Best Wrestling Shoes 2024: The Definitive Guide!

For a wrestler, or anyone who dips occasionally into wrestling, having the right pair of shoes is an integral aspect of their performance. A good pair of wrestling shoes will provide you with the right amount of traction on mats, be lightweight enough to allow free mobility, and will be made along a design to provide a snug fit that should enhance performance. Of course, you can try and wear normal shoes when wrestling but those will barely help you. Instead, they’ll hamper your movements and you’ll be left fighting not just the opponent but also your own footwear.

This is why wrestling shoes are designed primarily for the sport of wrestling. If you have decided to invest in a pair, this guide will rank for you the five best shoes of 2024 in order to help you make an informed choice. Read on to find your best pick.

1. Asics Matflex 6 Wrestling Shoes

Best Choice

  • Mesh insole for cushioning
  • Shock absorbing insole
  • Outsoles provide firm grip
  • Narrow and not enough arch support
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Type: Shoelaces | Material: Mesh and Suede | Support: California Lasting technology

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Asics, bring to the fore the sixth generation of the Matflex line of wrestling shoes. While it retains most of the fundamentals of the previous Matflex models, this version of the shoes adds some decent upgrades to the overall construction.

For one, the upper has been redesigned to provide suede and mesh overlays, branded with the classic Asics logo. The perforations of the mesh fabric keep your feet dry and light in the heat of battle. The mid-top of the shoe also features a neat lace pocket that neatly tucks your laces. There are no bulky Velcro straps to hamper your movement with this one. A porous mesh insole acts as a base to provide a gentle cushioning that is comfortable for the underside of the foot. The Matflex 6 also has a California Lasting technology that adds increased stability and balance for the movements.


The insole contains an EVA sock liner that keeps at bay any excessive moisture and absorbs the impact of your gait. The outsole, like in the previous designs, is made of gum rubber with great traction.

While this is a nearly perfect entry-level priced wrestling shoe, my concerns with it stem from the fact that this shoe will be tighter for narrow feet and also does not provide enough arch-support. To eradicate this, you can order a size up as well as use a shoe insert for improved support.

Other than that, the Matflex 6 sits deservedly at the top for its high-end features couple with its easygoing price.

2. Adidas Men's HVC Wrestling Shoe

Premium Choice

  • Tough durable material on the upper
  • Velcro strap with shoelaces for tighter fit
  • Good air circulation
  • Shoe size narrow for wide feet

Type: Shoelaces + Velcro Strap | Material: Leather | Support: Standard

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Next up is the HVC wrestling shoes by Adidas, a name ubiquitously known around the world. These pair of shoes are part of the HVC series initiated by the German sporting brand and are popular for being associated with such a renowned name, and of course because these shoes are durable as anything.

The HVC has an upper made primarily of leather with suede fabric occupying strategic points along the area. These perforations allow for good airflow to reach your feet and spare you the uncomfortable sensation of sweating from them. The shoes are lightweight which means you can move as easy as breeze wearing these kicks. To secure a tighter fitting, the HVC feature a Velcro strap that you can strap your feet into while also tying your laces. This tight fit will keep your feet securely in place.


The outsoles are composed of rubber and feature a compelling design which will provide enough traction on mats and have your feet gripped firmly as you work them to overcome your opponent.

The only design flaw I found was with the natural shape of the shoe since it is narrow from the front. This won’t be the end of the world for everyone but for those with wider feet, I would recommend getting a size larger than what you normally wear.

Other than that though, for the price you don’t get many shoes more reliable than the Adidas HVC.

3. Asics Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoes

Bronze Medal

  • Sturdy build and durable
  • Lightweight construction
  • Gum rubber outsoles give great traction
  • Slippery on polished surfaces

Type: Shoelaces | Material: Mesh and Suede | Support: Standard

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If you’re an entry-level wrestler who has just taken up the sport, I doubt any other pair of shoes would be a better starting pick than the Matflex 5 by Asics. These come for a budget price but give more features than the dollars they are for, giving it an impeccable price to quality ratio. So what makes the Matflex 5 so good?

For one, the shoes aren’t limited only to wrestling but can also be worn in the gyms for weight-lifting related workouts. Because of the narrow design, the Matflex 5 can even accommodate wider feet if ordered a size above. The construction of the shoes is impeccable, proving to be very durable and strong enough to take a heavy beating. With an upper comprised of mesh panels and featuring synthetic suede leather over different patches, the breathable fabric allows for some good air circulation to reach the feet and prevent them from getting sweaty.

The shoes are also light in weight which means you can move around with greater flexibility without dragging the weight of the footwear with you. The gum rubber outsole is guaranteed to give very good traction on the mats allowing for a steadier grip on the surface. All in all the shoe is designed in such a way that you’d almost feel as if you had the same freedom of being barefooted.


The downside that comes with the Matflex 5 is that it can be smaller for your foot size due to the way it is built so it is always advised to order a size up just to be safe. I also think that on slippery surfaces the traction isn’t as good.

But based on price, build quality, and the durable nature of the shoes, the Asics Matflex 5 goes unrivaled.

4. Asics Snapdown 2 Wrestling Shoes

The Dark Horse

  • Excellent durability
  • Footbed for shock absorption
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Abnormally narrow

Type: Shoelaces | Material: Mesh and Leather | Support: N/A

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At this point, you might be thinking if we got paid by Asics for promoting their shoes, but the answer is no we don’t. It’s nothing more than the fact that Asics really do know how to manufacture a darn good and exceptionally durable pair of shoes.

The Snapdown 2 is the second model in the brand’s series of wrestling shoes and it retains the same features that make every one of their signature wrestling shoes so good; namely the synthetic leather and mesh linings on the upper with stitched overlays for improved structure and support. Featured too is the Integrated Lace Garage, a pocket to tuck the laces into. There is no midsole on this one as this shortens the distance between the foot and the ground and adds to the balance.

However it does come with a padded footbed that gives the cushioning necessary for the underside of the foot to not feet the brunt of impact with the ground. The outsole is made of standard rubber however it does have strategically positioned traction points on the forefoot and the heel in order to assist wearers to have proper grip on the ground.

At 9 ounces, this is a pretty lightweight boot that adds to the range of motion. The great part is that Snapdown 2 are shoes that can be worn by both men and women for its unisex design. However, the main con of these shoes is the narrow fit which won’t sit well with most users who have wide feet. In fact, these are narrower than the norm. So again I suggest you order a size or two more than your foot size.

With that said though, the Snapdown 2s are an exemplary return for your buck.

5. Otomix Stingray Wrestling Shoes

Super Underrated

  • Very durable construction
  • Light in weight
  • Great traction of soles
  • Tongue makes it hard for movement

Type: Shoelaces | Material: Synthetic Mesh and Leather | Support: Standard cushioning

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Otomix pride themselves on these shoes by claiming that they function for a wide variety of sporting activities such as wrestling, mixed martial arts, boxing, and weight-lifting. So how is it that a pair of shoes is capable of withstanding such a vast array of physically tasking activities?

All that is answered with the fact that the Otomix Stingrays are an exceptionally durable pair. With an upper composed primarily of leather and synthetic mesh panels to improve the shoe’s breathability. The flexibility offered with the Stingrays go unparalleled and will add to the overall feel of wearing them. There is no proper cushioning insole in between considering that the Stingrays are also shoes for weightlifting and especially exercises such as the deadlift. For wrestlers however that could be a take it or leave it option, depending on the level of their training.

Also featured are rubber outsoles that have impeccable traction that will grip tightly onto surfaces. However, the soles are thin so using them for outdoor excursions or rough terrain is definitely not recommended. One major plus with the Stingrays is its practically nonexistent weight. The shoes weigh less than two pounds which means you can make optimum use of your footwork and the range of motion necessary to run circles around your opponent.

Now coming to the downsides, I felt that the tongue of the Stingrays is tall which inhibits motion at times. That can be fixed if you do not tie the topmost laces. The lack of cushioning in the insoles also means that you run the risk of fatigue after a prolonged time in the ring or the wrestling mat, depending on your arches.

In a nutshell, the Otomix Stringray wins on the force of its durable nature, superior traction, and paper-light weight. It’s a definite bang for the buck.

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