Best Tennis Shoes Recommended For Wide Feet Men 2024

Tennis is a generally famous game enjoyed by individuals of all ages. It’s a game that includes focus, technique and unimaginable stamina. It likewise includes a considerable lot of running and consequently, the shoes you pick should have enough padding for ground effect and dependability/support for parallel relocation.

The inspiration driving why you should buy the right kind of tennis footwear, especially if you have wide feet, the wrong shoes can hurt your foot and even result in distress when playing on the court.

Fortunately, tennis shoes have made some amazing progress as far as capacity and design. The shoes currently pack a genuine measure of features inside them because of the expanding demands of the game in our youth and in general. We went looking for the best tennis shoes in 2024 and made a list for you all.

This rundown will give you a review of the features that are important and why these shoes made the cut.

1. Adidas Men's Barricade 2018

The Trusted One

  • Tough Shoe
  • Breathable
  • Light-weight Shoe
  • Narrow Midsoles
  • Hard Edges

Technology: adiPRENE+Tech, Geofit Construction Sole, Rubber Sole | Material: N/A | Outsole: N/A | Arch: N/A | Warranty: N/A | Innovation: N/A | Forefoot Cushioning: N/A | Energy Return: N/A

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Adidas shoes are known for being entirely agreeable and excellent for your feet, as they are made to help them when you’re strolling. The Barricade line is synonymous with superior and Adidas hopes to take it higher than ever with the new Barricade Boost 2018. Adidas is proceeding to utilize Boost from their point of view to give somewhat more comfort to the player.

These shoes are not restricted to only black and white, they have different colors for you to choose from. This edition includes a consistently forged mesh upper and ghillie that gives you a more secure fit. Stability is the featured element in this shoe. It includes a memory foam at the ankle which takes into account great stability.

The fit is perhaps the best part of the shoe and we enjoyed how cozy it felt with no heel slippage. The boost technology inside the soles of these shoes is outstandingly sturdy yet pressing a solid measure of padding. The padded soles give you the feeling of playing on a tennis court made out of whipped cream. Since this is a durability shoe, we realized that padding was going to make these somewhat bulky. In any case, these shoes feel lighter than previously and let you move more around the court. The Boost innovation gives incredible help so your feet won’t feel torment at whatever point you plant on the ground. Also, the adiPRENE+ tech gives you required help in the forefoot so you can jump easily off the ground.

They are built in a way that lasts high-intensity movements. As far as speed, they are generally OK. The Barricades are an ideal alternative for those looking for a superior tough shoe that is likewise breathable. They are the best shoes for those that prioritize the comfort and stability of the Adidas Boost innovation.

On the drawback, if you have wide feet the midsoles will feel slightly narrow. Some people may have problems with their edges being hard that it cuts your foot, not the most comfortable pair of shoes.

In short, these men’s tennis shoes are designed to convey the degree of performance requested by experts. The seamless upper flexes with your foot and Geofit cushioning gives an agreeable fit.

2. Asics Gel Resolution 7

For Every Player

  • Core Strength
  • Stability
  • Comfortable
  • Color Variations After Slight Usage
  • Not Breathable

Technology: N/A | Material: TPU, Herringbone Tread Pattern, Impact Guidance System | Outsole: AHAR Elastic Outsole | Arch: N/A | Warranty: N/A | Innovation: N/A | Forefoot Cushioning: N/A | Energy Return: N/A

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The Asics Gel Resolution series has been around for some time with six past versions. There is a motivation behind why these shoes continue getting refreshed and it is a direct result of how popular the line is with genuine players.

These shoes convey an extraordinary degree of support, stability, and strength, without reducing its performance. The Gel Resolution 7 goes above and beyond from different shoes in resolution series to convey more elevated levels of comfort and support, because of the newly structured upper.

The shoe is unfathomably tough however unlike other shoes, the strength doesn’t come at the expense of comfort. The shoe is truly agreeable because of its extravagant padding. The upper has been recently structured. It presently accompanies thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU, set over a layer of mesh. With this mix, you will appreciate a topnotch degree of comfort, soundness, and support. Besides, the upper part is outfitted with a PGuard toe defender, which improves solidness around the forefoot zone. Both the tongue and neckline are cushioned for extra comfort and curve support while the agreeable fabric lining lessens the chances of blisters and other foot problems.

One of the key qualities is the awesome core strength and soundness they give. The shoes include a more extensive fit which takes into consideration more space, without causing any heel slippage.

Tennis requires high impact. Therefore, your lower legs, knees, and different joints are probably going to encounter torment and distress, on the off chance that you are not wearing appropriate footwear. Be that as it may, the Asics Gel Cushioning 7 is explicitly intended for tennis players. It’s built with advanced innovations, for example, the Impact Guidance System, which guarantees that your feet are appropriately adjusted consistently, regardless of whether you are preparing or competing.

In addition, the rearfoot and forefoot gel padding framework assimilates underneath impact while permitting smooth progress from one position to the next. What’s more, regardless of whether you are playing on grass or dirt, the AHAR elastic outsole, including a herringbone tread pattern will guarantee that you have sufficient padding while you play.

On the drawback, some people may complain about the shade of shoe changing. After some time the shade of the sole and the back, changes making it look unattractive. Likewise, some may have a problem with its fit, the shoe doesn’t grasp your feet appropriately. Because of the exterior being made of plastic, these are not breathable.

Intended for tennis players, these shoes are agreeable to wear out of the box. Subsequently, on the off chance that you are searching for premium comfort, soundness, padding, and support, at that point you can never turn out badly with a couple of these cool shoes.

3. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16

Go-To Shoe

  • Pleasant Feel
  • Fragmented Comfortable Outsole
  • Perfect Stability
  • Excessive Cushioning
  • Tight Toe Box
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Technology: N/A | Material: Full-Length Segmented Crash Pad, TPU | Outsole: N/A | Arch: Flat, Medium | Warranty: N/A | Innovation: N/A | Forefoot Cushioning: N/A | Energy Return: N/A

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For the rare sorts of people who don’t have the idea about, the “GTS” in the name implies Go-To Shoe and it’s potentially Brooks’ most well-known shoe. The Adrenaline promises a guarantee: dependability. While the Adrenaline 15 presented many updates versus its antecedent, this sixteenth rendition is only a little update of the past one. The sole unit is new, however, it’s for all intents and purposes indistinguishable from the 15. The upper is the place most changes have occurred and although a little fit issue occurs, it’s a decent improvement.

The structure of Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS16 is in itself a stunner. While these shoes have a pleasant feel, they additionally guarantee steadiness and support for your feet. It has a customary shoe look and contends with huge brands like Asics, Nike and even Adidas. Out of all parts that make up these running shoes, the padded sole is the thing that separates it from most others available.

Lets begin with the outsole. Their outsole is extremely fragmented. Brooks calls this development “Full-Length Segmented Crash Pad” and what it does is that it adjust to your start and heel-to-toe gait, providing perfect ground-contact and stability. The greatest “decoupling” is in the heel where the lateral (outside) side rests under a layer of DNA padded sole while the inward part rests under a layer of the harder foam material. The two pieces of the heel are exceptionally far off from one another. The thought is that relying upon where you land during the walk, the shoe will pack on that side diversely to help and bolster your ankle. The remainder of the outsole looks like Nike’s “waffle” design. There is a little TPU (plastic) shank simply under the curve. It normally gives torsional solidness.

The heel collar lining has been obtained without change from the GTS 15, and the tongue lining and cushioning fill is fundamentally the same as well. Different zones of detail like smart trims have been rearranged somewhat, such as moving toe-tip reflectivity to the lacing area. The midfoot is fixed with woven material, yet just on the internal side. Maybe to stay away from any curve irritation? Whatever the explanation, this is a mindful touch.

We know why these shoes are the best, however, they do have some downfalls. Some people may find the excess of cushioning discomforting to their feet. The toe box was tight for a few sprinters; the fabric rubbed uncomfortably against the toes, bringing about blisters.

In the event that we contrast this shoe and the past one, its value, dependability, and weight are 100% same, the thing that matters is in the development, padding, and fit.

Conclusively, these insoles are for people who want comfort without compromising the performance. You will be pleased to wear them. You can blame Brooks for everything else, except not for their regard for small details and having a touch of fun during the process.

4. Mizuno Men's Wave Inspire 12

Your Favourite

  • Better Ventilation
  • Improved Fit
  • Stable
  • Shoe Gets Hot
  • Less Flexible

Technology: N/A | Material: N/A | Outsole: N/A | Arch: N/A | Warranty: N/A | Innovation: Ortholite Style Sock, DynamotionFit Innovation, Wave Innovation | Forefoot Cushioning: Very Soft | Energy Return: Least

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Mizuno has dazed the tennis market with its astounding Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 12 shoes. The Wave Inspire 12 gets new upper and padded sole just as some inside changes. The fit is still the exemplary Mizuno; fitted in the impact point and midfoot with an open toe box.

Its outsole accompanies various innovations, all worked for greatest solidness and responsiveness. Its past version outsole was truly delicate and players didn’t care for it much. In spite of the fact that it brought about additional padding yet it blurred away too rapidly with time. The midsole uses Wave innovation, which is really a plastic plate, incorporated into the sole to improve stun ingestion from those hard arrivals, give the shoes additional inflexibility, shock dispersion and furthermore make it comfortable around the heels.

The new upper is more considerable however it includes a greater number of overlays than a year ago’s model did. An enormous Runbird logo interfaces the sewn eyelet column to a long overlay that incorporates both front and back parts of the shoe. Its upper, like the past shoes of Mizuno, has a mesh lining yet it offers better ventilation and is exceptionally breathable, keeping your feet to remain cool and dry for a drawn-out length. This pair likewise utilizes DynamotionFit innovation which helps a great deal in decreasing stretch in upper’s material and forestall the slippage of tongue and improving the general fit after trim up.

Extra warmth squeezed overlays shore up the two sides also. The toe box end top is strikingly like the Wave Inspire 11 in the two looks and in its sewn development. The work found in the upper presently has an extra layer of fabric underneath it which makes for a thicker vibe and makes the shoe hold heat. The tongue is medium thickness and the bands are the semi-flat style found on the most present-day running shoes. An OrthoLite style sock liner finishes the bundle.

Although it is 50 grams heavier than the past model. The outsole is much less flexible, and that can result in pain in your toes and balls of your feet. Even though they claim that the shoe is breathable but still some people may have faced issues of this shoe becoming hot because of thick layer of mesh.

Overall, Mizuno has improved a lot. The upper has additional fabric and the tongue is medium-thick. It gave its customers new and better shoes with improved fit, and much better ventilation so your feet don’t get all sweaty. These shoes are worth a try.

5. Prince T22 Men's

The Prince

  • Expanded Breathability
  • Comfortable
  • High Performance
  • A Little Narrow

Technology: Shock Eraser | Material: N/A | Outsole: N/A | Arch: High Arch | Warranty: 6-month outsole Warranty | Innovation: N/A | Forefoot Cushioning: N/A | Energy Return: N/A

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We spared the best on this rundown for the last. The Prince T Series is renowned for making superior shoes that are dependable and stable. They are a trusted brand among players. Prince T22 is a customer favorite. It is known for its agreeableness The shoe design is very attractive. The colors of this shoe will attract you towards buying it.  All colors look great, however, the Navy and Lime give the T22 an increasingly unique look and is eyecatching.

The T22 has every one of these attributes alongside a mesh upper for expanded breathability. It has mesh on the toebox, tongue and on the sides, so playing in those hot summer days is not an issue anymore. The upper provides that tight feeling and support. The shoe is made with a high arch and with extraordinary curve support. What is likewise extraordinary about these shoes is that the heel comes up higher than most other sneakers so you don’t need to stress over your heel feeling like it is sneaking out of the shoe.

The shoe additionally accompanies 6-month outsole durability that ensures for included true serenity. This shoe is appropriate for serious movement because of its superior support and soundness. In our testing, the outsoles suffered all that we tossed at it and we found that the shoe requires no break-in period which implies you can begin playing in them immediately.

The downside is that it is somewhat narrow so you need to purchase a size bigger. It’s prescribed to go a half size up for those with wide feet. Other than that we couldn’t find any other issue in these.

Prince Tennis shoes have a high reputation and benchmark and are most loved among numerous expert players given their elite and dependability. These are the best sneakers for those searching for something that is a decent balance among performance and comfort. These shoes have lived up to the expectations.

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