5 Best Cheap Smartphones for College Students in 2024

Being a student is not easy. And it’s not only because of all the knowledge they have to absorb, all the assignments they have to finish, all the essays they have to write, and finally — student loans that are everyone’s nightmare. It’s not easy because of all the discipline, organization, time management, and independence they have to master, in order to succeed. While it may be easy for some, others oftentimes struggle with procrastination, motivation and meeting deadlines. What can be done about it?

We’re constantly being bombarded with information, and we live in a fast-paced world where things are changing on a daily basis and it’s important to keep up. In this setup, our most useful gadgets can easily become our biggest enemies. Social media are designed to be addictive, in order to make their users spend as much time as they can use them.

However, having a great smartphone is a necessity, not only as a great communication tool, but also as a fantastic learning tool, time organizer, safety helper, and of course — a source of entertainment.

It’s been proven that students can have multiple benefits from smartphones, and all of these benefits can help them in their college journey. Thanks to technological innovations that we experience on a daily basis, it seems like creative developers work hard towards finding effective solutions to make students’ lives easier and more convenient. Also, some of the major students’ problems are being detected with the help of psychological experts, and students are being offered numerous apps and platforms that they can take advantage of.

That being said, apps such as the Pomodoro app can help students organize their learning process, and divide exhausting and complex tasks into smaller chunks, by limiting their attention span to 25 minutes, after which they get a 5-minute rest and continue studying. This app is great because it prevents students from scrolling and touching their phones, by locking all the apps during the given time. But that’s not all. They can do PowerPoint presentations on their phones, read materials, edit documents using a PDF editor, write assignments in Google Documents, read books, even hire a tutor, listen to a podcast, writing notes and so on. In order to do all of this, students need a great smartphone that offers a variety of features and options.

However, not all students are able to afford the most expensive cell phones on the market. With all the living costs, along with the other expenses they have, they need to find cell phone alternatives according to their budget, while paying attention that one of the most important items they use, meets their requirements and helps them reach their goals. Luckily, renowned websites such as offer a huge variety of more affordable options that are still trusty and worth it. Here are some of the best cheap smartphones in 2024:

1. TLC 10 PRO

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You may be surprised that this brand is now manufacturing cell phones, but it’s been shown that TLC smartphones are both affordable and reliable. One of the best features of this phone is its extremely long battery life, so it will be perfect for students who are constantly on their phones, and who forget to charge them every night. When it comes to other features, this phone has a great overall performance, and a big OLED display that is perfect for students who need to make their presentations, and read from their phones. It also comes with 128GB storage and it’s beautifully designed which is also an important aspect for many students. As the first model from this company, it’s pretty awesome!

2. Google Pixel 4A

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This phone is a phone that has the best rating and overall performance so it’s a phone that everyone would recommend. It is also a great deal for the money and when it comes to its price, it’s one of the cheapest phones on the market, yet it’s highly functional and solid. It not only has an excellent HQ camera and a big screen, but it’s also been designed to be waterproof, it’s light and has a great design. However, this phone is mostly known for its fascinating camera features and the photo quality that can easily compete with the much more expensive counterparts. It also has a great battery.

3. Samsung Galaxy A51

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Although this phone isn’t the newest version of the Samsung Galaxy, it still is a fantastic option for students who have a smaller budget for buying a smartphone. Luckily, this phone is still highly rated in numerous categories, due to its functionality and reliability. It has a fingerprint reader that’s built into the screen and a great storage capacity. It also has a modern display, versatile cameras and an attractive look. It also has an OLED screen, 6.5 inches to be precise, and this phone can easily get the job done when it comes to all the students need — apps, games and photos. Considering the fact that it’s one of the cheapest on the list, it’s a good buy.

4. Apple iPhone SE

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According to many people, this phone is the best phone you can buy for under $500. If you are not an Android fan, you will most certainly choose this phone over the others. What is special about this phone is the fact that it works great it offers grade overall performance for a small amount of money, its screen is somewhat smaller compared to the phones on our list, with 4.7 inches, but it has a great processor, very capable cameras and it’s water-resistant. It also has an option of wireless charging, which is unusual for more affordable phones. When it comes to its features, it’s definitely worth the money, and by the reviews, it’s worth every dollar.

5. Huawei P Smart

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P Smart has amazing features but it’s also cheaper than most of the phones that can be found on the market. If you opt for this cell phone, you can expect to get a lot of storage space and great photo quality. Compared to the other phones on our list, it could be said that this has the most beautiful design. It’s amazingly good-looking, with its shiny, metallic back and a wide 6.7-inch screen. The operations that are being run are smooth and fast, which is important for its users. Keep in mind that this phone is one of this company’s bestsellers, and that’s for a good reason.

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