Best Shoes for Supination 2024

If the soles of your shoes wear out the most from the outer sides, then you are a supinator, Just like the 10% population of the world. This happens because most of the weight is on the outer part of your feet while walking or running. Supination might run in the families as it is an inherited problem with the structure of the feet. Excessive Supination is also known as underpronation, if not corrected through proper shoes, can lead to numerous problems like plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel spurs, sprained ankles, stress fractures, and tendonitis. Moreover, it provides great discomfort of shin splints, hips, and lower back pain because a supinated foot is less shock absorbent. 

On the good side, the solution for underpronation doesn’t have to be so intricate. By wearing the correct shoes with high arches, you can acquire ideal weight distribution and bid farewell to all the problems caused by your supinated feet. You don’t need to worry because we are here with 5 best shoes for supination for your ultimate comfort.

1. ASICS Men's GEL Venture 5

Best Affordable

  • Affordable Price
  • Comfortable
  • Accommodates medical orthotics
  • Wear out quickly

Origin: Imported | Sole: AHAR and Rubber | Material: Synthetic | Package Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches

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The first rank on the list is secured by ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5. As Asics is well known to promote health and fitness to its customers, it has incorporated Rearfoot GEL cushioning for the ultimate comfort and perfect weight distribution. An outdoor-ready runner with mesh underlays and multi-color stripe accents gives you a perfect blend of colors and crispiness. Also, its water-resistant quality enables you to work out during the rainy season.  Not only this, but this pair comes in 15 different colors which guarantee that you will find your perfect choice.

When I received this imported and 100% synthetic pair of shoes, I noticed that it comes with a trail specific outsole which makes my walks absolutely comfortable. Also, it has an AHAR outsole rubber in critical high-wear areas for the supinators so the outside of the soles doesn’t wear out easily. Also, it provides an excellent traction, specially on tight and sharp turns. This pair is perfect for people who work out on rough terrains. What I absolutely love about this pair is the price, in such an economical price it provides the ultimate comfort for the supinators. Moreover, it has a wide toe box, which again is a plus point as it allows my toes to breath in. Also, it has a removable sock liner that accommodates medical orthotics. Cleaning them is super easy as it is machine washable.


On the downside, these shoes didn’t prove to be durable enough; if you play any kind of sports, they will wear out very quickly, the rubber on the outsole will detach from the sole in a matter of months. 

All in all, these shoes provide great value for money and will surely reduce your supination for a decent period of time.

2. Viakix Hiking Sandals Women

Premium Choice

  • Excellent arch support and absorbs impact
  • Lightweight and quick to dry after use
  • Extra traction for more stability
  • Not suitable for people with low arches or flat feet.

Origin: N/A | Sole: Ergonomic EVA foam midsole and Rugged Rubber | Material: Synthetic | Package Dimensions: 11.85 x 7.5 x 4.65 inches

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This pair of fashionable and stylish women’s sandals is the second product on our list. This pair has adjustable straps which makes it highly customizable and a perfect fit for each foot. Also, it features a cushioned EVA foam mid sole with ergonomic arch support which absorbs shocks and impacts as well as ensures your comfort,

While ordering this pair, i went for my actual size and Voila! it fits me perfectly. It is very lightweight and easy to pack, so naturally, it is my companion for vacations. Moreover, it is crafted with durable webbing and a rugged rubber outsole, which provides long lasting wear and arch support specially for an outdoor adventure. However, needless to say, but I wear these sandals to the beaches as well, the best part is, they dry very quickly. They have high arches and provide maximum arch and heel support for supinators and underpronators. Not only this, but they have extra traction on the rugged rubber outsoles for maximum stability.


On the downside, these sandals aren’t for people with low arches and flat feet, then they get quite uncomfortable. Moreover, I felt like the straps are extremely stiff and sometimes they cut on to my toes which gets irritating.

Without a doubt these sandals help in ideal weight distribution for supinators with high arches and also provide a great value for money.

3. Brooks Men's Ghost 11

Diamond Choice

  • Lightweight
  • Provides stability with comfort
  • Provides smooth traction
  • Not durable enough.

Origin: N/A | Sole: BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioned out sole | Material: Synthetic | Package Dimensions: 10 x 15 x 6 inches

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Brooks Ghost 11 is the latest in the Ghost range.  This pair provides ideal and neutral foot support to people with medium to high arches. Also, it features BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning work together which provides just the right softness underfoot without losing responsiveness and durability. This lightweight pair of shoes has a Segmented Crash Pad which is specially designed to adapt to each footfall. So, no matter how your foot lands, you will enjoy the smoothest walks ever.

While ordering this shoe, I specifically took notice of the statement given that one should order the regular shoe size so I did that exactly and didn’t get disappointed either. What I love the most is that this pair is so lightweight that it actually feels like walking on air. Also, it helped with the pain of supination instantly. Moreover, my toes don’t feel confiscated as there is an optimal space in the toe area. Also, the mesh upper increases breath-ability. It has a lace-up closure and is 6 inches high from the ground which makes the walks secure and bouncy at the same time.

However, the only area where this shoe lacks is durability. The treads fall off after using it for a short period which turned out to be quite disappointing.

Overall, Brooks Ghost 11 is an ideal shoe and lightweight shoe for supinators.

4. Saucony Men's VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12

Best Cushioning

  • Versafoam cushioning which gives a responsive feel
  • Optimal padding for perfect weight distribution
  • Provides smooth traction
  • Narrow toe box.

Origin: Imported | Sole: Rubber sole | Material: 100% Synthetic | Package Dimensions: 13.39 x 8.35 x 4.8 inches

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Now we have Saucony Men’s VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12 for supinators as our 4th product on the list. This 100% synthetic and imported pair of shoes come in ten different colors so it’s very likely that you will find your favorite color of shoes. Cohesion is so far the cheapest neutral shoes offered by Saucony. This pair features A cushy stack of Versafoam cushioning which gives a responsive feel while walking or running. There is a 29mm of foam under the heel and 17mm under the forefoot (12mm drop), this provides adequate cushioning for the runners.


Moreover, this true to size pair of shoes has a segmented and flexible rubber outsole for a smooth feel while walking. Also, it features Soft and supportive leather and meshes upper which is not only lightweight and breathable but also gives a technical look. It also has a lace-up closure for a safe and secure fit. The Versafoam cushioning is very comfortable on both the heel and forefoot. The best part is that there is optimal padding on the heel which ensures the perfect weight distribution for the supinators. Also, the mid-sole is very well cushioned which ensures maximum shock absorbency. Soft and supportive leather and mesh upper that is also lightweight and breathable.

On the downside, these shoes run a little narrow and can cause blisters on the toes. This problem can be eliminated by ordering a wide pair in your size.

Conclusively, these shoes can be your solution to supination if you have narrow feet.

5. New Balance Men's 890v7

Best Breathable

  • Maximum breathability
  • An excellent traction
  • Lightweight
  • Less secured inner sole.

Origin: Imported | Sole: Rubber sole | Material: Synthetic | Package Dimensions: 12.69 x 7.8 x 4.61 inches

Last Update on 2024-06-16 using Amazon Product Advertising API

The final product on the list is New Balance Men’s 890v7. This imported pair of shoes comes in 5 different combinations of colors. It features Ground Contact Revlite which provides lightweight, springy rides while reducing weight. Not only this, but it also has Lightweight Solid Rubber forefoot strips which provide strategic traction and response in key zones.

While ordering this pair, I went for my regular shoe size which turned out to be a perfect fit. The thing which caught my attention immediately is the weight, there is a whopping 2 oz drop in the weight. The best part about this pair from New Balance is that it has a perfect blend of grip and tread which makes me feel in control of my balance and also helps with the supination. To my surprise, it provides an excellent traction because of which I can even walk or run in rain without slipping. Also, it provides more cushioning in the middle which ensures feet stability.

Moreover, it has a Hypoknit upper which is a single but quite complex layer. This knit delivers a breathable and dynamic fit along with a thin but sock-like collar construction, which makes it easier to slip on and to drain out. What I love the most about this shoe is its breath-ability; it has larger engineered openings in the vamp just for this purpose; I could even see my socks color through it and feel a small breeze on my feet as well. This enables me to wear it for long hours without suffocating my feet.

However, the insole should have been more secured as it keeps working its way out of the back of the shoe as I walk or run which is quite annoying.

All in all, this shoe provides great breath-ability and optimal traction for supinators without providing many problems.

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