4 Dos And Don’ts Of Wearing Perfume: Etiquette And Tips For Every Occasion

No one likes to step out in the world without feeling fresh or fragrant. Even after you have taken a bath, there is always room for some quality perfume and fragrance.

It just would not make you feel great all through the day, but also boost your confidence. Even the early Romans and Mesopotamians knew and felt the importance of good fragrance at least 4000 years ago when they crushed berries, and mixed and burnt them with fragrant wood.

There is no quest now. The vast availability of perfume in the market has become a boon for everyone. There is a product for everyone, which is capable of catering to cater all the needs of the individual.

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Even though many people wear perfume regularly, are they doing it right? Like every other thing in life, this too is an art that needs to be mastered if you want it to last throughout the day.

Given below are a few tips and tricks, along with some do’s and don’ts of wearing perfume. Hope this helps:

1. Is The Perfume Right?


The very first thing that you should be doing is to make sure that you have selected the right perfume for you. It is not an unknown fact that some people are allergic to certain elements present in the concentration.

Moreover, a few have a very sensitive olfactory region, making them feel nauseous and uncomfortable around certain smells, such as heavy perfumes.

Therefore, you must make sure that you or someone in your company has such issues. And if you do, then try to avoid wearing perfume on such occasions.


For an event in the day, wear a breezy and more subtle fragrance. Save the heavier tones for the night, when you would not be subjected to much heat.

The same formula can be applied to various seasons as well. Light perfumes for summers, and darker and woody ones for the winters.


Don’t buy a perfume before checking it or knowing how it smells. This would give you an upper hand in the game.

2. Places To Apply


The next most important thing in this list would be the correct application of the fragrances. There are many ways this could be done, but only a few are proven to last longer than the rest.


Firstly, find the pulse spots. These are the places where you can feel your heartbeat (pulse) the strongest, as the arteries underneath are closeby to the skin. Major pulse spots are the wrists, around the collar bone (clavicle), elbow joints, neck, and knees.

These are the places that are naturally warm and moist, making the ideal environment for perfume adhesion and dispensing.


Many people like to pour perfume like water and drench themselves with it. This should be avoided at all costs, as this would only lead to wastage. Greater volumes would not guarantee that the fragrance would last longer.

You should also avoid directly spraying cologne on your clothes. Many perfumes are notorious for leaving stains on clothes and ruining them. If you want to have some perfume on your clothes, then you should turn them inside out, spray small amounts, and then wear them.

This way you would reduce the chances of damaging your expensive wardrobe.

3. How To Make Them Last Longer?


This depends on various factors, such as the brand you are going for, and the weather conditions for the day.

Many luxury brands have come up with two major perfume types, named Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette. The former is a stronger concentration, meant to last longer than the latter, which is more dilute.

Weather conditions and humidity also play an important deciding role in the same. The more you perspire, the higher the chances of the perfume losing its fragrance.


You should apply perfume right after showers, on dry skin. This would allow it to set more naturally. Additionally, you could add some moisturizer or petroleum jelly to the fragrance, and apply it.

This would not only rehydrate your skin but also allow it to release the perfume at a much slower rate.


Avoid applying perfume on wet and watery skin. This would dissolve the concentration of the fragrance, making it smell weird or losing it too soon. Also, refrain from rubbing your wrists as they show in the advertisements. This would only reduce the duration of the fragrance, and you would have to reapply sooner than expected.

4. What About Proper Storage?


Another important thing that every perfume user should keep in mind is the proper storage of the same. If you have a packed perfume, and you are not going to use it anytime soon, then leave the bottle as it is.

Once opened, these bottles are generally fine to use within a couple of years. After this period, they can go rancid, or even start smelling funny and metallic.


Keeping the bottles out of direct light (sunlight) is a good idea, as this would add to the shelf life of the same.

Moreover, keep the cap closed at all times, otherwise, the alcohol-based contents of the fragrance would evaporate and escape into thin air.


Don’t store perfumes for more than a couple of years. They tend to lose their smell after this time. Also, don’t be afraid to layer different fragrances as per your taste.

Mixing and layering perfumes can give great results, but this should be done after experimentations at home.



Like everything in life, there are a few rules and etiquette in wearing and applying perfume as well. These are formed after a lot of observations by various people and different fragrance brands.

If these suggestions are followed, then you could smell great all day long, and would not have to worry about reapplication every few hours.

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