Best Walking Shoes for Wide Feet 2024

It’s quite a hassle, and an uncomfortable one at that, if you have wide feet and wear shoes that have a narrow midsection as well as a tight toe-box. You may find them okay at the start but wear them a few hours and you’ll end up taking the shoes off to a couple of blisters and hurting foot muscles.

Just as it is inadvisable to wear tight clothes that suffocate you rather than provide comfort, you have to be just as mindful when it comes to the kind of shoes you wear. Because shoes tend to be worn for longer parts of the day, it is more than important to make sure they are a comfortable fit for the kind of feet you have. If you have feet that are wider than normal then you absolutely must make sure the shoes you wear are accommodating and wide enough to prove a snug fit for them.

Fortunately, in this article I have ranked the best 5 walking shoes for all our wide-footed brethren (and sisteren – if that even is a word). Hopefully going through the list you’ll be able to make an informed choice when purchasing a nice and wide pair of shoes.

1. Skechers Men's Equalizer 3.0 Oxford Shoes

Best Choice

  • Reliable width and size
  • Impact absorption is great
  • Great breathability of mesh upper
  • Long-lasting and comfortable
  • Cushioning can be improved

Material: Mesh | Insole: Memory Foam | Use: Casual/Sports

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Over the years that I’ve been trying out different kind of shoes, Skechers as a brand has continually impressed by releasing different lines of shoes that are reliable, long lasting, and provide a hell of an all-round package. With the Equalizer 3.0 Oxford shoes, the trend continues.

The pair comes with a very breathable mesh upper that provides plenty good oxygen to your feet. The dual-lite footbed is also effective at dispelling odors and keeping the feet cool and dry. The insole is imbued with an air cooled, high-rebound memory foam that does a great job at cushioning the sole of your foot and absorbs impact that limits pressure on your joints. Though I am not sure if it is the best and the most cushioning of shoes available in the market, it still does a good enough job for me.

The weight is light and each footstep is easy to carry. You can wear these for hours for activities such as walking, running, and even training in the gym without feeling fatigued or uncomfortable. The outsoles are made of rubber and provide decent traction on most surfaces. As for the width of the shoes, you may as well never have to worry about the midsection feeling tight on you because the construction is so convenient and friendly.

All in all, the Skechers Equalizer 3.0 Oxford are the all-round champions and the critical darlings on this list. They can serve you well even for casual wear as well as for more athletic activities.

2. New Balance Men's Suede 928v3

Premium Choice

  • Classic sporty design
  • Supports the arches really well
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Rollbar useful for correcting overpronation
  • The length of the tongue is short
  • Could feature more colors

Material: Suede/Leather | Insole: Standard | Use: Casual/Sports

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With the MW 928v3, New Balance continues its trend of being one of the most comfortable and cushioned walking shoe available currently. The shoes are composed of a synthetic suede or leather upper that looks sleek and reflect the timeless sport shoe aesthetic. The uppers also utilize an odor resistant liner that create plenty airflow inside the shoe and keep the feet both fresh and breathable. In terms of durability, the 928v3 are made to be long-lasting.

The insoles are fitted with a roll bar technology that is suitable for overpronators and provide ample support for both the overpronated as well as normal gait. The outsole on the other hand is composed of synthetic rubber with strong gripping capabilities that provide good traction on different kinds of terrains.

The cushioning technology featured on these shoes is solid and can absorb the impact of your steps while limiting pressure on the joints and heels. I also found the weight of the shoes light and good enough to sustain heavy duty usage which involves walking for miles and miles.

To sum it up, the New Balance 928v3 are a massive step above the v2 which I thought was a letdown after the brilliant v1 model. The tongue on the v3 is still a little short for my liking and maybe I could’ve done with more colors but these are just minuscule issues I have. Even though this version of the shoe is predominantly for walking, the durability, aesthetic, and intelligent design really make these a reliable pair of shoes to own.

3. ASICS Gel-Fortitude 8 Running Shoes

Bronze Medal

  • Wide and spacious construction
  • Also reliable for overpronated feet
  • IGS technology and cushioning is awesome
  • Corrects the gait over time
  • Comes in limited colours

Material: Mesh | Insole: IGS | Use: Sports

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When it comes to reliable sportwear, ASICS never disappoints. With a long and versatile range of sport shoes, the brand is a trusted name for thousands upon thousands of fitness goers. With the Gel Fortitude 8 Shoes people with wide feet can celebrate because the shoe is constructed in a square shape with a spacious toe box and plenty of open space in the midsection to give your feet a comfortable fit.

The upper is composed of synthetic mesh with tiny perforations strategically spread along the fabric that makes the shoe breathable and keeps away bad smells. It also keep your feet feeling fresh, cool, and dry. Feature wise there is a lot to love here.

With an Impact Guidance System utilized to the full, the Gel Fortitude 8 are going to be of massive help to overpronators as the IGS technology uses link componentry in a bid to correct your foot’s gait every time from the heel strike to the toe-off. GEL cushioning technology found at the forefoot and rearfoot strategically cushions the impact of your strides which is going to be a source of relief for your heels and joints.

A spevafoam featured in the midsole will make sure the soles do not flatten and will enhance the cushioning of the shoe as you make your strides. At the outsole is a rubber sole with multidirectional lugs capable of gripping on to different surfaces.

To be honest, with the baffling amount of useful features and ergonomic qualities of the shoe I find it hard to really find much wrong with this. If I really had to be picky, all I’d say is I wish the shoes came in more colors.

4. Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

The Dark Horse

  • Very good impact absorption
  • BioMoGo technology allows you to control your direction
  • Arch support is impressive
  • Reduced stress on joints and ankles
  • A little bulky in size

Material: Nubuck/Leather | Insole: BioMoGo DNA | Use: Sports

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Brooks has for long been a champion at creating ergonomically designed footwear and making them accessible for the general populace. They continue the trend with their Addiction Walkers, the shoes support feet with low arches and do a massively good job at correcting overpronation.

The upper on the Addiction Walkers are composed of leather and nubuck with a smooth fabric lining, that make them impressively durable and long-lasting. The Walkers also provide a really decent alignment of the heel and forefoot. The insoles are padded with a BioMoGo DNA loft that offer precision and balancing by adapting to your stride, weight, and speed. The Walkers also feature an enhanced Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar technology that evenly distribute your body weight throughout your foot which in turn reduces the impact on your joints. The inner fabric of the shoes do a great job at absorbing impact of your gait and also provide comfortable padding around the ankles that will be handy on long walks.

The outsole consists of a slip resistant synthetic sole that provides good traction on different kinds of surfaces and terrains. The Walkers are a well-shaped shoe allowing for plenty of wiggle space for the toes and a nice spacey midsection that will comfortably fit your feet.

Though at times I found them a little bulky and heavy for my liking but based on quality alone, the Brooks Addiction Walker shoes are one hell of a pair to own.

5. Nike Men's Air Monarch IV Training Shoe

Super Underrated

  • Can be used for multiple activities
  • Leather upper for durability
  • Not expensive
  • Shoes are heavy
  • Not for overpronated feet
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Material: Leather | Insole: Standard | Use: Sport

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Bring on the classic white of the Nike Air Monarch IV! These shoes here are multi-purpose ones that can be used both for walking as well as for athletic training most commonly in the gym. The upper is made of durable, handcrafted leather with nicely fitted seams that provide solid durability and barely get uncomfortable while you are wearing them or training in them. The small perforations on the surface of the shoes provide decent breathability that keeps the feet fresh and non-smelly.

The toe box is round in shape but not overly roomy so there’s a slight chance that if you have a bigger forefoot, you might experience tightness around the pinky area. But depending upon your size, you can find two types of fitting namely the 4E and the 6E.

There’s a lightweight foam in the midsole that aims to absorb the impact of your strides and provide comfort. The cushioning it provides is moderate and decent enough and because it is not overtly thick, you instead get improved support and better posture for the key areas of your feet. While the shoes provide decent arch-support I wouldn’t recommend these for correcting overpronation so you need to keep that in mind before purchasing these.

The rubber outsole is decent enough and provides traction on various surfaces and terrains. One niggling concern I had with these pair was the weight which I felt was a little heavy at times and had the tendency to be a nuisance for some wearers.

All in all, the Nike Air Monarch Shoes are a budget-friendly pair of shoes. They may not be the most prettiest looking or the best in terms of feature, but they do provide multi-purpose use and can do a good enough job.

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