5 Ways To Spot Fake Sunglasses When Buying Online – 2024 Guide

Every single one of us is used to buying things online, and for some, that’s because they don’t have enough time to actually go out and shop, while for others, it is more a force of habit than anything else, but no matter the reason, there are certain online shopping rules that we need to obey. Most importantly, buying anything from an unverified and trustworthy seller, no matter how cheap some item looks, will eventually lead to not getting what you ordered. Yes, scams are everywhere, and especially here, and to be more precise, in things we consider as not that pricey.

We don’t want to frighten you, but everyone should be aware of the facts, and even browsing the net for a florist, ordering a pizza from an unreliable online store, or buying sunglasses online, can lead to unwanted results. We know that not everything we can read online is true, and we can say the same thing about shopping. For certain items, there are things we can search and look for to determine whether they are fake or not, and as for sunglasses, it’s funny how simple and no time-consuming that process is.

So if you were already scammed before, make sure to keep reading as we will further discuss this topic and present you with several tips about what and where to look for and how to spot fake sunglasses when buying them online. When it comes to branded sunglasses, we all want to be sure that they are not fake, and we will reveal some tips to you to be sure that you are buying the right ones.

1. Check the price on the reliable website of the manufacturer


We all get excited when we see the low price for something that we expected will be expensive, and we rush to buy it. In most cases, it is not a great idea because if something is too good to be true, it is usually not. The best thing you can do to prevent buying fake sunglasses is to check their real price on the trustworthy website of the manufacturer or stores that can sell their products. Once you find out the real price, you will know how low it can go and if it is too low on the website you found, then it is probably better to avoid buying them.

2. Examine the package


Once we receive the sunglasses that we ordered, we need to check the package to make sure if they are real or fake. The fact is that fake sellers are usually packing their products in the cheapest way they can, and we usually get them wrapped into paper or unmarked sheets. On the other side, reliable companies pack their products in sheets with their logos, and when it comes to sunglasses, they pack them in well-constructed cases to avoid breaking during transport.

That means, in most cases, we will get our sunglasses in a specially designed protective case, together with a microfiber cleaning cloth or some other little gift. Besides that, the package needs to contain information about the products, warranty, and barcode label, and it is necessary to read them to make sure that they are reliable.

In recent times, finding good quality sunglasses has become a challenge due to the proliferation of low-cost, mass-produced options that prioritize affordability over craftsmanship. Additionally, the market has been flooded with counterfeit and imitation products, making it difficult for consumers to discern genuine, high-quality sunglasses from subpar alternatives. Make sure you’re choosing the right websites when buying sunglasses online to avoid low-quality vendors.

3. Make sure that the model numbers are real


No matter if you buy sunglasses online or in the store, all of them need to have the serial number. Once you type it in your online searching tool, you will see if your sunglasses are real or fake. It is not difficult to find this number because it is usually written inside the frame, actually on the side that is closer to your face. Fake models usually have fake numbers, and if you decide to check them, you will not find the model on the list of the manufacturer.

4. Check the logo


Every well-known sunglasses manufacturer leaves its mark on its product, and it is impossible not to see it. Sometimes it is the name of the company, sometimes just initials or the company logo, but the fact is that there is always some sign. Once you buy the sunglasses, try to gently scratch it and check if it is going to disappear. Avoid using some sharp object because it can easily damage lenses, and instead of that, use your fingernails. If the logo is still there, it is most likely that the sunglasses are not fake, and you bought the real product. Besides that, if there is no logo at all, that is the alarm sign because it is not likely that the manufacturer will not leave its sign.

5. Examine the weight and quality


It can be difficult to be sure what is the right weight of the sunglasses, but we should keep in mind that real ones are not that lightweight, and if the ones we own are, it is time to be considered. On the other side, if we are ordering the metal frame, and it is too heavy, that is also the alarm sign. Besides that, we should check the details and check the screws and joints on the sunglasses frame. If they are real, we will easily notice that because we will not be afraid that they will break at all times. If we suspect that our sunglasses are too fragile and they will fall apart if we decide to wear them, it is most likely that they are fake.

Summing up

Well, there it is, and as we already mentioned, some fakes are pretty easy to spot, and all that’s needed is taking some time to actually do so. Of course, it’s always a much better solution to buy sunglasses from renowned companies like, as not only that they have a great offer of sunglasses, with various discounts and special deals but also thousands of satisfied customers and plenty of positive reviews. On the other hand, for those who still want to try their luck with not so reputable online sunglasses shops, the least you can do is to make sure you follow the guide that we presented above.

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