Cannabis Clubs In Spain – We Explain How They Work

In Spain, the so-called “Cannabis Social Clubs”, i.e. clubs dedicated to the consumption of legal Marijuana , have been developing for several years. But how do they work?

These private clubs are authorized to welcome cannabis smokers and their number in Spain is constantly increasing. Members can safely savor the best varieties of marijuana at their facilities.

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But beware, although Spanish law allows Cannabis Clubs a fair amount of freedom, circulating in the possession of marijuana is not always legal in Spain, and drug dealing is a criminal offense. Recently some legal Cannabis Clubs have even stipulated that cannabis can only be consumed on site. Although the laws on weed trafficking in Spain are decidedly less strict than the Italian ones, there are also prison sentences for those who violate the rules on marijuana.

Cannabis Social Club: These Strangers

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Cannabis Social Clubs, like Circulo Barcelona (find it at the cannabisbcn.com), are private non-profit organizations. To access it you must be a member and therefore have registered . And it was precisely this feature that allowed the Clubs, after a long bureaucratic struggle , to obtain permission for their members to meet and consume light cannabis – based products .

Inside these premises, producers can sell members small quantities of marijuana for personal use. In this way, consumers will be able to enjoy their weed in a safe environment and away from drug dealing circles.

The marijuana sold and consumed within the Cannabis Social Clubs is in fact produced and sold by “grower members”. This phenomenon is called collective cultivation of Cannabis. These members have the task of cultivating the different varieties of Cannabis, to meet the needs of all members.

Depending on the size of the club and the number of members, the breadth of choices among the available marijuana strains can vary. Just as prices may vary, depending on the type of variety and crop. In big cities, where the members exceed a thousand and the premises are of a certain class, it is possible to find a certain increase in the prices of weed. If you don’t have large funds, clubs in the suburbs, or in a smaller city, may be more suitable.

Where To Find Cannabis Clubs In Spain

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Finding Cannabis Social Clubs in Spain isn’t always that easy. The law forbids them to advertise themselves or display themselves conspicuously to the point that often the neighboring shopkeepers have no idea of ​​their existence. Even the signs are to be excluded. The most powerful way to find out about the existence of a Club, and perhaps its precise location, is word of mouth.

Inside, however, the music is different. The familiar and welcoming atmosphere that most of the managers offer, together with the various “specialties”, will be able to put anyone at ease. In addition to a bar and various vending machines for snacks and drinks, there are often video game consoles inside , spaces dedicated to reading equipped with books , and other useful tools for socializing and making friends. Different from a grow shop , therefore, they offer a service more oriented towards putting the customer at ease and making him feel at home.

If you are thinking of organizing a trip to those parts, however, you need to keep a couple of things in mind. Cannabis Clubs are open to residents only . This does not mean that you have to be a Spanish citizen to join, but generally an address in Spain is required . It is also useful to know that the rules of the clubs impose a maximum purchase of 20 grams per month for members between 18 and 21 years of age, while those over 21 can purchase up to 60 grams per month.

5 reasons why more than one cannabis plant is grown for personal use

5. Hemp takes a long time to grow

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Hemp is an annual plant that matures for at least half a year before harvest: it sprouts in spring and blooms until the first frost. It is also possible to grow it under artificial conditions, which speed up the whole process a little.

Hemp grows in artificial conditions for at least three, and often six months. Experimenters and enthusiasts are able to grow cannabis in a few months, but for this they invest heavily in growing equipment. In addition, smaller cannabis flowers mature in a shorter growing time.

4. Cannabis does not equal hemp

Each type of cannabis has a different balance of cannabinoids (active substances). The latest work of scientists classifies thousands of types of cannabis, each of which can cause unique effects. Like different spices or dishes, variety attracts people to try at least a few different types of cannabis. It is not for nothing that it is said that even eating ambrosia every day will make you bored.

3. Hemp is attacked by pests and diseases

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Hemp is often attacked by pests such as spider mites, aphids, and molds. Small bugs that can only be seen under a microscope gnaw the plant’s veins and kill the leaves and flowers of cannabis. They lay eggs in the flowers of the plant, so even after destroying the pests, it is better to throw the plant away.

2. Modern people are poor gardeners

Many cannabis growers in the Netherlands have no experience growing other plants. Any grandmother would do a better job of taking care of cannabis than the sloppy modern urbanites. Cannabis growers have to roll up their sleeves if they want their plants to produce big yields.

1. Not all cannabis produces flowers!

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If you haven’t forgotten your sixth grade biology lessons, you will surely know that plants come in male and female genders. What you probably don’t know is that cannabis also has a third gender – hermaphrodite. Hermes are female cannabis plants that have both male and female reproductive organs and are self-pollinating. Cannabis often becomes hermetic due to improper seed selection or extreme growing conditions.

This means that three different sexes of the plant can grow from three hemp seeds. Unfortunately, only the female cannabis plant produces the flowers used by cannabis enthusiasts. Pollinated flowers stop accumulating resins and cannabinoids as they devote their energy to ripening the seed. For this reason, hermaphrodite flowers are not suitable for consumption.

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