How Smartphones Have Changed the Gambling Industry

Gambling involves winning or losing money by staking on the outcomes of an uncertain event. Gambling involves excitement and luck factor, and in some cases, like Blackjack, most winners require a lot of experience and skill as well. Traditional casinos were huge social gatherings where different games like roulette and slots were played.

However, the importance of traditional Casinos has declined, and that of online Casinos has increased. Smartphones also have had a significant role in giving a boost to the online gambling industry. If a person wants to visit an online Casino and enjoy a thrilling game, they can visit Yoju.

Smartphones came with several new features that transformed the way in which people gambled. Smartphones have internet connectivity and an operating system that can control many applications. They had a wireless system so they could connect with many devices, and they came with a touchscreen and great displays, all of which improved the gaming experience.

Ways In Which Smartphones Are Changing The Gambling Industry


Allows Gambling Anytime Anywhere

The most significant advantage of smartphones is that they are smaller than laptops or tablets; hence they are easy to travel with. Thus, people can play a game anytime and anywhere if they have a good internet connection. Most public places, like airports, local coffee shops, etc., are now offering free public WiFi, and that too at high speed and low latency (4G and 5G in the near future); hence people can easily gamble in these places.

Casinos Are Coming Up With Mobile Versions Of The Games

The most significant disadvantage that people faced with mobiles phones was that the small screen lowered the visual experience, and it was inconvenient to choose between different games at a time. However, nowadays, Casinos are coming up with mobile versions, and specific software is written so that the mobile versions are easy to navigate and people can see a small sidebar while they are playing a game.

Smartphones Are Offering A Fantastic Gambling Experience


The present-day smartphones come with great chipsets. They have a memory that can go up to many Gigabytes. The high memory ensures that the phones do not run out of space when a user downloads multiple applications to improve his gambling experience. Many smartphones have a normal mode and a gaming mode. In the gaming mode, the phone can withstand higher levels of heating by using the inbuilt cooling systems in the device.

The latest smartphones come with a big display screen that is usually 6.5 inches long. Apart from the great display, these devices have a high refresh rate. A good refresh rate of greater than 100 or 120 Hertz ensures that the phone does not hang when the screen changes very fast.

Most of these phones also come with a number of control buttons on their side walls. These side buttons help better control while playing any game or indulging in any gambling-related activity.

Smartphones Create An Authentic Experience For The Gambler

With the advent of online gambling, most people feared that the crowd, gathering, and real human interaction of traditional Casinos would be lacking in the online mode. However, with smartphones, these fears are being dealt with effectively. Now, most online games are available in real-time mode and involve real dealers. Thus, the lack of human interaction has been dealt with effectively.

Also, there are several applications via which players can interact with fellow players; thus, the lack of social interaction has also been dealt with adequately with the advent of smartphones.


Better Customer Support And Guidance

Smartphones promise better customer support as they have chatbots that answer queries promptly. Since the phone has good internet connectivity, contacting the Casino to resolve issues happens fast. Moreover, there are applications that can help a person play better. Since all the applications are available on one single device, they can integrate smoothly to give a good gambling experience.

Smartphones can interact with other smart devices like smartwatches; thus, all the games that are configured on a smartphone can be easily accessed on other devices like smart watches.

Mobile Payment Methods And Online Registrations Are Safe

One of the biggest fears with online payments or registration is that they might suffer from poor cyber security measures. However, many online Casinos are experimenting with advanced security tools like facial recognition for registrations. In these cases, the mobile camera is used to scan faces that are subsequently matched against databases.

These devices also make payments safer. Most payment wallets use two or step verification before a payment is made. Most verification methods involve an OTP verification (One Time Password). The OTP is usually sent to the registered mobile number. Since the gambler is using the mobile to gamble, he can quickly fill in OTPs that are sent to his number. Thus, these devices make the payment verification process quicker.

Attracting The Video Game Lovers


Many youngsters love to play video games on their smartphones. Gambling sites are also available on the same devices as the video games and require similar video quality, control buttons, etc. The video game-loving crowd can be pulled into the gambling market. Thus, online Casinos can have a more extensive customer base if they can effectively advertise their games to the video game-loving crowd.


Experts predict that emerging technologies like Artificial intelligence, blockchain-based currencies like Bitcoin, virtual reality, and smartphones are going to change the way in which the online gambling industry functions. Of all the above-mentioned technologies, smartphones are the most promising and the most advanced in terms of technology development and market acceptance.

The pandemic-induced lockdown was a phase when people took to online Casinos in a great way. Presently, online Casinos are working hard to retain their old customers and get new ones. There are several ways in which they are attracting people, like offering lucrative payouts, introducing newer games, offering welcome bonuses to new customers, and developing versions of their games that are explicitly meant for smartphones and smartwatches.

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