Best Shoes for Wide Feet Children: 2024 Decisive Review!

The foot is a perplexing structure of 26 bones and 35 joints, held together and bolstered by the tendons. A child’s foot is cushioned with fat and is profoundly flexible. Kids’ feet grow out of size rapidly and their shoe size may require some updating. Shoes that are too tight can hamper your youngster’s strolling and cause issues, for example, ingrown toenails.

Kids’ feet develop and change shape rapidly and discovering shoes that fit them well can be a bad dream. Wide feet make some hard time slipping into shoes that don’t effortlessly open wide. Sandals and shoes that don’t have a lot of space on top may not be ideal for wide baby feet.

Purchasing shoes for wide feet children has been a shopping concern for most parents. We have made the quest for the ideal shoe somewhat simple by picking our preferred 5 shoes for wide feet kids.

1. Crocs Kids' Classic Clogs

Kids Favourite

  • Easy to wear
  • Light weight
  • Easy to wash
  • Not suitable for school
  • Insufficient grip

Material: Croslite foam | Features: Perforated Upper

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Crocs are famous among kids. They get eager to wear them. Much the same as the grown-up Classic Crocs, the children’s variant offers a similar incredible shoe for adolescents; Easy on and simple off makes these the pair of Crocs Kids’ Classic Clogs a child needs. These are unbelievably light, enjoyable to wear and sure to come in your youngster’s preferred color. Inconceivably light and simple to wear, these young ladies’ and young men’s Crocs Kids’ Classic Clogs are made with Croslite foam for the Iconic Crocs Comfort. The flexible material makes certain to be cherished by all. They offer a large and liberal fit that matches each foot. They can be tweaked with Jibbitz charms to mirror their very own flair.

These are fun to wear and simple to clean utilizing cleanser and water. The alternatives are unending when you extend your children’s closet with these trendy shoes. You can pair them with any outfit you want.

They offer some curve support and cushioning, the openings in the shoe permit air in and shield the feet from perspiring. Not only that, the antimicrobial properties of Crocs could help forestall contaminations in children’s feet.

On the downside, wearing these for school isn’t the best alternative as they don’t give sufficient grip. School is tied in with strolling around, running and playing for kids. To put it plainly, these are a summer must have. Children’s Crocs come in such a large number of various styles and fun colors. Everywhere we look kids are wearing the shoes that fit their feet and their character. They make an incredible beach and pool shoe – simple on and simple off.

2. ikiki Squeaky Shoes for Toddlers with On/Off Squeaker Switch

Ridiculously Adorable

  • Variety of characters/colors
  • Support walking habits
  • Comfortable
  • Heavy
  • Hard to wash

Material: N/A | Features: Single Strap Design, ON/OFF Squeaker

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ikiki squeaky shoes for little children are ridiculously lovable. They offer wide range of characters/hues, so you can pick your children the most loved one. These are the ideal shoes for minor feet with some additional girth, and they are simply so fun! Other than the way that these Ikiki shoes come in such a significant number of assortments and hues, they’re intended to support great strolling habits.

The shoes have a squeaker that goes off when your kid effectively strolls in a heel-toe design, as opposed to tiptoeing, which is a typical incorrect strolling pattern numerous little walkers fall into. Trust me, when they hear the first squeak they’ll be hooked. You can mute the squeakers, as well in case you’re out in the open or simply need some peace! I for one oppose purchasing shoes that squeak, however, the ON/OFF switch made me purchase these. You will be protected from any embarrassment in public or gathering. Ikiki shoes have a wide base and customizable closure, making them ideal for wide child feet. The single strap design makes a success win for both wide or narrow feet kids. You can adjust as per the comfort.

On the downside, I found these shoes were heavier than others, which functioned admirably for the fall and winter, however, I presumably wouldn’t place my little child in these shoes for summer. In addition to this washing, these shoes are somewhat hard to clean.

To summarize it, these are the cutest shoes out there. Your child will get a ton of praises and simultaneously his strolling pattern will be improved. No more worries!

3. Native Shoes Kids' Miller Child Sneaker


  • Forestall sweating
  • Microbial treated sole
  • Grip
  • Shrinks when placed somewhere hot

Material: EVA Foam, Rubber Sole | Features: Punctured Upper

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Native is a moderately new organization but they structure their shoes to be lightweight, EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) shoes. Native shoes are so adorably cute that it’s not hard to perceive any reason why such a significant number of parents like them.

Their “Miller” style is more fit to wide little child feet than other local styles. Sufficiently sure, they will be an ideal fit! Like Crocs, these are extremely adaptable and furthermore are extraordinary water shoes! The plan includes a breathable punctured upper and a very grippy sole. The holes are in the front as well as at the back, this forestalls perspiring by promoting air regulation. These shoes have less weight yet they are unquestionably not light in performance. The infused formed EVA takes into account constant sole satisfaction. EVA is a material that embeds to the feet and makes them lightweight. The sole is microbial treated which keeps any smell from creating. The breathability and hostile to microbial treated work together in keeping your children’s little feet fresh.

These shoes come in strong hues. They are plain yet delightful. You can match them with any outfit you need. They are delicate and can be worn with no socks. They prevent any rankles or blisters. What we love the most is how wide the footbed is, children will have enough space to spread out their toes when strolling. The shoes are slip-on. Which makes it moderately simple for putting on and removing off.

These are anything but difficult to wash, scent safe, pressure absorbent, waterproof shoes that will ensure and bolster your children’s feet. They are created in a safe environment and are animal cruelty-free.

On the downside, these shoes get warm. Moreover whenever put some place warm, the shoe contracts. To put it plainly, these are a Classic outline silhouette with innovative materials. Look astounding, feel extraordinary, excessively practical, fun and phenomenal. You can’t turn out badly with these slip on shoes.

4. Stride Rite

The Smart One

  • Offers comfort
  • Anti-Microbial treated sole
  • Provides the right grip
  • Stiff sole

Material: Twill Lining, Leather, Suede | Features: SRtech Structure, Treaded Design Sole, Sensory Pods

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Stride Rite has been creating children’s shoes for a long time. This organization plainly comprehends what it resembles to search for wide feet children. Stride rite shoes are ideal for first walkers; they have adjusted toes–ideal for helping small feet balance better. The shoes offer huge amounts of adaptability and comfort. Your new walker will cherish the extravagant adaptable foam inserts, as well! They come in three sizes medium, wide, and extra wide. This makes it a decent shoe for little children whose feet are wide and thick or who need to wear orthotics. The hook and loops attaching make them simple to put on and take off.

Their SRtech structure makes them a solid shoe with a bottom planned particularly for babies. This shoe comes in two hues, blue with dark accents, or brown. While focused on young men, young ladies could wear them too. The uppers are produced using softened leather and suede. They have a consistent development to support little feet. The twill lining has an antimicrobial treatment to forestall dreadful foot smell. The external bottom has a treaded design intended to keep your kid stable on their feet. The edges are adjusted to help stop them from falling and there are sensory pods that let kids feel the ground. The outcome is added hold and footing for little children who are new to strolling in shoes.

On the disadvantage, a few children may feel the sole being somewhat firm and not unreasonably agreeable. To put it plainly, these are a success in our book!

5. New Balance Kids Running Shoe

Light On The Feet

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Absorb Shock
  • Delicate Laces

Material: EVA Foam, Rubber Sole, Leather, Mesh | Features: Lace-Up Design, Abzorb Footbed

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Venture up your game with the 680v5. The upper materials offer comfort while the IMEVA padded sole and ABZORB crash cushion pads your ride for much-required help moving. With 12 different color options, it comes in three widths: medium, wide and extra wide. The uppers are produced using synthetic mesh and softened leather, making them breathable and lessening any perspiration. The footbed includes New Balance’s exclusive Abzorb, a mix of foam rubber to pad the foot and assimilate stun.

They have a lace up design. They don’t have any stitching overlays hence does not irritate the skin.  An infusion formed EVA foam padded sole offers more padding which is firm and steady. A sturdy elastic external bottom finishes the shoe, giving it traction. These shoes are lightweight and agreeable throughout the day wear and incredible for kids with more wide feet.

The laces may be a major issue for some as the bands are somewhat sensitive. Some may find the sturdiness questionable in these laces and they may not keep going as long as some others. In short, your child will feel confident realizing that a better running encounter is directly at your feet.

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