Golf Betting Terminology and Tips for Beginners

Golf is a relaxing sport. While it does not have a fan base in all parts of the world, it certainly has some loyal followers that are watching every tournament. Logically, they will mostly follow the games of their favorite golfer.

As stated above, golf certainly is relaxing. It does not cause an adrenaline rush like some other sports. But, there is a way to make it more entertaining and interesting. One of the methods that people gladly use to reach that goal is betting. They would bet on different outcomes and try to earn some money that way. Even if they lose, they will still have fun and support an individual or certain outcome and result even stronger.

Just like with the number of fans, the number of golf bettors is not that big. That is the reason why we would like to help you make the first steps. For starters, we would like to introduce you to some basic golf betting terms that you need to know. Apart from that, we will provide you with certain tips that will help you raise your chances of making a profit. Let’s go!

Betting Terms Gamblers Have to Know

We will start with terminology. When you enter a betting site or online bookie, you will see a lot of unclear phrases. Apart from that, if your find yourself in a group that is regularly betting on different golf matches, we are sure you would get confused and sound silly. Don’t worry, we are not going to start immediately with “advanced lessons”. We will start your education with a couple of basic steps that you need to know. Let’s find them out!

1. Action

No, this phrase does not have anything to do with the action you are probably thinking about now. It does not define the strategy or tactic that a player should use. It determines any kind of wager that you can place. So, when someone tells you “let’s place an action”, that means the person is inviting you to bet on any game in any way. Interesting, isn’t it?


2. Favorite

Well, we are 100% sure that you already know what the favorite is. But, this term does not have the same meaning you heard while following or betting on NBA or NFL. In these sports (and other ones) favorite refers to the team that has the biggest chance to win. On the other hand, when we talk about golf, it defines the golfer that has the lowest odds to win the trophy in a specific tournament. We strongly recommend you remember this and ensure that you are not making the mistake. People that have never placed a bet on golf usually forget about it and bet on players with the lowest odds.

3. Hedging

It is a bit complicated to define hedging, but we will try to use simple language to explain it. Let’s say that you placed a wager on one side. Hedging would be the wager that you placed on the opposite side of the first bet.

You are probably wondering know why on Earth would someone do such as thing. Well, this is a strategy that most people use. They bet on five different players and they are waiting for one player to win the reward.

However, they are not quite sure whether that will happen or not. Because of that, they bet on the direct opponent of that player to ensure themselves any profit in case a different outcome appears.


4. Outright

We like to say that outright is a “straight to the point” type of wager. No one says that you have the right to bet only on separate games. On the contrary, you can immediately bet on the winner of the entire tournament that you are following. Logically, the best players of all will bring you the lowest profit. However, these bets are more secured, and you have to place them before the tournament even starts.

5. Push

Last, but not least phrase we would like to analyze is Push. Keep in mind that some tournaments may not have a winner in the end. When the game ends in a tie, you actually get the initial investment that you make. You do not experience any losses or wins. It counts like the game was not played at all.


Tips for Successful Golf Betting

Okay, now that we explained some of the most important golf betting terms, it is about time to share some tips.

We can’t guarantee you will become a millionaire for a short period. More precisely, profit should not be the main goal of beginners. They should gamble with small amounts and enjoy their plays. Let’s find out what exactly you should do!

1. Find a Good Betting Site

This is the first thing you need to have in mind. Good betting sites will always come with a license. The license serves as a confirmation of the quality and legacy of the online bookmaker where you plan to register. If you are not sure which betting sites are good, GambleUSA has more information. Because of that, we suggest you visit the website we attached and find some good betting sites where you will find amazing odds and bonuses.


2. You Don’t Have to Bet on a Winner

Most people think that betting on a winner is the only option they have. However, that’s not correct. More precisely, that usually is the riskiest option. Instead of doing that, you can bet on the number of points that will be played, hole-to-hole results, hole-in-one results, etc. This is actually one of the main reasons why you should carefully choose a good online bookmaker. The most professional ones will allow you to gamble on almost everything.

3. Research the Players Properly

Statistics usually do not say the full story (that’s why people say they are like bikinis). You will see the score of each player on almost every online bookmaker. However, that doesn’t mean the player that has the biggest odds to win the tournament will always end up as a champion.

You need to check whether a player is in a winning or losing strike, which type of court works perfectly for him, whether he experienced certain injuries, had certain problems in his personal life, etc. Other than that, you have to see if he invests time to practice or purchases equipment and accessories like high-quality golf bags, golf shoes, etc. to up his game. All these factors can significantly influence the outcome of every match.

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