Best Shoes For Cardio Dance 2024 – Awesome Picks For Women

Best Choice
Ryka Women's Influence Cross Trainer, Black/Sharp Green/Forge Grey/Metallic, 9 M US
Good Choice
adidas Performance Women's A.T 360.2 Prima Training Shoe
Don't Miss
Zumba Women's Fly Fusion Athletic Dance Workout Sneakers with Compression Cushioning
Also Consider
Ryka Women's Vida RZX Oxford
Ryka Women's Influence Cross Trainer, Black/Sharp Green/Forge Grey/Metallic, 9 M US
adidas Performance Women's A.T 360.2 Prima Training Shoe
Zumba Women's Fly Fusion Athletic Dance Workout Sneakers with Compression Cushioning
Ryka Women's Vida RZX Oxford
Best Choice
Ryka Women's Influence Cross Trainer, Black/Sharp Green/Forge Grey/Metallic, 9 M US
Ryka Women's Influence Cross Trainer, Black/Sharp Green/Forge Grey/Metallic, 9 M US
Good Choice
adidas Performance Women's A.T 360.2 Prima Training Shoe
adidas Performance Women's A.T 360.2 Prima Training Shoe
Don't Miss
Zumba Women's Fly Fusion Athletic Dance Workout Sneakers with Compression Cushioning
Zumba Women's Fly Fusion Athletic Dance Workout Sneakers with Compression Cushioning
Also Consider
Ryka Women's Vida RZX Oxford
Ryka Women's Vida RZX Oxford

Dancing is one of the most effective calories burning workout. Cardio dance targets each and every group of muscles in your body. Regular cardio dancing will not only help you cut down all that stubborn fat from your body but will also strengthen your core muscles.

However, if you are planning to join cardio dance classes in your regular shoes then you might be surprised to know that it’s an absolutely wrong choice to make. In fact, you need a pair of shoes which are specially designed for cardio dancing. These shoes are specially manufactured to neutralize abrupt and sudden movements. Your dancing shoes should provide you with stability and support. Moreover, there should be responsiveness in the shoes, so that you get the kick and also the perfect bounce when you dance.


Also, these dancing shoes have a pivot point which ensures that you are able to spin or turn around without any difficulty or hindrance. By now, you must be thinking of where to find such cardio dance shoes that include all of the mentioned properties. You don’t need to worry as I have come up with a list of the 5 best cardio dance shoes that will make your dance classes more fun and hipper.

1. Ryka Women's Influence Cross Training Shoe

Best Choice

  • Flex-foil makes it flexible
  • Secure fit
  • Dual density mid-sole absorbs shock
  • Extra lace-hole near the ankle bone is missing

Origin: Imported | Sole: Rubber sole | Material: 100% Fabric

Last Update on 2024-07-23 using Amazon Product Advertising API

The first shoe on my list is Ryka Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe. Ryka is the only brand in the market that manufactures footwear only for women. Ryka shoes are specially designed to fit women’s feet exceptionally. Ryka influence shoe has more than 3500 positive ratings on amazon. The influence is a stylish looking shoe that is specially manufactured for variable indoor activities and fitness workouts.

I ordered this shoe in half a size larger than my actual size. I would recommend you to do the same as these shoes run a little smaller. This imported shoe is 100% fabric and it features a lace-up closure which makes it even more stylish. I personally found these to be very comfortable and effective even during high impact exercises.

Moving onward, it features a rubber outsole which makes it durable. This outsole also features footprint designs for better traction and hold as well as pivot points for easy spinning and rotating. I found this shoe to be solid and flexible at the same time as it includes Flex-foil. Also, direct Fuse layers provide me with stability and a secure fit while dancing.

Also, the heel area also provides a secure fit as my heels stay in place while dancing. Cardio dancing in this shoe is quite fun and less straining for my feet as it includes a mid-sole which is not only dual-density but also features an N-Gage Eva high energy return which even helps in retaining the shape in presence of a shock.

The balance this shoe provides is amazing as well, so if you face balancing issues while dancing then this shoe would be perfect for you. The best part is that however it is made for indoor fitness activities, but still, I can walk and run in it with absolutely zero discomforts.

However, there is only one thing missing in this shoe and that is an extra lace hole near the ankle bone. If you normally wear shoes that have an extra lace hole near the ankle bone area then this shoe will feel less supportive.


All in all, I love the stylish design and balance Influence provides me with. Also, the comfort and stability of this shoe has is incredible. Undoubtedly, Ryka influence is the best shoe for cardio dancing.

Customer Reports
Meline Knago

I had worn Rykas back when I was doing Jazzercise, so I was familiar with them. I normally wear a 7.5 B and that is what I ordered. Perfect fit, plenty of room for toes and comfortable on the heel. Using them for Zumba and dance aerobics and have plenty of support for the bouncing and jumping and yet very light and easy to move across the floor, even on carpet. Really like the pivot spot on the soles. The colors are terrific, bright and energetic!

New England Girl

I purchased these for Zumba & they are perfect for my needs. The tread pattern works well for pivots while gripping firmly for side to side movement. The toe box is a little wide so it created a crease that took a few days to break in or get used to, but after a short time, they are now the most comfortable sneakers I have ever owned!

2. ADIDAS Performance Women's A.T 360.2 Prima Training Shoe

Best Breathable

  • Breathable
  • Maintains balance
  • Spacious toe area
  • Doesn’t provide arch support to high arched feet

Origin: Imported | Sole: Rubber sole | Material: 100% Synthetic/Textile

Last Update on 2024-07-23 using Amazon Product Advertising API

The second shoe in this list is by the most famous brand ADIDAS. Adidas has manufactured Performance Women’s A.T 360.2 Prima Training Shoe especially for cardio dancing and cardio indoor workouts. This performance features a unique graphic set of colors that will make you stand out in the dance class. If you love wearing trendy footwear then Performance is a wonderful option.

While ordering this shoe I stuck to my true size as the manufacturer mentioned that it is true to size shoe. I would recommend you to do the same as my footwear fits me perfectly. Adidas Performance is manufactured with one 100% synthetic and textile. The upper features synthetic mesh fabric which makes it breathable and airy. Also, it is seamless which gives it a trendy look. Moreover, the rubber outsole features flex grooves which makes the movements easier while giving enough traction on smooth surfaces.

Moreover, the non-marking groove outsole helps you to maintain your balance and stabilizes you on the floor. The best part is, it doesn’t uncomfortably confiscate your feet or toes, in fact, the toe area is quite spacious and roomy. So, if you want a pair of shoes that keep your feet cool and airy while training or cardio dancing, then this is the best breathable pair you will ever find.

However, the only problem with this pair of Adidas performance is that it doesn’t provide proper arch support to the feet with high arches. On the other hand, if you have low arched feet or flat feet, then it provides adequate arch support.

Conclusively, I love to go for my cardio dance classes in the Performance, as it provides me with an airy and cool experience every time while giving me a perfect blend of support and flexibility.

Customer Reports

These are amazing. I absolutely love them. I got 7.5 when usually I’m an 8 but that’s how Adidas is I feel. They usually run a size smaller. It awesome getting compliments about them considering they are comfier than Nike and way cheaper. I would most certainly recommend these sneakers so gorgeous.


Love the shoes. Other reviewers are correct that they are a little long in the toe. I’m truly a 7 but I’m so used to ordering a 7.5 or 8 for width through the toes that I ordered a 7.5 here, so there is just a tad too long. I recently switched from running to training exercises and these are beyond perfect for that- they’re lightweight and wide through the toes and heel so they provide extra stability when moving from side to side. I’m really prone to rolling an ankle so this is perfect for me! Overall excellent value, would buy again!

3. Zumba Women's Fly Fusion Athletic Dance Workout Sneakers

Best Glide and Slide

  • Excessive cushioning
  • Extra padding provides extra comfort
  • Z-slide makes it easier to slide and spin
  • Doesn’t provide arch support to high arched feet

Origin: Imported | Sole: Rubber sole | Material: 90% Mesh/10% Polyurethane

Last Update on 2024-07-23 using Amazon Product Advertising API

The third position on this list is secured by Zumba women’s fly fusion fusion-athletic dance workout sneakers. The main feature every Zumba student must look out for in a shoe is plenty of cushioning to withstand the shocks and this shoe provides exactly that.

When I was ordering this shoe I came across information that its upper is made up of synthetic breathable fabric technology which makes sure that your feet stay dry and minimizes the chances of you having sweaty feet at the end of your Zumba session.


Moreover, the breathable material allows the flow of air in n out easily which contributes to keeping your feet cool. For support, the brand has added more padding to the tongue and collar of the shoe which increase the comfort level around the ankles and the area of your feet below the shins. The extra padding provides you with extra support in difficult more advanced moves and there’s plenty of space for your toes in the front.

Furthermore, the sole of the shoe is made up of rubber and comes with the Z-slide which makes it possible to slide easily on every surface and movement smoother. So, you don’t need to worry about whether this shoe is suitable for the place where you work out at or not. This feature also makes it lightweight which reduces the amount of load on your feet.

However, my experience with the shoe grip was average since they don’t provide a lot of grips as it incorporates the Z-slide feature because of which it slips sometimes.

Because of my overall personal experience with these shoes I believe they are a great buy since they provide an excessive amount of padding which makes them very comfortable for the longer sessions.

Customer Reports
E. Brady

I really like these Zumba shoes. I’ve tried several in the past and they were not comfortable. These have incredible cushioning and the tread on the ball of the foot is designed so that you can pivot on wood floors without ruining your knees. The big difference in how my knees feel after class when wearing these shoes. Something you should be aware of – the tongue is integrated into the design. It fits like a slip-on shoe but it also has laces. Reminds me of a water shoe. I was worried I wouldn’t like that feature, that it would compress my foot too much during class but it did not. I’m very happy with these shoes!


Love these for Zumba! Very pleased. Very comfortable right out of the box. True to size. Lots of shock absorption for jumping around and don’t stick to the floor at all. Recommend highly for Zumba or other dance fitness classes.

4. ASICS Women's Gel-Fit Sana 3 Cross Trainer

Best Comfortable

  • Extra comfort
  • Seamless construction provides a sleek look
  • Allows multi-directional
  • Removable insoles are absent

Origin: Imported | Sole: Rubber sole | Material: Synthetic

Last Update on 2024-07-23 using Amazon Product Advertising API

The fourth place on this list is secured by the Asics women’s gel-fit Sana 3 cross trainer. The structure of this shoe was designed to keep comfort and the movement done in the usual cardio dance classes in mind.

The comfort of the gel-fit Sana 3 cross trainers I would say has no parallel other because of the mono-sock fit system the brand has used. It is basically an internal sleeve which works as a substitute for the tongue because of which you get that sock-like fit. Therefore, even if you can’t find a pair of socks and you wear them you won’t even feel it while working out that you forgot to wear socks because of the comfort.

Secondly, the concept of seamless construction also adds to the comfort of the shoe. Seamless material reduces the friction and irritation which a traditional shoe has because of the traditional stitches. Which is why you can even cardio dance in these shoes for hours while practicing with your squad without worrying about the condition of your feet.

I am a big fan of these shoes because of the comfort they provide. At the end of the day, we all know how irritating it is to have the pair which makes you bend again and again in between the sessions just to adjust it.

Overall, the sole is constructed of rubber and the mid sole has a Criss-cross pattern which allows multi-directional flexion and adaptability which helps the user adopt a more natural foot motion. Plus, the rare foot comprises of Asics rearfoot gel cushioning system which helps absorb intense shocks and aids in the transition to midstance. Which is beneficial for your knees and feet’s health.

In contrast, the only drawback these shoes have in my opinion is that they don’t have removable insoles.

All in all, I believe these shoes to be great value for money, and the comfort they provide is also exceptional. Moreover, the aesthetics of these shoes is another feature along with its other features which makes it unique. Personally, I found these shoes to be quite aesthetically pleasing as well because of the seamless built. Moreover, they are available in a wide range of colors to choose from which gives you ample space to think about different colors and gym wear you can pull it off with.

Customer Reports

This is my second pair of ASICS Gel-Fit Sana shoes because I really love them. I wear them with a fairly thick sock so I’ve ordered a size larger than my regular shoe size. They’re super comfortable and provide cushioning for the soles of my feet which I need. I stand and walk a lot. This time I ordered the purple ones. The pattern and color are pretty (though the purple is brighter than the photos show). I love them!

Honest Injun

These are really comfortable. Great for working out at the gym. They are a snug fit, but not tight. Super lightweight and not at all bulky. The insole is cushy enough and there is great arch support. There is a subtle floral pattern in the fabric which adds a bit of femininity. Very cute! These are exactly the shoes I was looking for. Highly recommend. Asics has another winner!

5. Ryka Women's Vida RZX

Best Flexible

  • RZX increases flexibility
  • RE-ZORB cushioning absorbs shock
  • Pivot points ensure easy spinning
  • Too wide for narrow feet

Origin: Imported | Sole: Rubber sole | Material: Mesh and Synthetic

Last Update on 2024-07-23 using Amazon Product Advertising API

Ryka has once again made it to the list on the 5th position with its Vida RZX shoe. This shoe is man-made and specially manufactured to fit the women’s feet exceptionally. The Vida includes Ryka’s famous RZX technology which adds to the comfort and flexibility of the shoe.

I ordered this shoe in my true size and I would recommend you to do the same as the manufacturer also mentioned that it is available in true sizes. Moving forward, I noticed that the toe box of this shoe Is quite large and spacious and will provide enough room even for the feet with wide toes. Ryka knows that cardio dancing puts a lot of movement and pressure on your forefoot area, that is why it has incorporated its famous RZX technology which provides extra flexibility in the forefoot area.

This RZX technology also adds a layer of cushioning in the heel area known as Re-Zorb cushioning which helps with neutralizing impact and absorbing shock, so that you end your classes everyday with relaxed pain-free feet. The upper of this shoe features mesh fabric which makes the shoe breathable, along with synthetic over lays for support and durability. The best part is its pivot points, which makes it easier and absolutely fun to spin and rotate in the cardio classes. Also, it provides an adequate arch support to the feet with high arches.

On the downside, I found this shoe too wide for feet narrow toes. So, if you have narrow toes then I would not recommend this shoe to you as the toe area will become too spacious and uncomfortable for you.

Conclusively, I love how Ryka especially keeps women in mind while designing and manufacturing a shoe. The RZX technology of Vida provides numerous benefits and makes your cardio dance classes more fun and energetic so that you never have to stop because of your tired feet.

Customer Reports
Amazon Customer

Amazingly my knee was bothering me as it has for a long time. I put the shoe on and immediately my foot felt like a correction in position was made. Then I stood up and the bone on the right side of my knee felt like it repositioned and it stopped hurting. Nothing less than miraculous. I still have some soreness in my knee but that is to be expected. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. IT IS A GOD SEND.

Andrew C.

I bought these for my wife because she loves dancing class jam at 24-hour fitness. She had issues with her shoes making her feet hurt on her big toe and heels. No matter what Nike, Puma or Reebok she wore. I did research and found this shoe highly recommended because of its comfort and easy transitions into different moves. She cant stop thanking me after every class. It is her favorite workout shoe. Im gonna say to try it if other shoes hurt.

Take a look at this great offer of shoes for cardio dance on Amazon:

ASICS Women's GEL-Venture 7 Running Shoes, 5, BLACK/ORANGE POP
  • Rearfoot GEL technology cushioning system: Attenuates shock during impact phase and allows for a smooth transition to midstance.
  • Ortholite X-40 Sockliner: This premium sockliner features higher rebound properties while providing excellent moisture management and a high-level of breathability (Ortholite is a registered trademark of O2 Partners LLC.)
  • Removable Sockliner: A sockliner which can be removed to accommodate a medical orthotic.
  • Ortholite Sockliner: Moisture management (Ortholite is a registered trademark of O2 Partners LLC).
  • Trail Specific Outsole: Reversed lugs provide uphill and downhill traction on all types of terrain.
Reebok Women's Freestyle Motion LO Cross Trainer, Alabaster/Chalk/Chalk, 5 M US
  • Breathable mesh upper with lateral overlays for midfoot support
  • Designed for: Dance class, studio class, bodyweight workouts
  • Bootee construction provides a sock-like fit for added style and comfort
  • OrthoLite insole for lasting cushioning and breathability
New Balance Women's Cush+ Versi V1 Cushioning Running Shoe, Steel, 5.5 C US
  • 12 MM Drop
  • NB Memory Sole Comfort Insert
  • No-Sew material application
  • Synthetic/Mesh Upper
Ryka Women's VIDA RZX Athletic Shoe, black, 5 M US
  • Breathable mesh with supportive synthetic overlays.
  • Anatomical Precise-Return footbed
  • RZX: RE-ZORB high impact cushion in the heel & Ultra Flex forefoot; the best in cushioning and flexibility
  • Rubber outsole with pivot point and strategic flex grooves.
Under Armour Women's HOVR Infinite 2, Red, 5 M US
  • Neutral: for runners who need flexibility, cushioning & versatility
  • Ua HOVR technology provides 'zero gravity feel' To maintain energy return that helps eliminate impact step after step
  • Compression mesh Energy Web contains & molds UA HOVR foam to give back the energy you put in

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