothing from getting wet. If you do cleaning, or washing dishes at a restaurant, you should get nylon or rubber apron.


Although polyester has been related to uncomfortableness and sweating, various upgrades of the material have been noted. Although the polyester aprons are made from plastic, it is a great fit for anyone who needs a durable layer of protection.

The polyester apron will not get shrink nor it show wrinkles. At the same, it is both light and durable which makes it comfortable to be worn. In addition, it does not get stained easily, and when it does it can be regularly washed.

Another benefit is that it gets dry quickly, so you can wear it again without work obstructions.

Other materials

Leather is a higher quality material that is used in certain conditions. For example, a leather apron finds its place in woodworking stores as well as in other industrial situations.

In addition, it is a great fit for people who only do grilling instead of the whole cooking process. The leather protects them from flames and embers.

Denim is a great fabric choice for people working with mechanics. The oils and other heavy stains will not pierce through the denim, so getting an apron of this type is great. With various denim color options, you can get the one it suits your job the most, and keep your regular clothing fresh and clean.

Select a nice design

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Although the aprons are made to protect you and your clothing, it doesn’t mean that you have to compensate for style. With various patterns and colors, you can create a unique protective piece that will serve you long.
In addition, with various apron types, you get the chance to select the one it looks the best on you. Depending on how long or short you want it, there are options for everyone. For that reason, do some research and find the model you like the most.

Consider pricing

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Even though aprons are relatively affordable items, depending on the material they can become slightly expensive. That is why you should understand whether a certain material is essential for your work, or not. In case you can pass with a simple cotton or linen item, you should.

Keep in mind that depending on your work frequency, you might need more than one apron. When you consider getting one, use that occasion and get another one just in case. Being prepared for tandem cooking can always spice up your game, and you will surely enjoy your time better.

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