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Best Stability Shoes for Overpronation 2024

When you’re walking or running, you naturally wouldn’t think a lot about how your foot hits the ground. Moving your feet feel like something automatic that you just do without really thinking about it. But do you know that not all the people in the world have feet the same shape? Some of us are flat footed as ducklings while some have feet with different arches and bone curvatures. You could be forgiven for not knowing what kind of feet you have. But it does make a difference. Because some shoes are designed to suit specific feet type. This is most important to consider if you are into activities that require physical exertion.

But here you’re about to read about an interesting phenomenon of the feet named ‘overpronation’. If you have overpronated feet that means your foot has a tendency to move inward as you move. The outer edge of your heel hits the ground first, and then your foot rolls inward onto the arch. Pronation is a name to describe a form of flattening of your feet. A person who overpronates therefore has the tendency to flatten their feet more so than normal. But don’t worry, it isn’t a bad thing. Overpronation is a natural phenomenon that could be found in perhaps one in four people so it is far more common than you think. Still, their feet have a tendency to experience more strain in their muscles, tendons, and ligaments. They are also at a higher risk of sustaining certain injuries.

And the good news is, overpronation can be reduced and even corrected over time. For that, you just need the right sort of stability running shoes. Most stability shoes provide firmer cushioning on the inside arch area of the foot which aids in preventing the foot from rolling excessively inward upon impact. If you are an overpronator  but would like to invest in shoes that help minimize its effects, our following article will help breakdown the features of the five best stability shoes for overpronated feet and aid you in making the right choice for yourself. Read onwards to find which pair of shoes suits you best.

1. ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 Running Shoes

Best Recommended

  • Supreme design
  • Impressive impact absorption system
  • Provides extra special bounce
  • Smart impact guidance mechanism
  • Insoles are thin as a crust
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Midsole drop: 12mm | Technology: IGS | Material: Fabric

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We shake off the list with the ASICS Gel-Kayano running shoes. The entire shoe is intricately handwoven with a strong porous fabric featuring a high-traction rubber sole.  The shoe also enforces the patented GEL technology meant to act as a high-impact absorber for both the forefoot and rear foot.

The ASICS Gel-Kayano also utilizes the smart Impact Guidance System technology that enhances the foot’s natural gait via a design that creates a better link between the outer heel and inner toe so that when you take a step, the impact on the inner toe is reduced significantly.

It also comes with a SpevaFoam 45 material that adds an extra layer of comfort for the flat side of your feet. Furthermore, utilizing organic nano-fibers the shoes have shock absorbent midsoles for improved cushioning. The Gel-Kayano further bring an extra special bounce to your gait because of the patented FlyteFoam propel technology through the use of its elastic polymer material.

Through its intelligent design, the shoes also feature a DuoMax dual density midsole system that aligns naturally to bring greater balance and support to the wearer.

Perhaps one downside to this otherwise great pair of shoes is the relatively thin insole that would feel flat and uncomfortable for some runners. But the issue is too minute and take little away from the benefits these shoes provide.

2. Brooks Men's Adrenaline GTS 19 Running Shoe

Next Best

  • New guide rail system is actually efficient
  • Nice fitting with streamlined design
  • Good cushioning
  • The outersole is harder because of DNA Loft pad

Midsole drop: 12mm | Technology: Guide Rail | Material: Mesh

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So I need to warn you about something. If you loved the Adrenaline GTS 18 model, you need to know that with the newer 19 model, Brooks removed the medial post from it altogether. How does it stay a support shoe then, you might ask? Well, the brand replaced the medial post with a new GuideRail support system which might just change the game for support shoes in the times to come.

The GuideRail system features small pieces of foam glued onto the edges of the midsole to create a cupping effect. Via these guide rails, the GTS 19 automatically balances the arches in your step and reduces risk to any injury prone areas of your body. Any excess movement on your part is strictly kept in check with the help of these guide rails.

The midsoles of the GTS 19 have a dual-density 12mm drop which is exceptional at cushioning the underside of your feet. There is a DNA Loft crash pad wedged onto the outer side which makes it firm and light in weight.

The heel features a plush and nice fitting for your foot to comfortably fit into. It also changes its lining material, instead using a more smooth mesh over plenty of functional foam padding. This lets the shoe securely hold the foot during runs.

The Adrenaline GTS 19 is a game changer for Brooks as a whole although I’m skeptical if other people will warm up to the loss of medial post and the firm feel of the new DNA Loft pad. I certainly really enjoyed the reinvention because of the new boundaries Brooks are trying to push in their attempts to modernize running shoes.

3. ASICS GT-2000 7

Bronze Medal

  • High quality material
  • Light-weight midsoles with good bounce
  • Shock absorbent nano fibre technology
  • Large size of the toe-box

Midsole drop: 12mm | Technology: GEL impact absorption | Material: Fabric

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The ASICS GT-2000 7 is yet another classic footwear for overpronators. Like the GEL-Kayano, it too features an impressive FlyteFoam Lite technology that utilizes a very lightweight midsole, providing exceptional cushioning thanks to its organic nano fibers. The midsoles are SpevaFoam which gives them a greater bounce and add to the overall comfort of the shoe. It also comes with Ortholite sockliner insoles which feature unique open-cell structures that create a moisture management system and keep away moisture from the foot.

As your foot transitions through its gait, the GEL technology provides extra cushioning on the rearfoot and forefoot area which is necessary as a shock-absorbent and significantly reduces impact on the inner toe as well. I am a bit of a sucker for shoes that provide good conditioning and these ones surely don’t disappoint. The DUOMAX Support System of the shoes keep them light-weight and allow for optimal movement.

The GT-2000 7 is made of handwoven fabric and features high abrasion rubber in key areas of the soles that make them very good at gripping onto slippery surfaces and even jagged terrains. This is surely a top notch premium boot.

Perhaps the only niggling downside to these shoes, which itself is very minor, is that the toe box is a little extra spacious and would be of annoyance to some wearers. But the small drawbacks are compensated for with the good that the GT-2000 7s do provide.

4. PUMA Men's Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe

Best Looking

  • Durable
  • Good traction for most surfaces
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Less flexibility
  • Inferior to some other running shoe models

Midsole drop: 8-10mm | Technology: EcoOrthoLite | Material: Synthetic Rubber

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The Tazon 6 by PUMA completes a brilliant synthesis of the upper, midsole, and outsole to create one of the most comfortable pair of stability running shoes to exist out there in the market. The upper is made of synthetic leather which means relatively less wear and tear. Though less flexible as compared to traditional mesh, the synthetic leather imbues the Tazon 6 with immense durability and strength.

The upper also features an EcoOrthoLite liner that regulates airflow within the shoe making it antibacterial and odorless. It also provides a comfortable bit of padding for the foot. Puma has designed the laces of the Tazon 6 in such a way that it easily secures the foot within and minimizes the chances of any loose laces sticking out. Can’t say if i’m the biggest fan of the shoes’ level of flexibility but it was satisfactory enough.

The midsole features a standard EVA filling which is effective because it is lightweight and springy. Compared to the outsoles of other shoes, the one in the Tazon 6 feature thermoplastic urethrane that provides some extra but necessary support and protection.

The soles of the Tazon 6 provide very good traction and is suitable for trail paths. Design-wise, not only are the shoes cool as exercise footwear but would even suit for everyday purposes because of its sleek and stylish design.

All in all, there might be other running shoes that are superior in the market but the Tazon 6 is still a great pair of shoes to own. It doesn’t incorporate too many flashy things in its upper, midsole, and other facets but it certainly incorporates them very neatly together which results in a great well-rounded pair of stability shoes.

5. New Balance Men's 1080v8 Fresh Foam Running Shoe


  • Improved traction
  • Spacious platform for foot
  • Very durable
  • The midsoles are not great
  • Shoes are weighty

Midsole drop: 8mm | Technology: Fresh Foam | Material: Synthetic Mesh

Last Update on 2024-04-19 using Amazon Product Advertising API

The 1080v8 version by New Balance brings a few updates over the previous designs; some improve the overall design while others might take away a bit from what made its predecessors special. The biggest change from the previous V7 comes in the hexagonal texturing along the sides which were convex first but now come in concave hexagons utilized on the outside of the soles which provide better medial support. The 1080v8 utilizes New Balance’s patented Fresh Foam technology that is meant to be soft and add an extra layer of comfort for your long runs. However I did notice that the midsole does not compress as much as should be expected from a premium pair of shoes.

The outsole retains the same hexagonal shaped rubber lugs with a harder crash pad nearing the edge of the heels area. The forefoot area also features flexible rubber grooves which provide an impressive traction on different kinds of terrain.

The front of the 1080V8 has a molded toe-bumper with a spacious toe box that allows for extra width and vertical space providing a nice comfortable platform for your foot. This is followed by the forefoot which uses a soft engineered mesh which is pliable to the touch.  The shoe also features a comfortable EVA foam with an 8mm drop.

By design, the 1080v8 are super durable. And while this version retains quality with comfort, one noticeable issue that runners might face would be the weight of the shoes which is somewhat heavy and would tire them over a long run.

Still, if it’s money you’re paying with, these shoes are destined to last for long.

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