Best Work Shoes for Flat Feet Recommended 2024

Oh my fellow flat-footed peers, life can sure be a bit extra inconvenient for us, can it not? I grew up having flat feet that kinda made physical activities like running, sports, and trekking a little harder for me. That’s because we have either very low arches or no arch at all and the natural gait of our feet means the outside of our heel hits the ground first before rolling inwards into the arch. This phenomenon is called overpronation and it is completely natural. So by nature, we’re not deformed mutants but rather people who just have a certain type of feet.

If you are a regular reader on this website and have gone through my other reviews you’ll have seen me reiterate countless times how important it is to wear shoes that accommodate the type of feet you have. Feet require shoes made specifically for them in order for you to operate on an optimum level and not risk getting tired out, or worse, leading to an injury.

For that purpose I have put together a top 5 list of the best work shoes that you, my dear flat-footed reader, can totally wear and use for your workplaces. These shoes will satisfy both casual wear and will also be formal and classy enough to fulfil the workplace decorum. If your job involves you standing all day then the shoes listed below will make sure there is no undue stress on your joints and heels as well. Read on to find your best pick:

1. Ecco Men's Helsinki Slip-On

Best Choice

  • Made of durable leather
  • Arch support is very good
  • Polyurethane injected sole is flexible and padded
  • Shock absorption is another plus
  • Padding in insole is not ideal
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Type: Slip-On | Cushioning: FluidForm Polyurethane | Material: Full-Grain Leather

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The Ecco Men’s Helsinki is a super classy pair of loafers that you can instantly slip on while on the go. The upper is made of durable full-grain leather The leather upper has decent breathability that allows airflow to circulate through your feet and keep them fresh and dry. The fun bit is that Ecco are a legendary name in the industry and have their own tanneries scattered across the globe where they manufacture original, branded leather under a self-titled respected name.

The shoes have a removable leather insole that makes it easy to replace. The footbed itself is also well-padded and provides plenty cushioning. You will also find comfort in the heels area and a squishy little lining under the toe. In terms of cushioning, your joints and heels will feel less stress that can make walking or standing for long periods of time a painful process. Though in terms of the insole, I do think Ecco could have done a better job as some extra padding would have made it a perfect pair.

The sole itself is very flexible and features a FLUIDFORM polyurethane injected into it that restores the outsole upon contact with the ground. This means that the outsole will automatically absorb impact of your strides and you can walk free and comfortably. As for the arch support, it is exceptional here as it will both cushion your movement while correct your overpronation over time.

All in all, the Ecco Helsinki loafers are sophisticated, classy, and exude a gentlemanly charm. You can rock your look while out on a casual time with friends while also look slick when working in the office. For the price, the features, and the pleasing design, these shoes are at top of the pack.

2. Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Premium Choice

  • Very good impact absorption
  • BioMoGo technology allows you to control your direction
  • Arch support is impressive
  • Reduced stress on joints and ankles
  • Bulky in size

Type: Slip-On | Cushioning: BioMoGo DNA | Material: Nubuck Leather

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The Addiction Walker by Brooks is an ergonomically designed piece of footwear made for everyone. What it excels at the most is making life a hell of a lot easier for the flat-footed because the shoes support feet with low arches and are designed to correct overpronation. They’ve also been a recurring entry in many of our other reviews too, frequently topping lists.

With an upper composed of strong and velvety nubuck leather and a smooth fabric lining, these walking shoes proved to be durable and long-lasting. They also provide decent alignment of the heel and forefoot. The footbed of the shoe absorbs the impact of your gait and also provides comfortable padding around the ankles. Also featured is a BioMoGo DNA loft pad that offers precision and balance as it adapts relatively to your stride, weight, and speed of movement. Brooks also uses a patented Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar technology (shortened to EPDR) that evenly distribute your body weight throughout your foot and as a result significantly reduces pressure on your heel and spine.

The outsole is slip-resistant and offers very good traction on different kinds of surfaces making it possible for you to walk without fear of losing your footing. Though they may be a little bulky for some nitpicky users but the Brooks Addiction Walker shoes are one hell of a pair and deservedly second.

3. Clarks Originals Men's Desert Boot

Bronze Medal

  • Design and look is very classy
  • Flexible rubber outsole
  • Durable leather upper and good breathability
  • Provides good arch support
  • Boots are narrow for wide feet

Type: Shoelaces | Cushioning: Standard | Material: Leather

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When I look at the Clarks Desert Boot I immediately envision a proud and majestic eagle circling the sky above endless sand, its shadow being cast gloriously upon the dunes under the light of the sun. What is most apparent about these shoes is that they strike the right middle ground between casual sneakers and formal work shoes.

The upper here is made of all natural leather with minimalistic two holes for shoelaces that can be tied to a snug and perfect fit. The construction of this upper is in such a way that it allows a good amount of airflow to circulate through your feet and thus dispel any moisture or unpleasant foot odors. The Clarks have also been designed to provide arch support and correct overpronation. The insoles within are comfortable and cushioned and provide the necessary impact absorption to make long hours of work into something much easier and more comfortable to do.

The outsole is composed of synthetic rubber that is very durable and allows for good enough flexibility to allow a full and unrestricted range of movement.

Now I need to add two things that you must know before you purchase these. First is that the design of these desert boots is slightly narrow, so those with wide feet might as well abstain from purchasing this as it would lead to their feet feeling tight within the shoes. Secondly, I would suggest that if you’re ordering this pair, make sure you order half a size smaller if you want to take full benefit of the shoes function and fitting.

Other than that, I absolutely LOVE the Clarks Desert Boots. They exude class, durability, and work like a charm for those of us who were born with flat feet.

4. Propét Men's LifeWalker Strap Walking Shoe

The Dark Horse

  • Durable and longlasting upper
  • Superb arch support
  • EVA midsole provides decent cushioning
  • Heel stabilizers correct overpronation
  • Shoes are bulky in size

Type: Strap-On | Cushioning: EVA | Material: Leather

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The Propet Lifewalkers look like a heavy duty pair of shoes designed to last rigorous use. While I am not the biggest fan of the way they are designed (a little too bulky and juvenile for my tastes) it takes nothing away from their strong build, decent cushioning, and the stability it gives to flat feet. Let’s take a look at it.

The upper and lining of these shoes is, like the other entries above, made of natural leather. There is an orthotic removable insole that is cushioned and reduces stress on different joints and tendons. The insole is designed specifically to shape itself relative to your feet which will make moving and walking all the more easy. A lightweight EVA midsole significantly absorbs impact and cushions your strides. The outsole is made of rubber with multidimensional lugs that protrude and provide decent traction on even smooth surfaces.

The arch support on offer here is stellar. Probably one of the best. As you will feel a contoured heel stabilizer that will correct your overpronation and make walking/working for long hours a much more comfortable luxury. The tongue and collar is padded and fits the foot snugly. You will also find two adjustable dual Velcro straps that strongly tighten the Lifewalkers around your feet. Yes, small design flaws aside the Propet Lifewalkers are really great for arch-support and stability.

5. New Balance Men's Suede 928v3 Shoes

Super Underrated

  • Classic design
  • Supports the arches really well
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Rollbar technology is useful for correcting overpronation
  • The length of the tongue is short

Type: Shoelaces | Cushioning: Standard | Material: Leather

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The MW 928v3 by New Balance are an exceptional pair of walking shoes that are also classy enough to look good in the workplace. The upper is composed of leather that looks sleek and stylish. In terms of durability, the upper is very long-lasting. It also utilizes an odor resistant liner that allows for plenty of airflow inside the shoe and keep the feet both fresh and breathable. The weight is light which makes moving in the 928v3 an easy peasy activity.

The insoles are fitted with a roll bar technology which is suitable for overpronators and provide enough support for both the overpronated and normal gait. The cushioning technology featured on these shoes is solid and can absorb the impact of your steps while limiting pressure on the joints and heels. The outsole on the other hand is composed of synthetic rubber with strong gripping capabilities that provide good traction on different kinds of terrains.

The tongue on the v3 is still a little short for my liking but that’s just a minor issue I have. What you find however is a shoe that is durable, aesthetically pleasing, and intelligently designed and that really makes the New Balance 928v3 more than a reliable pair of shoes to own.

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