Best 5 Work Shoes for Back Pain: An In-depth Review!

Pain in the lower back can certainly be very annoying especially if you are someone who has to be on the go and tending to your daily tasks every day. Be it you stooping all day over your work table or undertaking physical activity outdoors, the darn pain will always take your focus away from what you should be doing and will constantly be directing it towards your lower back. A constant reminder that it’s crippled with pain.

Of course, you can be forgiven for not knowing that the kind of shoes you wear has a direct effect on your back. Because there is a connection between your spine and legs, it is absolutely important that you invest in footwear that would actually reduce stress on your lower back instead of further aggravating it. For that, the importance of the right kind of shoes cannot be stressed enough.

But you’re in luck because if you’re reading this, there’s a chance you’ve come to look for a solution to your backache worries. Fortunately for you, we’re going to be reviewing the five best shoes that are designed specifically to cushion the pressure on the back and will help you make an informed choice. Not only that but they’re also suitable enough for you to wear to work. I guarantee that any one of these selections will make you comfortable, focusing solely on productivity, and defeating the back pain.

1. Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Best Choice

  • Very good impact absorption
  • BioMoGo technology allows you to control your direction
  • Arch support is impressive
  • Reduced stress on joints and ankles
  • A little bulky in size

Type: Shoelaces | Technology: MoGo DNA Loft | Material: Nubuck

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First up are the Addiction Walker shoes by Brooks. Now Brooks is an established brand that is renowned for creating ergonomically designed footwear and making them accessible for practically everyone. With the Addiction Walkers design, the shoes support feet with low arches and are also designed to correct overpronation.

With the outer and upper composed of strong leather, a velvety nubuck upper, and smooth fabric lining, the shoes proved to be durable and long-lasting. The Walkers also provide a really decent alignment of the heel and forefoot. The inner fabric of the shoe does a great job at absorbing impact of your gait and also provides comfortable padding around the ankles. The shoe comes with BioMoGo DNA that offers precision and balancing by adapting to your stride, weight, and speed. With the enhanced and impressive Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar technology the Walkers evenly distribute your body weight throughout your foot thus lessening the impact on your spine and ensuring maximum comfort.

Also featured is a slip resistant sole that provides a lot of decent traction on different kinds of surfaces making it possible for you to walk without fear of losing your footing.

Though they may be a little bulky for some nitpicky users but the Brooks Addiction Walker shoes are one hell of a pair and deservedly top our list.

2. Merrell Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe

Premium Choice

  • Slip-on nature of the shoes is convenient
  • Very good arch support
  • Solid and breathable
  • Thick heel and midsole greatly cushions stride
  • Traction not good enough

Type: Slip-On | Technology: Ortholite cushioning | Material: Leather

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The Merrell Encore Gusts are an incredibly convenient pair of shoes to own and wear for work. For one, they are merely slip-on shoes that do not require the hassle of tying your shoe laces. Just put them on and take them off within seconds. They are also very easy to clean. But that’s not I have chosen this particular pair as my second best option.

Composed of full grain leather and a rubber outsole, the Encore Gusts are durable and classy to look at. One of the first things you’ll notice is the thick heel. This heel evens your foot and keeps the undue stress away from your spine by evenly distributing body weight throughout the foot. With an M-Select grip midsole, walking becomes a very easier and less stressful task. The sole also comes with an air bag that significantly absorbs shock. The mesh lining wicks keep the pair of shoes breathable eliminating the possibility of moisture and unpleasant odours.

As for the arch support, it is downright excellent and does what it promises to do. The Ortholite footbed also adds extra convenience as the flexible nature of the rubber promises to cushion every footstep. Your joints and ankles will be celebrating as they praise your name.

Now for the one downside (that makes me slightly sad as I type it out) is the somewhat slippery sole. While the traction is good enough to work on most surfaces, I don’t know if I would feel just as safe if I walked on a polished floor.

3. Skechers Go Walk Evolution Ultra-Impeccable Sneaker

Bronze Medal

  • Stylish upper design
  • Ultra Go cushioning is a major plus
  • Solid breathability and moisture removing
  • Very comfortable
  • The outsoles are not promising

Type: Slip-On | Technology: Ultra Go cushioning | Material: Mesh

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It says so in the name itself, the Skechers Go Walk Evolution are impeccable walking shoes brimming with ergonomically smart technology to make this a formidable pair to own. With an upper composed of layered mesh fabric and intricately woven with a knit-in texture, they certainly are a sight for sore eyes.

These shoes are also slip-on making it easy to wear them on the go. The dual elastic panels on both sides make walking in these shoes a very comfortable activity. I really like how the shoes are light in weight with an ULTRA GO cushioning that’s going to be very kind on your spine, heels, and joints as you’re on the move. Also featured are High-rebound Ultra Pillars that imbue every strep with a spring and absorb impact.

The insoles have a high rebound cushioned insole to help support the arches. The moisture-wick lining also keeps away unwanted moisture, keeping your feet dry and breathable.

Style, design, and innovative technology; the Go Walk Evolution truly boasts a lot of good in it and are a great all-round pair of shoes to own.

The only downside I noticed was that the outsoles do not seem to be as durable and long-lasting as the other entries on this list. But for as long as they do last, these shoes are absolutely top tier.

4. Gramercy Men’s Oxford Shoes

The Dark Horse

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Stylish look
  • The impact absorption is supreme
  • Insoles have top-tier cushioning
  • The sole grips leave a little more to be desired
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Type: Shoelaces | Technology: Ortholite cushioning | Material: Leather

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In my opinion, the Gramercy Oxford shoes by Orthofeet have the best insole of the entire lot on this review. The insoles are fitted with an Ortho Cushion system that provide several layers of comfortable padding for the muscles of your foot. With their sweet, springy bounce you might as well say goodbye to stress on the pressure points of your lower spine, hips, and heels.

The upper is made from durable leather that is pliable to the touch and make the shoes look incredibly sleek and stylish. You can wear them in formal environments with the safety of knowing that your back is cushioned and that you look like a classy gentleman as an added bonus.

The Gramercy Oxford shoes also feature an anatomical arch support with a thick heel to reduce impact on joints. The toe-box is wide and roomy. The lower soles are composed of rubber that are flexible with the heel featuring air-pockets that adjust automatically to the force of your footsteps.

As for the traction, I don’t think they’re the best. I mean the rubber soles will do a fine job on most surfaces though you have to be a little mindful when walking on polished floors.

Orthofeet regularly brand this one as “walking on clouds” and I really do attest to that claim. They’re just extremely comfortable.

5. Vionic Preston Slip-On Shoes

Super Underrated

  • Classy design
  • Orthoheel technology gives good balance and arch support
  • Slip-on feature makes shoes easier to wear and get off
  • Initially tight to wear
  • Not true to size

Type: Slip-On | Technology: Orthoheel support | Material: Leather

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With the final entry, we are once again looking at a pair of slip-on dress shoes that exude class in the workplace while also designed in order to alleviate chronic backaches. These Vionic Preston shoes are composed entirely of tough durable leather with dual elastic goring panels that allow for a quick slip-on and slip-off feature. However I have to be honest when I say that you can’t really slip your foot in one as easily as you can with the Merrel’s Encore above. But with that said, these shoes will look absolutely beautiful and more expensive than their price tag when you put them on.

I really appreciate the Orthoheel technology on this one. It provides decent orthotic support for the heels and the lower spine while also making sure that your feet stay aligned at their natural positions.

The shoes allow for a high-arched support and their heels are cupped which will significantly reduce impact on the pressure points of your spine and heels. I think most people will complain, as I initially did, that when you unbox these and wear them for the first time you’ll find them a little tight and snug than your liking but a week’s worth of use flexed the inner seams open over time and soon enough I could wear them around comfortably. I might also put forward a disclaimer that you need to be careful when selecting a size since the Prestons can be a little narrower than what you expect. I ordered a size 14 and I was unsure at first if they had got it right.

This won’t be to everyone’s particular taste but the shoes provide decent support and also look too stylish for someone to not warrant a chance.

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