The Ultimate Guide to the 2024 Champions League: Favorites and Predictions

Every season, millions of fans all around the world gather in front of their TVs to witness some of the best soccer clubs and players stand against each other until the best of the best is revealed. The qualifications for the 2024 Champions League start in July of 2022, and since then we were able to see some great matches, we could witness the rise and the fall of amazing teams, and now, being close to the end of the league, we want to know what we should expect when we see the favorites go against each other. You can use this ultimate guide to the 2024 Champions League to learn more about the favorites, figure out what are the predictions, and learn what you should wager on if you want to put some extra money in your pocket.

Top clubs, players, and favorites


At the beginning of the Champions League this year, there were 32 teams that were divided into six group stages. Now, we are left only with the best of the best that are going against each other in order to win the prestigious title.

Every team that survived up until now is said to be an amazing team that is worth watching, following, and rooting for. Even though they are all amazing clubs with even better players, there are definitely some that are way better than others.

Currently, the team that everyone is saying has the greatest odds of winning the whole league is Manchester City. Even though this team was facing a lot of problems with the Premier League, experts suggest that this theme could very well win this trophy for the first time in their history. Manchester City is predicted to be the winner of the Champions League 2024, however, as we all already know, it takes just one bad day to ruin all the odds. If you want to wager on the favorite, you can easily do that by visiting UFABET, and you can also use this website to keep yourself informed of everything that is currently going on and all the games that may change the odds and predictions for one club or another to win the trophy.

In the second place when it comes to favorites, we can see Bayern Munich, and experts suggest that they may even surpass Manchester City in the upcoming games. This has been an extremely strong team for a long time and they have some of the best players in the world as part of their club full stop because in the world as part of their club. Because of that, many people believe that this is actually the favorite of the whole league, and even though, statistically, they have lesser odds when compared to Manchester City, Bayern Munich could be very well the team that wins the trophy.

This team is known as being a six-time European champion, and it has already signed players that are extremely popular and valuable, so make sure you follow all of their games and use your knowledge and personal vetting skills to make the right wager.

What else should you expect?


When it comes to the third place of favorites, you should know that the predictions and the clubs have drastically changed. Depending on which site you open and who stands behind that, you can easily see that the main favorites for the third place vary between Real Madrid, PSG, and Liverpool. These teams have all risen and fallen throughout the league, so you have to trust your own intuition depending on what is happening with the latest game that you have seen.

Napoli is the team that is definitely one of the favorites this year since they have gone much further than anyone believed they would. Some even say that this team has great odds in beating even the ones that are supposed to be the best, and they currently hold some of the best players that are expected to even win the best goal scorer title.

If you want to know which three teams are expected to do the worst, then you may want to steer away from betting on Tottenham, Benfica, and Inter Milan. Even though it is still too early to be sure that these teams are not going to go very far, it is safe to say that they are slightly worse than the others they are going up against. If you root for any of these three teams, you should know that all is not lost, and they do still have great chances of succeeding and moving forward, however, it is best if you give them time to see how the whole situation develops further.

If you are interested in wagering on players, then you should know that the people who have already established themselves as the best scorers in the world may end up coming second or third in this league. The time has come for young and new players to take the spotlight, so you may want to end up following the people who did amazingly in the World Cup, and not expect too much just from already-recognized players.


The top three who are expected to win the title of the best goal scorer include Erling Haaland, Kylian Mbappe, and Mohamed Salah, coming from Manchester City, PSG, and Liverpool respectively. These are the top three scorers that everyone agrees have the greatest odds of holding the title, so if you want to make a safe bet, we would recommend you to wager on one of these three.

This does not mean that players including Messi, Neymar, and Benzema are still not in the top ten favorites, it just means that it is time for younger players to win the title. Nevertheless, as we all already know things can change in an instant, so before making your final bet, make sure you dig deeper into the player’s current health and stamina and see if there are any injuries that could possibly affect and alter the predictions and the favorites.

No matter what happens, one thing is for sure, we are all having so much fun following all the matches and teams. We have already seen some amazing games, and everyone is expecting to witness the best of the best all of these teams and players have to offer. Make your decisions based on information, so keep up with all the newest information and make sure you follow the right websites that give you an honest and unbiased opinion.

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