Best Loafer Shoes for Men – Guide 2024

Over the centuries, footwear has been perfected, better constructed, made of different materials and decorated with various details. Depending on the purpose and social class that will wear it and of course male or female, shoes are designed differently.

However, the expansion of affinity, passion and interest in footwear culminated in the 20th century. Television, movies and many series such as (Sex & City) have contributed to this. Shoes in all their varieties, boots, sandals of various colors, dizzying heels. Suddenly, no woman could imagine without dozens of pairs of different shoes. It is also interesting that the men followed in their footsteps.

Modest need of men for one black and one brown shoes, sneakers and possibly boots for winter, has also evolved into an eccentric need for a colorful and colorful choice, for all possible occasions, in a personal collection.

Types of men’s shoes

Although they have become big fans of fashion, styles and various trends in clothing and footwear, men are still a little deprived of the full range of footwear models available to women. Regardless of metrosexuals, whose need for styling, care and beautification matches women’s, it is unlikely that a young businessman, IT expert or student will opt for too extravagant men’s shoes.


The basic two types of men’s shoes are:

• Classic shoes (variants Oxford, Derby I Brogues) – The difference between Oxford and Derby shoes are in the details, concerning the lacing and seams. In essence, it is the best choice for business suits and classic clothing variants. Brogues are more for everyday needs and can be combined with a sporty elegant look, pants, roller skates and jackets, depending on the material from which they are made.

• Loafers – This name means shoes without laces and any buttoning. They are easy to put on, almost like slippers and are very light and comfortable. Also, moccasins can be both men’s and women’s.)

Types of loafers

Although they look simple, loafers have been very inspiring to design and enrich their appearance. Many designers have dealt with them and given their maximum in the aesthetics and functionality of loafers.

Sometimes they are treated more like summer shoes, which go best with a light, summer wardrobe. However, one should not limit oneself to the seasons when it comes to loafers. And we have several types, significantly different. They can be made of different types of materials, can have autumn sole made of raw rubber, and can be thin and light, almost like sandals.


1. Vintage casual loafers

This type of loafers means quality and durable footwear that can be worn every day. They can be more robust, than thicker leather (even withstand sprinkle), they usually have a thicker sole and do not have overly ornate decorations. It’s usually a discreet tassel or a shoe-colored cross strap. They are comfortable and solid and stoically endure daily obligations and walks around the city. They are produced, most often, in darker colors.

2. Penny loafers

The legendary Penny loafers still have many fans today. Their history is long and dates back to 1930. They were worn by many, from jazz musicians, through James Dean to Wall Street bankers. They have a characteristic saddle shape on the front, and on the belt that is sewn on top, a miniature place where it is possible to hold a coin.

Although famous for many decades, there are many variations of penny loafers, as you can see at

3. College loafers

Whether they are part of a college student or school British uniform, faithful companions of plaid skirts, tweed pants and jackets with a coat of arms or are the most serious edition with elegant pants and an adequate jacket, they are a standard of taste and beauty and are always noticed. If they are made of top quality leather, if they were made by masters and artists of the shoemaking know, then you have nothing to worry about, if they are your choice. You will feel comfortable and decent, and your loafers will be a reflection of your good taste.

4. Yacht loafers

In contrast to the previous model of loafers, there are fashionable, lightweight, optional Yacht loafers. They can be made of thin leather, linen, soft velvet or suede leather – thin, leather sole or thicker rubber, white sole. They date back to 1970, when Renzo Rossetti created unconventional footwear, worn without socks. It was a revolutionary move, because it was unthinkable that a man could be well dressed and not have socks on.

However, contrary to the strict old school attitudes, this style has come to life and is more popular today than ever. It is a symbol of a relaxed and elegant sports style, which is not enslaved by rigid rules. The shoes are produced in various colors and shapes and give an original and cheerful tone to each clothing combination.

5. Slippery loafers

Those are a half-shoe, with the characteristics of a slipper or a slipper with the characteristics of a shoe, a good choice for a real man? While fashion critics are debating it, Slippery loafers are largely treading the catwalks and city boulevards. Designed at the front as classic loafers, at the back as slippers, decorated with gold and leather cross bars and belts, tassels and emblems of famous brands, they have become a trend of urban style. Wearing with different types of pants, shirts, light jackets… have become an unavoidable detail in the summer style of dress.

6. Venetian loafers

Venetian loafers are a higher class in both design and workmanship. Elegant, refined, light, made of thin velvet leather, stepped in rhombuses, with luxurious gold embroidery on the front – a reflection of style, taste, luxury and wealth. They associate the previous epochs with the magic brought by the mere mention of L a Serenisssima (Venice). You will feel like an Italian count, from the beginning of the 20th century, elegant and unforgettable.



As we can conclude, loafers go hand in hand with classic shoes. They have not lost anything from their current activities, on the contrary, they are improving and refining more and more. Everyone can find a model for their soul. It is best to have both types of shoes in your wardrobe. There is always an opportunity to wear both. Which type of loafers you choose depends only on your taste and your needs. The choice is huge, the quality is undisputed, so go shopping.

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