Best Deadlifting Shoes 2024 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Choice
Sabo Deadlift Shoes
Good Choice
Asics Men's Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe
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Inov-8 Mens Fastlift 335 - Weightlifting Shoes - Squat Shoes for Heavy Powerlifting
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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneaker
Sabo Deadlift Shoes
Asics Men's Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe
Inov-8 Mens Fastlift 335 - Weightlifting Shoes - Squat Shoes for Heavy Powerlifting
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneaker
Best Choice
Sabo Deadlift Shoes
Sabo Deadlift Shoes
Good Choice
Asics Men's Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe
Asics Men's Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe
Don't Miss
Inov-8 Mens Fastlift 335 - Weightlifting Shoes - Squat Shoes for Heavy Powerlifting
Inov-8 Mens Fastlift 335 - Weightlifting Shoes - Squat Shoes for Heavy Powerlifting
Also Consider
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneaker
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneaker

Did you realize that you can instantly increase your deadlift by wearing the correct shoes? Indeed, even the easygoing dead lifter may see a significant improvement with the correct pair of deadlifting shoes.

Here are the key advantages of deadlifting shoes that just may have the effect between setting new personal bests and remaining normal: Your normal tennis shoe or work shoe contains a delicate, padded sole for comfort. Furthermore, there is typically half an inch or some elevation to raise you off the ground. While this might be perfect for runners– and even that is questionable – a raised and padded shoe is a dead lifter’s enemy.


Stability is the name of the game when you’re pulling a few times your body weight from the floor. That raised heel and padding will make a domain of unsteadiness. Try to limit the scope of movement by utilizing a flat underside shoe, which keeps your feet as near the floor as could reasonably be expected.

The best shoes for deadlifting will offer help in three key territories: the midfoot, the curve, and the ankle. It will moderate the odds of injury. To wrap things up, these shoes may assist you with improving your strategy and increment your deadlift quality, quicker. We have put out a list of our 5 best-recommended deadlift shoes for you all. Continue reading to know about the pros and cons.

1. SABO Deadlift Shoes

The Premium Choice

  • Won't be compressed
  • Forestall intra-shoe development
  • Prevent pronation
  • Scratchy collar line

Material: Fabric Leather | Features: Metatarsal Strap

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The Sabo Deadlift Shoe is one of the few shoes in the market that is devoted to deadlifting. Unlike virtually some other powerlifting shoe that is right now being produced, the SABO Deadlift shoes are just 2mm-5mm thick and they have a metatarsal strap. The metatarsal strap sucks the foot into the shoe and forestalls any intra-shoe development. This “snugness” in the shoe builds power to move and straightforwardly prompts more weight being lifted.

Once more, when your foot is level against the ground, you have an increasingly steady surface to push again which builds power move and in this way the measure of weight you can lift. Try not to think little of the estimation of a metatarsal strap on a lifting shoe.

These shoes have strengthened sides. You can drive into those shoes as hard as you need. Keeping the knees flared by pushing out is basic to the sumo puller. As in my opinion, SABOs permit you to spread the floor adequately. the shoe won’t compress under substantial burdens; there is no elastic cushion in the soles to be compressed. You will get a productive power move.

On the disadvantage, the collar line has a slight scratchy or rough feeling against your skin on the off chance that you wear low socks. This isn’t agonizing in any way, however, it is irritating. You can comprehend this by wearing a comfortable not so low pair of socks

With everything taken into account, they satisfy and live up to the hype. They’ve been more than worth the cost for me.

Customer Reports
Michael Simo

Love the shoe. Russian sizes are a bit different as they go by the half-size. I’m an 11 so I have to get this 44RUS (which is between 11 and 11.5). It fits more like an 11.5, but still does the trick! Great shoe. Don’t wear these on the way to the gym as the soles are (expectedly) very thin at the heal. I’ve never owned deadlifting shoes from another company but these are solid for deadlifting of all kinds, rack-pulls, bent-over-rows and best of all, squats!

Amazon Customer

Use to wear my Chuck Taylors to Deadlift. Saw these Sabo shoes one day while browsing. Decided to give them a try and was glad I did. Definitely made for deadlifting. Offer more support and performance then my Chucks. I would just advise to buy a half or full size bigger then your normal size. Apparently European sizing is a bit smaller then American sizing.

2. Asics Matflex Shoe

Stellar Choice

  • Flat sole
  • Don't lose stability
  • Durable
  • Less variety to choose from

Material: Elastic | Features: Foothold Buds

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The ASICS Matflex 5 is an adaptable alternative that you will have the option to wear for an assortment of exercises. While they will perform very well for wrestlers, they are likewise a solid match for those of you that are into weightlifting, working punching sacks, and that’s just the beginning. So are wrestling shoes useful for deadlifts? In addition to the fact that they are useful for deadlifts, however, they’re incredible for squats as well!

This shoe ticks a lot of boxes, which makes it a good deadlifting shoe. Initially, they have an elastic sole that gives high toughness against pressure while lifting heavier loads. Likewise, the soles are essentially level.

Actually, they’re flat where it makes a difference, as they have no heel rise. This shields you from losing your equalization and keep the barbell on you all the time. The outsoles likewise have foothold buds like the ones in the deadlifting shoes. They give a fantastic foothold and traction. The materials utilized all through this alternative are great. They promote the highlights that you have to succeed while working out. As referenced over, the outsole is made of gum elastic.

Sturdiness can be a significant issue in weightlifting shoes. This is on the grounds that these exercises require movements that can detriment the manner in which the sole is joined to the upper. With this choice, the sole is sewn on and this significantly improves the degree of strength that you get with them. The materials utilized all through this item are worked to last.

On the disadvantage, there are not wide alternatives of colors to look over.

All things considered, this is a stellar alternative that we are certain you will be intrigued with once you wear them just a couple of times.

Customer Reports

Purchased these shoes for powerlifting/strongman type workouts. The bottom isn’t as flat as I’d like but they are really good and comfy. Wear thin socks with these and buy a size up. I was a little skeptical on the “buy one size up” reviews but I’m glad I listened. I wear a size 12 but bought a 13 and it fits perfectly. I have wide feet and these didn’t hurt them. I loosened up the shoe strings slightly. Would purchase more in different colors. Great price too!


I love these shoes so much for leg day! I’ve always purchased ASICS for lifting. Just keep in mind they run very small and narrow. I have a wide foot and I normally wear an 8 in men sizes. I went up a size and a half. I ordered them a size 9.5 in men and they fit like a glove! Very comfortable and great to lift in!

3. Reebok Crossfit Lite TR 2.0 AKA The Reebok Power Shoe

Power Shoe

  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Wide toe box
  • Does not have a Metatarsal strap

Material: Mesh, Leather | Features: N/A

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The Reebok CrossFit Lite Trainer, otherwise called Mark Bell’s Power Shoe, is a shoe planned explicitly for the power lifts. The shoe doesn’t have a raised heel, and has great hold, so it’s incredible for deadlifts. The shoe is very adaptable. The body of the Reebok CF Lite Trainer is made out engineered material. The body of the totally black part is made out of leather.


The tongue of the shoe is made out of mesh, and takes into account ventilation. The tongue has a solitary circle to run the shoelaces through, to keep the tongue set up. The sole of the shoe is totally level and built in elastic; great highlights for a strong hold on the platform.

The sole is extra wide at the heel and the toe box. Reebox considers this a ‘stability zone’, as this gives extra sideways solidness, which is particularly significant on practices like the sumo deadlift. There are 2 forms of this shoe: A low top one, and a high top one. The low-top model accommodates a little better adaptability, as may be favored in the squat. The high-top model accommodates more security, yet limits lower leg adaptability, and would be more qualified for deadlifts.

The disadvantage is that it is somewhat thicker than other deadlift shoes, which adds a couple of millimetres to the scope of movement. The shoe likewise doesn’t have a metatarsal tie.

So, with that sticker price these shoes are extraordinary worth, and a gigantic improvement over some other tennis shoe you may be as of now utilizing for your quality preparing.

Customer Reports

I would recommend these shoes to anyone. These are a great alternative to wrestling shoes or chucks that tend to not age very well. The sole on the Reebok Lite TRs is much shorter than I was expecting. This makes the shoes perfect for deadlifts. A cheaper alternative for a conventional puller would be slippers but I still prefer the stability of these. For a sumo puller where the grip of the sole to floor is important, I wouldn’t recommend anything but these.


These shoes are outstanding for what they were made to do, and that is to give you support for your ankles during your deadlifts. They are like Chuck Taylor’s on steroids. They are extremely durable. So not only do a dead lift in them but I also box and do other activities. I have had them for years, and I don’t even have so much as a stitch coming loose or anything. Solid shoes and worth the money. I’d buy another pair in a heartbeat and I will if and when these ever wear out lol!

4. Inov-8 Men's FastLift 335 Cross-Training Shoe

Durable Shoes

  • Weight dispersion
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Expensive

Material: Thermoplastic Material | Features: Powertruss Innovation

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This Inov-8 lifting shoe has increased a strong reputation inside the gym and weight lifters network, somewhat down to the organization’s showcasing, presently making it one of the most mainstream weight lifting shoes available today. This is by utilizing an exceptional thermoplastic material, that is staggeringly solid yet in addition very light.

The Inov-8 Fastlift 335 accompanies a roughly one inch thick tie over the front top side which assists with guaranteeing the most extreme foot dependability. In contrast to less expensive brands, it is produced from a type of rock-solid plastic and reinforced material, which guarantees it is much for tough and undeniably increasingly successful.

The way to having the best of the two universes is the thing that the organization calls its Powertruss innovation. The uncommon material in the heel gives additional dependability. Further to the enormous raised heel is the powerful firm sole. They accompany a weight dispersion plate, which implies the entire sole takes the weight, and not simply the middle or the sides. This unbending nature implies you can apply the entirety of your foot and muscle power into your development. Besides, the sole is completely level, so you can’t move backwards.

On the downside, the shoe is exceptionally overwhelming on the pocket.

Definitively, this shoe is a nice alternative in the event that you need to attempt a non-standard shoe brand that is equally good for any type of lifts.

Customer Reports

I love them! I am a 5-6 day/week Crossfitter and I’ve been wearing the Innov-8 F-195’s – I love them, so I wanted to try Innov-8’s lifting shoes too. I wear a size 9 in the F-195’s, so I bought the same size in the Fast Lifts. When they arrived, they fit really tight – my toes were right up to the end of the shoes. I almost returned them, but did some research instead. Lifting shoes are supposed to fit super snug so that there’s no give. Definitely buy these in the correct size as Innov-8 has clearly thought this through.


Not exactly hardcore weightlifting shoes. But they are excellent for some crossfit workouts that require other movements. Don’t get me wrong – you can’t run in these and double unders will be a pain but burpees, box jumps, things you wouldn’t be able to do in typical weightlifting shoe due to the stiffness of the sole, are no problem. Very comfortable, durable, perfectly fitting shoes. I got a second pair of these actually.

5. Converse Chuck Taylors

Best Light Shoe

  • Light
  • Breathable
  • Strong foothold
  • Delicate

Material: Canvas | Features: Two-Fold Sewing

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Last however not the least, the reliable, classic Chuck Taylors. This brand is referenced so frequently by powerlifters that it would be strange to specify them any later. These shoes may not appear to be an undeniable decision from the outset, particularly where there are such a significant number of level soled shoes out there structured explicitly for lifting. Probably the best lifters swear these are the best deadlifting shoes for them! They might be for you as well!

They are simply very much manufactured, level shoes for deadlifting with a solid hold, and a steady base. The canvas uppers are light and versatile, more so than some preparation shoes. Simply know that on the off chance that you have a greetings top model, you might need to leave the top loosened for a more prominent opportunity of development.

The Converse Chuck Taylor shakes a shortsighted and level, firm outsole, which is extraordinary for lifters attempting to restrain their scope of movement in the deadlift and advance a solid tripod foot situating in squats. The tongue is a lightweight canvas material and truly breathable. There is twofold sewing all through the shoe and a firm elastic toecap to forestall any type of mileage on the toe.

On the downside, sturdiness is somewhat faulty. Following not many long stretches of substantial deadlifting, the converse will begin to rip off.

So, for most lifters, the presentation of the Converse Chuck Taylor is the selling point for investing.

Customer Reports
Influence Peddler

This is probably my tenth or so pair of converse. My last pair was literally falling apart when I purchased these. The soul was falling off. Reminded of those 80s and 90s movies where the kids have their shoes duct taped together. Unfortunate I wear these to work sometimes (I work in finance) so nonduct tape allowed. So new pair. Converse are always high quality, these have been as expected so far.

Josiah K.

I read all the reviews and I’d have to say most the negative are wrong. They are indeed genuine Chucks and they fit like they should. Mind you chucks have always fit a bit large. I wear them for work as an AC installer/delivery driver and I have no issues with them. My work boots rubbed my Acheles heel raw and I wasn’t required to wear steel toe so I bought them and I’ve been enjoying them for over 2 weeks now. Sure if you buy canvas shoes for work they won’t last incredibly long but you should expect it really.


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  • The adidas brand has a long history and deep-rooted Connection with sport. Everything we do is rooted in sport
  • Driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation as well as decades of accumulating sports science expertise, we cater for all, from elite professional athletes and teams to any individual who wants to make sport part of their lives

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