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Best Shoes for Nurses 2024: for Extreme Comfort!

Regardless of what your profession is, your feet will thank you for wearing agreeable shoes for the duration of the day. At the point when your duty includes anything from running close by a gurney to representing hours in the ER or working room, the correct shoes are an unquestionable requirement. Being on your feet throughout the day puts your lower points under a great deal of pressure. So in case you’re reliably wearing unsupportive shoes, you could create throbbing arches, joint torment, and other awkward issues. It is critical to search for shoes that have a wide toe box, so it can help accommodate feet as they normally extend for the duration of the day.

Here are our best 5 picks so you can go through the entire day helping other people without feeling any torment.

1. Dansko Women's Professional Mule

Expert Mule

  • Stylish
  • Good arch support
  • Slip-safe
  • Sizing differs

Material: Leather, Polyurethane | Features: Padded Collar, Reinforced Toe Box

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Dansko shoes for medical caretakers are probably the most mainstream brand-name nursing shoes for a reason: Nurses love them and they are durable. The expert mule is the best quality level of Dansko shoes. The leather upper is solid and simple to wipe down, the wide heel point keeps you consistent, and the instep incorporates a cushioned collar line to shield the highest points of your feet from abrading.

For the style-conscious, a mule normally doesn’t confront some sleeker other options, yet this one comes in an entire host of hues and patterns. It may be difficult to pick your top choice! You can get these in plain white or dark, and the patterns incorporate everything from pastel stripe to floral to dark houndstooth. The Dansko Women’s Professional Clogs are a couple of shoes that the orthopedic recommends that characterizes a decent pair of shoes.

Source: pexels.com

This arch offers throughout the day comfort. It favors individuals who are on their feet a ton. The arch fits the natural curve of the foot so strolling around and standing will have a characteristic help. The airy Dansko proficient Mule keeps away from this by giving some additional room in the toe box, empowering you to move your toes, helping blood course openly all through your foot. To guarantee that you don’t slip and slide as you do your work, the external sole is produced to be slip-safe. Furthermore, obviously, terrible smells are kept under control by means of a covering that is produced using an anti-microbial material.

On the disadvantage, this pair of shoes is handcrafted so similar pairs don’t have the same fit. It is advisable to fit a couple of sets to find a pair that will fit you. They are somewhat heavier than others.

Convincingly, these agreeable shoes will fit in regardless of where you work, and you can invest wholeheartedly in the name on the sole.

2. Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 Running Shoes


  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Provides room to flex
  • Feet Slides

Material: Mesh, Synthetic | Features: Padded Sole, Grooved Sole

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In case you’re the sort that favors running shoes over clogs, these are difficult to beat. What stands apart with these is the means by which agreeable they are. Something else to note is that these shoes are lightweight. This is significant with regard to your stamina. Sometimes the clogs with being comfortable can be heavy,  which will wear you out before the finish of the shift. The Ghost’s refreshed foam padded sole additionally shows signs of improvement crash pad for sure. Partitioned into a grid of safeguards, the new framework scatters sway all the more productively when you land and push you smoothly directly into the next step.

The padded sole uses a grooved sole with a portioned crash pad to offer adaptability and adjust to your walk. The updated upper uses new materials and keeps the breathability. The upper offers a consistent, double layer of designed mesh that gives air access yet keeps dirt out. A mesh upper wraps your feet. The stretchy material is intended to fit cozy through the midfoot and heel point for more help, with somewhat more room when your foot needs to flex.

Source: pexels.com

A negative on the upper is that it needs a structure that was found in different other Brooks models. You may feel that the feet slide and is not secured at one spot.

With regards to running shoes, for our medical attendants and health care workers out there, these are difficult to beat.

3. Nurse Mates Women's Dove Oxford

Slip-On Shoes

  • Slip resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Beneficial for joints
  • Delicate

Material: EVA, Rubber | Features: Tumbled Floater Leather Uppers

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This line was unequivocally structured keeping nurses in mind. The lightweight elastic soles will shield from slipping on smooth clinic floors, while the steel shanks on the sides of the shoes give additional solidness. These slip-on additionally highlight a stain-safe completion—ideal for when things get muddled. The outsoles are incredibly strong just as offering an EVA unit base with rubber inserts making the underside slip-safe which is a basic of any great nurse footwear. The tumbled floater leather uppers are stain safe as well as ultra-light and tough.

They additionally upgrade the appearance of the shoes offering you a pinch of style to go with the practicality of the footwear generally speaking. They come in highly contrasting strong hues that can go with any of your outfits. Look exquisite at work with this slip-on. Comfort is a hallmark of the Dove with its slip-on style, removable shaped footbed that can be supplanted with your own orthopedic insole to cater to your particular needs. They are merciful to the back and knees. As when you are standing throughout the day, a great part of the weight is on your joints.

On the disadvantage, they will work incredibly for 6-8 months yet at times after that the sole will, in general, tends to crack.

So, it is intended to make the nurses and doctors spend 12-hour shifts dominatingly on their feet, making the working day much less excruciating and taking off the pressure and weight of their feet as they work.

4. Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat


  • Adjustable hook
  • Comfortable
  • Best footing
  • They squeak

Material: Leather, Elastic | Features: Rocker Innovation

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Their Paloma flat clogs are a truly agreeable pair of work shoes that we have heard incredible things about. What separates them is the range of stylish animal print upper. Who says work shoes must be utilitarian and without style. Joined with the decent button details, this is a rare nurse clog that truly looks extraordinary. These are not just extraordinary looking shoes but also have an elastic sole and patent leather upper to offer the help and solace you require for a difficult working day. These are low top shoes with a 1.5″ inch heel and 1″ platform ideal for the RN. Comfort is what these incredible shoes promise.

Source: pexels.com

The platform sole of the shoe is elastic and furnishes you with the best footing and non-slip characteristics that each nurse requires. The leather upper is both solid and furthermore simple to clean and keep up. The insole of these extraordinary slip-on style ones are removable, so you can replace it with your own orthopedic insole to lighten any foot issues you may have. The inherent curve bolster will assist you with preventing heel torment and plantar fasciitis. The foot bed will shape the type of your foot to give you extraordinary solace. Rocker innovation on the outsole is all with helping the natural moving movement of the foot as you walk. This, obviously, is there to forestall foot and back agony related with an awful gait.

On the downside, these shoes squeak. The last thing you need when you are working in a center is for your shoes to make noise. These do squeak and can be a major issue for a few.

Definitively, for comfort, these are the best. Highly prescribed for your ordinary work in the facility.

5. Sports Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneakers

Energetic Style

  • Provides Great footing
  • Resist slippage
  • Secure fit
  • Lacks curve support

Material: Faux Leather, Mesh Fabric | Features: Flex Groove Outsole

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One extraordinary thing about the Sports Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker from Skechers is that it has an incredible mix of energetic style, design, and comfort. It is an easygoing and athletic shoe folded into one. The pair arrives in a plethora of shades. It has an upper made of mesh texture. Join that with the all-around cushioned adaptable foam footbed and you will appreciate completely agreeable footwear.

It likewise invests heavily in its manufactured/textile development. The sole is built from an elastic material, making it intense yet simple to wear. The elastic sole of these extraordinary shoes offers great footing, just as non-slip characteristics which are basic in the event that you are working in an emergency clinic condition. The flex groove outsole moves with your foot to offer you another degree of comfort and backing, just as offering security.

Be that as it may, these shoes have a few drawbacks, as well. While the flexible foam is delicate, its layer is additionally very flimsy so quite possibly, you will feel the hardness of the sole after some time. It likewise lacks some curve support.

To put it plainly, If you have twelve-hour shifts, basic for nurses, and on the off chance that you have a few issues, for example, plantar fasciitis or tendinitis, at that point you can securely pick this pair and you would not regret. These are lively and cool; charming and agreeable.

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