Can Dry Cleaning Damage Your Clothes?

Washing your garments with detergents and chemicals reduces their life. When caring for clothes, costly ones, severe or careless handling is a big no. Dry cleaning has been a solution for those who are too busy with their jobs to hand wash their clothes.

In the modern world, dry cleaning is necessary since commercially available hazardous detergents damage your clothing. You must pay attention to and properly maintain your clothes. The tags on many of your clothing indicate that they should only be dry cleaned. But why? When you have a washing machine, what’s the point? Why should you initially choose dry cleaning?

The toxic chemicals in the market destroy your clothes, which is why dry cleaning should be preferred over other methods. You need to pay attention to your wardrobe and take good care of it. Many of your clothes have tags that indicate they should only be dry cleaned. However, why? With a washing machine available, what’s the use?

Why would you ever choose to get your clothes dry cleaned?

What Is Dry Cleaning?


Your things can be cleaned more effectively and safely by dry cleaning. In contrast to conventional cleaning methods, dry cleaning uses solvents rather than detergents and heat dryers. The clothing is submerged in solvents for several hours rather than in water. Dry cleaning is safe for the environment and your clothes. Your apparel is protected from fading, water damage, insect bites, and shrinkage.

Many service providers offer dry cleaning services throughout the city, but only a handful offer pickup and delivery at a low cost. is one of the laundry mobile apps that can help you save time and the hassle of travelling. It provides low-cost laundry services for bedsheets, suits, blankets, underlays, and other items.

Why Go For Dry Cleaning?


For clothes that can be damaged by excessive water use, dry cleaning should be done. Dry cleaning is the most efficient technique, as some detergents are ineffective at removing grease and oil. Many individuals opt for dry cleaning since hot water, and high heat can harm delicate clothes.

Your clothes can be cleaned very conveniently by dry cleaning. It is a technique for cleaning stains and grime from clothing without using water. Additionally, it is the most gentle method for keeping your clothes appearing brand new.

Removes Dirt

Dirt is abrasive to clothing. Over time, it causes more and more fibers to break down. Regular washing removes filth, but most of it remains and is not eliminated. Dry cleaning helps in deep cleaning and removes dirt.

Gentle On Fabrics

Some stains, particularly vegetables and oils, are difficult to remove. Dry-washing is the most acceptable alternative for protecting your garments from harsh brushes and detergents. It is gentle on garments and does not hurt the environment, unlike standard washing methods. The solvents used in this method are less acidic and better for the fabrics. Unlike traditional washing processes, your clothes are safe and free of toxic detergents and heat blowers.

Convenient And Affordable

The best part about cleaning your clothes at a dry cleaner is that you don’t have to spend hours in the laundry. You get to do more meaningful work while the washers do theirs. You may have your clothing washed any time; the most significant part is that they offer pickup and delivery services. These services are inexpensive and accessible to anyone. The cost of the services may vary based on where you live and how much clothing you want to be cleaned.

Preserves The Quality Of Your Clothes

Most clothing is labelled “dry-clean only,” so avoid using harsh detergents and high-heat dryers. Clothing made of silk, velvet, or woolly fabric is soft and should be treated carefully, but chemicals can harm it. Although regular washing eliminates dirt, grime, and stains from clothing, it degrades the fabric. On the other hand, dry cleaning does not affect the quality of your dress. Dry cleaning services use solvents that make your clothing look new and last a little longer.

Safe From Water Damage

If you frequently use water on your clothes, the size of your garments will expand. Fragile fabrics, expensive suits, and silk garments must be dry cleaned, or they will lose their shape and elegance. The washing machine consumes a lot of water, which causes colour fading or fabric shrinking. Dry washing protects your clothes against such harm.

How to Get Better Dry Cleaning Results?


Read The Labels Carefully

This may seem apparent, yet some people fail to read the instructions on the label. Some are even worse, ripping the tag entirely off. The tag contains a large amount of cleaning and care instructions. Every cloth requires special care; thus, it is essential to read the instructions carefully.

Spot Clean Only

This approach entails cleaning the garments by hand, inch by inch. This method may be time-consuming, but it is ideal for dark-colored washing clothes and those meant to be worn on special occasions.

Dry Clean, Exclusive Of Ornaments

Every hook, tassel, or accessory should be removed before washing the clothes. When the process is finished, these should all be stitched back together. The procedure is time-consuming and expensive.

Don’t Try Removing Stains On Your Own

Trying to remove oil yourself when someone spills oil on your clothes is highly typical. It allows the stain to penetrate deeper into the fabric, making it difficult for dry cleaners to remove. If you feel tempted to remove the stains, resist and head straight to the dry cleaners.

Look For Any Buttons Or Accessories

Some of your outfits may have delicate buttons or attachments that require careful care. Before sending your items for dry cleaning, check with the service provider to see if the buttons may be safeguarded. Some of them may also charge a fee for this service.

Summing Up

Your clothes, regardless of their type, deserve to be cared for. Dry cleaning is not only a fascinating way to get your clothing cleaned at the laundry; it is also crucial because it extends the life of your garments and protects them from harm.

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