Common Sports Betting Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Nobody enjoys making mistakes, especially when they cost them money. Mistakes can be small, but they will cost you a lot of money, especially in the world of sports betting.

If you make even the tiniest mistake, it could mean the difference between a successful day and one that makes you want to cry.

However, we are here to assist you to avoid these mistakes. We have shared a few of the “popular” mistakes that we often see in this industry. Keep on reading!

Overlooking Good Bankroll Management


You ought to have strong bankroll management measures in place before placing any sports bets. These guidelines will allow you to gamble more on games that you believe have greater value but still have upper limits. Have a look at this comprehensive guide on that will help you set up a proper bankroll, and manage it like a pro.

Relying on the Wrong Stats

It’s a great idea to base your predictions on statistics and historical facts. Nothing is more realistic than cold, and concrete facts. However, there are certain issues with using statistics as a guide to creating sports betting predictions.

There are two particular mistakes we’d like to point out in the hopes of preventing you from falling into them.

First and foremost, avoid using meaningless stats. For example, If the Texas Rangers win on each game that they play on a Tuesday when there are temperatures of below 81 degrees, you cannot keep on relying on that data to bet on the Rangers. Here, we can say that you are looking at the coincidence and not statistics.

However, if the Rangers win each game at home, then we can consider that as a more valuable stat to work with.

The point is that you need to figure out the usefulness of the stats you’re basing your picks on.

The other challenge is working with stats that are not accurate. Just because you have seen it on a popular site does not mean that it’s true or accurate.

Ensure that the data you’re looking at is correct by doing your own thorough research. You may double- and triple-check your facts using different online sites.

Chasing Your Losses


Under no circumstances should you chase your losses. It could work once. It might even work twice. But it will eventually catch up with you, and if it does, it will be devastating. You’ll fall into such a deep hole that you will have to do a lot of work for a long time to climb out.

Follow your principles and avoid chasing losses. Sports betting is not a sprint, but it’s a marathon.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

The truth with sports betting is, you can definitely make lots of money but this is going to be a slow grind. It is not likely that you will start betting today and swim in millions tomorrow.

This is one of the things that should guide you in your betting journey. It’s a slow crawling process, but a doable one.

We are not asking you to kill your dreams. Actually, we want to see you succeed as much as possible with real money sports betting. However, the thing that we are advocating for is proper expectations.

Betting on Every Game


This is a common challenge, especially for beginners. It is normal to get over-excited, especially after making a few wins, but the thing is, you need to have a plan on what to choose and what to drop.

For the most part, you’ll be selecting games on your own. You’ll explore each game to see its worth, and whether you think it has any winning potential.

Here is what you need to know: not all games are worth your money. Ignore such games and only gamble on the games where you can see the value.

It may be very tempting to place wagers on many games with no proper value, but the truth is, you will slowly give out your bankroll to the house.

Trusting in Systems

Everyone is on the lookout for a technique that they can use to “defeat the bookies“. Although we won’t rule out the possibility that some mathematical systems do work, we believe that the vast majority of the systems on the market are worthless.

The goal with most bettors is to find some magical method that they can simply use to generate massive wins on the sports bets – this is obviously not possible.

Does this suggest that you won’t be able to devise a successful system? Certainly not. There are people out there who have winning systems that we would kill to have.

However, what we’re trying to say here is that you don’t want to be sold on some nonsense system that doesn’t work. Besides, we want to help you not place too much trust in a system and overlook your basic logic.

Systems are wonderful, and we hope you find one that works for you. However, be wary of systems that marketers try to sell you. If you find a winning system, or what appears to be a winning system, ensure you combine it with your personal knowledge because not all these systems work well.

Always Backing Your Favourite Team


You’ve been a fan of this particular team for as long as you can remember, and your weekend activities are scheduled around their games – but it’s extremely important to understand that nearly every sporting club has a bad run from time to time.

If you are into real money sports betting, avoid spending your money to support your emotions, if when you can see that your favourite team is on a losing streak.

Passion can seriously impair one’s judgment. You don’t have to gamble against your team, but you should stay away from that market until you see a significant improvement.


When we talk about sports betting mistakes, it almost always sounds like we’re creating a bad argument.

However, our only aim is to help you look at the bigger picture positively.

The truth is that you will occasionally make mistakes in this sports betting journey, but the losses and mistakes can be minimized if you take your time to learn.

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