How to Wash & Care For Thermal Sweatshirts – 2024 Guide

Thermals are the best way to get warm during cold winter months because the fabric itself is designed in such a way. Now, when it comes to washing and taking care of thermal clothing well, many people have trouble as they don’t know how to do so properly. That is why we have gathered a few tips on precisely this topic.

Read the labels


Okay, this is the first and most important thing to do, as it doesn’t matter how much attention and care you dedicate to washing your clothing, it would all be for nothing if you don’t check the label. Every important info about that piece of clothing is clearly stated there, along with details and a short guide and tips on how to wash it properly so that you wouldn’t damage it. The good thing is that almost every piece of clothing comes with labels where we can find and read the most crucial information about the product and learn how to wash and care for it properly.

On these labels we can usually see which material our clothes are made of, at which temperature they should be washed, whether they can be ironed or not, and much more, so reading it is always a good idea before simply putting it into a washing machine. It’s simple, and since no one would like to damage or ruin their favorite sweatshirt because of negligence, make sure to check the label for detailed instructions. However, sometimes this label is missing or cannot be read, and we cannot be sure what to do. Because of that, we will provide you with a few tips on washing and caring for thermal sweatshirts, which will surely prolong their longevity.

Choose the right temperature

Choosing the right temperature for thermal sweatshirts can be a real nightmare for people who do not have enough experience, as most of them wash them just like every other piece of clothing, which is not a good idea.

Too high temperatures almost always cause shrinking, so we can end up with a new sweatshirt that is suddenly too small to wear. Because of that, it should be washed at lower temperatures, and although there is a common misconception that we should not use the washing machine, we can, but the temperature should be low.

However, hand washing is always preferable, and determining whether the water is too hot can be a little more challenging in that case, so we should be sure it is lukewarm before putting the sweatshirt in, just to avoid damaging it. Of course, handwashing is not a favorite method for most people, especially today when we simply don’t have enough time to do such a thing. So, since you are going to use a washing machine, make sure that you have set the right temperature.

Avoid aggressive detergents


We want our clothes to smell great, which is why we often tend to use various products and softeners to make our clothes not just smell great, but as soft as possible. Now, there is nothing wrong with doing so, but certain fabrics do not respond great to some detergents, especially those aggressive ones. Yes, they will remove all the stains, but they will also ruin the fabric during that process, which is not something anyone wants. Although most detergents used for washing our clothes are not too aggressive now as they were a decade ago, finding the mildest one is necessary if we want to prolong the longevity of our thermal sweatshirts.

Too aggressive detergents can change the texture of the material they are made of and their shape and can cause shrinking, and our thermal sweatshirts will lose their characteristics and become just regular pieces of clothes that cannot keep us warm during cold winter days. Mild detergents should be used for both hand and machine washing, and it is crucial to rinse them thoroughly if you decide not to put the clothes into a machine.

Remember that rinsing is not optional as it is more something of a must here because it is the only way to be sure that the texture of the clothes will remain in good shape.

Let them dry naturally

Now, this is something that most people overlook, but the drying process is almost as important as the washing one. As we have already mentioned, thermal sweatshirts can be washed in a washing machine, but when it comes to drying, it is a much better option to let it dry naturally than using the drying machine. The reason for that is simple – drying machines use high temperatures to speed up the drying process, which can cause shrinking.

However, even if we decide to let them dry naturally, we should know some tips on how to do that, as it is easy to make a mistake and end up without our favorite piece of clothing. Thermal sweatshirts should never be let on the hanger to dry because they can be too heavy when wet, which will cause them to lose their shape. Instead of that, we should put them on a flat surface and wait until they are completely dry. Yes, this might sound simple or a rookie mistake, but you would be surprised how many people tend to do such a thing.

Choose a renowned brand


Clothes are much more than just a brand, as the thing that makes any sweatshirt an exemplary one is fabric. Now, most quality sweatshirts are made by renowned brands, which is why you should always go with quality over quantity. Yes, they might cost a bit more, but you would be sure that you got exactly what you have wanted all along, and something that will last for quite some time. On the other hand, there are many well-known brands from which you can choose, and some of them have pretty affordable sweatshirts, meaning that in order to save some money and still get a sweatshirt made out of quality material, all you need to do is do a bit of research. Of course, you can always take a shortcut and go with a brand that everyone knows about, like FIRMABS, and avoid making any mistakes.

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