Best Spartan Race Shoes 2024

A Spartan Race is a running race that includes a series of obstacles of varying difficulty. The track can be as long as 3 miles and sometimes even reach marathon-level distances. Spartan Races are physically grueling and test an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional endurance. Anyone who finishes the race can hold the bragging rights of having conquered a mammoth challenge. Before partaking in Spartan Races, players train their bodies extensively in order to keep up with the difficult obstacles of the track.

If you are planning to take part in a Spartan Race then it is important for you to know the importance of investing in the proper shoes that will help you complete the race one piece. You can’t just wear any type of shoes at a Spartan Race without risking serious injury.


A good pair of shoes will give you that added edge over competitors, by providing the comfort, grip, and durability to handle whatever the course has to throw at you. It will also give you enough traction and stability to allow you to navigate through the obstacles without slipping or falling off.

There are a wide variety of shoes made for Spartan races. If you are new to all this and don’t know where to begin, don’t worry, we have you covered in that domain because in this article I have picked for you the five best shoes for a Spartan Race. Just read along and pick the one you feel matches you best.

1. Salomon Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes

Best Choice

  • High quality of materials
  • Aggressive traction on different surfaces
  • Breathable and strong mesh upper
  • Impressive lacing system for tight fit
  • Shoes narrow for wide feet

Features: Mesh Construction, EVA Footbed | Outsole: Contagrip Outsole

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At the top of the list are the Speedcross 4 Running Shoes by Salomon which, in my opinion, are the best pair of shoes you can buy with money for an obstacle race.

With uppers composed of a breathable anti-debris mesh fabric that keeps out dirt and stones from getting inside. The shoes also utilize the Salomon SensiFit technology and a quick lace lacing system that provides a snug fit around your foot with a superior support. The toe box is large and gives comfort when you’re making your way through longer trails. The shoe also features moisture-wicking nylon material and an ortholite insole with anti-odor properties.

The Salomon Speedcross 4 comes equipped with a lightweight EVA midsole cushioning that absorbs shock especially in the heel areas. Designed to ensure comfort, the midsole adds a nice bounce to your strides that allows the shoe to retain flexibility and help you overcome both challenging and rugged terrain.


Furthermore, the Speedcross 4 uses a Contigrip outsole rubber that comes fitted with smaller 6mm arrow-shaped lugs. These lugs provide very good traction and are stickier on wet surfaces. However, the lugs don’t seem durable enough to last for too long especially on harsh terrains.

One thing I found problematic with the Speedcross 4 is its midfoot design, which although great, is suitable for narrower feet yet too tight for people endowed with wider feet. If you do have that problem, I would recommend you order these shoes half a size larger than your regular size.

In terms of high-quality comfort, an ergonomic design, and smart fitting construction, the Speedcross 4 is as premium a pair of shoes as they come. With these babies on your feet, you’ll have everyone believing there’s real Spartan blood in your veins.

2. Adidas Cloudfoam Racer TR

Premium Choice

  • Excellent comfort
  • Light in weight
  • Very good traction on surfaces
  • Breathable upper
  • The shoes are not waterproof

Features: Mesh Construction, Precision Foothold | Outsole: Rubber Outsole

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If you want to look for a pair of mighty shoes that are branded, look no further than the Adidas Cloudfoam Racer TR. These shoes are designed as modern sneakers yet with the kind of quality especially suited to the rigorous requirements of a Spartan Race. With a breathable upper composed of mesh, the fabric allows for plenty of air circulation to keep the feet cool and odorless. The material is tightly-knitted and durable. Unfortunately, they do not come with a waterproof feature which is a big deal in Spartan races.


A standard cushioned midsole adds a pleasant bounce that’s useful at impact absorption. You will also find a precise foothold that wraps firmly around your foot in order to emulate the natural feel of a bare foot. A lightweight rubber outsole provides a lot of mobility while also giving really good traction on different surfaces. You can even go running off-road with these kicks without worrying if they’ll last you the excursion in the rugged terrain.

The shoes also have a simple lace-up closure and are therefore easy to wear. By adjusting the heel strap, you can make the shoe fit more suitably around the foot.  They may not be the most perfect footwear for a Spartan Race but the CF Racers are definitely formidable shoes to call your own.

3. Salomon Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe

Bronze Medal

  • Extremely durable upper
  • Reinforced toe area for protection
  • Quicklace system
  • Improved stability over previous models
  • Breathability not good

Features: Synthetic Nylon Construction, EVA Midsole | Outsole: Contagrip Outsole

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Like the first ranked Speedcross 4 running shoe, the Speedcross 3 version was the monolith Spartan race shoe of its time. While it shares most of the essential features with the Speedcross line of shoes, it does have variations from the design in a few areas. These upper is made of a synthetic ripstop nylon upper that arguably has one of the finest most reliable durability of any trail shoes.

With these on your feet, you’ll be able to cope better with the rigors of running off the beaten path. Right off the bat, the toe box of the Speedcross 3 feels roomier in contrast to version 2 with a reinforced toe area to protect your toes from banging against objects or getting injured during obstacles. The Speedcross 3 retains the snug fit of the previous model with a great midfoot and heel lockdown, leaving the toes to have some space for movement.

The material of the upper is also weather-proof and insulated, capable of protecting your feet from the warm, cold, and everything wet. However, this limits breathability and makes the feet feel very stuffy when its cocooned within the material. The ortholite footbed in the midsole, while adding a nice cushioning factor, also soaks up any water that may have unintentionally found its way inside your shoe.

A nifty Quicklace lacing system makes it very easy to tighten the shoes upon wearing. With just a tug of the laces and the the Speedcross 3 will cocoon themselves snugly around your foot. Like any reliable pair of Salomon shoes, these are known for being exceptionally durable and that can withstand difficult environmental conditions as well as long, grueling running events.

They utilize a soft EVA midsole with a reduced heel drop from 12mm to 9mm. This lowered heel drop adds enhanced stability on technical trails. The injected EVA foam runs the length of the shoe while at the same time providing a good cushioning mechanism.

For the outsole, Salomon uses the tried and tested Mud and Snow Contragrip design with protruding lugs that provide an extremely good grip on different terrains. Not only are the soles good for slippery and muddy grounds, but they also are very durable and can withstand hundreds of hours of rigorous physical exercise.

All in all, if you want a top-quality shoe that can sustain heavy use, the Speedcross 3 wins it easily.

4. Inov-8 X-Talon 230 Trail Running Shoe

The Dark Horse

  • Lightweight and nimble
  • Water-resistant and breathable upper
  • Impressive traction on surfaces
  • Midsole too narrow
  • Not suited for wide feet

Features: Mesh Construction, Flexible Midsole Technology | Outsole: Rubber Outsole

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The Inov-8 X Talon 230s are the kind of shoes you’d wear if you wanted to rival a mountain goat because the level of traction these shoes bring is practically unassailable. Light in weight with ample flexibility, the Talon 230 is an impeccable shoe for off-road races where one requires good grip and stability on the steepest, most slippery of terrains.

The 230 is water-resistant and has a mesh upper reinforced by a thick overlay extending from the laces. The upper is durable enough to provide protection along the base of the foot, thanks to a wide, thick band of nearly impenetrable fabric which protects the sides of the foot from sticks and rocks. It also runs the full length of the shoe, allowing it to connect into the heel and help lock down the foot. Because this is a model of shoes that wants to give optimal movement to the wearer, you’ll find the fit to be as tight as a sock which is great for people with narrow feet but uncomfortable for our wider-footed brethren.

The Talon 230 comes with a crust-thin but very flexible midsole which surprisingly is still firm enough to give protection from rocks and other debris of harsh terrain. However, the small width of the sole makes riding on this hard for prolonged periods of time as soon enough your joints feel the fatigue.

The 8mm deep sticky rubber lugs provide a monstrously firm grip over all kinds of surfaces, especially steep, rocky, and muddy terrain.

It may be at the pricier end of the spectrum but in terms of fitting, durability, and a monstrously good traction, the Inov-8 Talon 230 are the running shoes built to impress.

5. New Balance Nitrel V1 FuelCore Trail Running Shoe

Super Underrated

  • High quality and breathable mesh
  • Lightweight and responsive shoe
  • Aesthetic sneaker-looking design
  • Toe box is too narrow
  • Durability of shoes is questionable

Features: Mesh Construction, REVlite Foam Midsole, Synthetic Soles | Outsole: N/A

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For someone looking to buy a pair of trail sneakers that are gorgeous to look at and equally durable to use, should check out the Nitrel FuelCore running shoe by New Balance. Manufactured as versatile pair of mud run shoes, the Nitrel FuelCore can help you adapt yourself to the varieties of intense and demanding terrains of a Spartan Race.

The upper is composed of high-quality mesh with neat synthetic overlays to make the shoes more breathable, lightweight, and intuitively responsive to movements. A reinforced toe cap helps prevent injuries. The no-sew construction also prevents fraying, while the stretch fabric ensures a comfortable fit that’s wide enough for most Spartans to prevent strain and discomfort.

The midsole meanwhile REVlite foam that cushions each stride and alleviate pressure from joints and tendons. It also makes the shoe feel far more responsive to very minute changes in one’s movement. The outsoles on the other hand are durable and can work decently enough on terrains that are mild or moderately harsh.

However, because the shoe is made of synthetic parts in places, there are question marks over the durability of the soles and how long they’ll last you. There is another niggling concern where I found the toebox to be narrow for my liking.

However, in terms of a pair of shoes that are highly affordable, impeccably constructed, and responsive to your gait, the Nitrel Fuelcore by New Balance will be your trusted friends.

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