How Holding A Criminal Record Will Impact Your Job Prospects – 2024 Guide

When you are released from prison you are told to stay out of trouble, lead an honest life, get a decent job, etc. This is the main issue – how do you get a job if you have a criminal record? Who will hire an ex-con?

All these worries are perfectly legit, but you should stay positive. It’s not as bad as it seems and you can get a job.

Here are a few tips to help you get through this difficult time.

Will an employer ask for a background check?

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That depends on the type of job you’re looking for. There are certain professions (healthcare education, police and legal system, etc), for which background checks are mandatory.

For the rest, it is up to the employer to decide if they want to use background checks as part of their pre-hiring screening strategy.

Employers are allowed to use background checks if it is reasonable to assume that your past behavior might impact your ability to do your job well or there’s a risk you will commit that offence again.

Sometimes employers mention background checks in their job advertisement and it’s up to you to decide if you want to take a chance and apply.

Other employers only bring it up during the job interview, and you need to be very careful. If they start by asking whether you have a record, it is best to be honest about it. If you say you don’t and they follow up by asking if you’re willing to undergo a background check, they’ll know you lied and you blew your chance at getting a job.

Check your criminal record yourself

Before applying for a job, you should do your diligence and have a look at your criminal record yourself. You can check out here.

Maybe it’s an old offence you’re worried about and there’s a chance it has become spent. You don’t have to say anything about spent convictions and they won’t be disclosed during a background check. Or you might want to know how the sentence was recorded. If no sentence was imposed you still need to know exactly what’s on your record.

You can consider looking for an online character check agency like Australian national character check (ANCC) whose website is and provides national police checks that are 100% legitimate and online. You can order a background check on yourself on any laptop, tablet or mobile phone. They’ll send you the result via email in a couple of days and you’ll know where you stand.

How to convince an employer to hire you

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First of all, look for a job you know you can be good at. Take some classes if you need to. The point is to convince the employer that you’re a skilled worker. Be honest about your past mistakes, Insist on the idea that you’re never going to make that mistake again, stressing that this is the main reason you’re looking for a steady job. You want to straighten out your life and have a chance at a good life.

Also, tell them that you understand they might be apprehensive, adding that you’re willing to start from a low-level job and work your way up. Show confidence and determination.

Bonus tip: Make sure to dress nice, in keeping with the company’s dress code. If you look like one of their own, they might be more willing to give you a job.

Jobs you cannot get with a criminal record

Below we have outlined 10 types of industries in which obtaining work will be near to impossible with a criminal record:

1. Truck driving, courier driving or any type of service which entails delivery. This is because crime records of criminal charges that are related to driving under the influence and other DUI related offences will likely prevent anyone from obtaining work or employment as a commercial vehicle driver.

2. Work placement in the financial industry (e.g. Banks or other financial providers) will not hire people that have a criminal background history on their record for forgery or embezzlement or theft related offences.

3. A person will not be able to obtain employment in the medical industry if they have been convicted of any type of abuse. Further to this, HR departments for hospitals will refrain from hiring individuals that have a background entailing criminal history or theft.

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4. People cannot work as a teacher in any type of school or work with children in any way if they have been convicted of a sexual crime, abuse charge or any other serious offence that will cause potential threat to children and vulnerable people.

5. Persons will most likely not be able to work in a role as an employee or contractor as a clerk or a cashier if you have been convicted of any imd of theft. This is because of a lack of trust and credibility when it comes to the actual handling of money or valuables.

6. In most government jobs the legislation stipulates that you will not be able to work in those departments if you have been convicted of an offence that entails a drug charge.

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7. Should you have a criminal history or some background, it is very possible that you may not actually be unable to open a business of your own on the conduction that if in doing so you will be required to be bonded. This is because a bond in most instances actually requires a form of financial trust that is given or obtained from third party insurance providers.

8. People who are looking or searching for a white-collared job as a business development manager or also to be hired within the field of certain public-facing executive type positions, you are unlikely to make it into the job role list if you have any kind of national criminal record against you.

9. It is known that restaurants and hotels will potentially hire individuals with criminal records, however only for non-customer type contact positions that do not actually involve the handling of funds or guest valuables.

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10. It is also known that positions in the transportation industry will not actually hire individuals that have a criminal background if the charges of the criminal background are related to driving and other drug offences such as driving under the influence.

Therefore, it has been found that with the exception of a very few positions that are listed above the hiring is not really as much a matter of law or rather a commentary on the frame of mind that the business owner is in. There are some items whereby a person with a criminal record cannot work as per law (e.g. in aged care roles). Largely, it is mostly whether or not a business owner is actually willing to accept you as a result of the criminal background offence on the record.

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