The Best 5 Non-Slip Shoes to Wear in Restaurants: No More Slipping!

Regardless of whether you work at a top-notch dining or a hip and stylish burger joint, odds are, you will be on your feet for a large portion of the workday. Restaurant life is quick-paced, they are not a stroll in the park. From hurdling to and from the kitchen to remaining back-of-house throughout the day, movements can give your feet every one of the feels. Hosts and ladies, servers, barkeeps, cooks, and chefs should settle on the best café shoe decision. If not, slips, exhaustion, back torment, and knee issues could be the issue of the day.

This rundown is for each one of those individuals who don’t need any back torment at work, nor would they like to slip while working. We have chosen these shoes on the premise on material that is utilized, comfort and hold they give, and of course, we can’t compromise on durability.

1. Reebok Men's Work N Cushion

Work In Style

  • Durable
  • Agreeable
  • Lightweight
  • Stiff Leather
  • Bad Straps

Type: Slip Resistant | Technology: DMX Ride Technology, Hook And Loop Mechanism | Material: 100% Leather | Heel Size: N/A | Sole: N/A | Memory Foam: N/A | | Adjustable Strap: N/A

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The first on the list is Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion. Looks are significant when you work in a semi-formal condition yet at the same time need something that will keep your feet sheltered and secure. It comes in two colors black and white, the white offers two distinctive colored soles for you to pick. The style of the footwear is smart looking. The Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 2.0 has a leather upper that fits formal wear while it feels solid as well. The low profile structure of the item and slanted heel add to its appearance and is truly outstanding for the dedicated men to wear. The Men’s Work N Cushion 2.0 isn’t just slip-safe but it also resists any oil or grease. These are both strong and offer additional help and great grip when strolling on dangerous, wet or slick surfaces. You will be wondered about their slip-safe properties.

A dominant part of owners recognized the Reebok Work N Cushion KC 2.0 for the comfort it conveyed when utilized for broadened times of strolling and standing. The DMX Ride Technology is there for additional comfort for men with somewhat wider than ordinary feet making this a wonderfully agreeable choice. The hook-and-loop mechanism helps clients with mobility issues since it enables them to wear and remove the shoes rapidly.

With that value, these shoes are exceptionally strong. In a restaurant apart from being slip safe, having a legitimate grasp is similarly significant and these shoes give fantastic hold. You may be thinking by taking a look at these shoes as though they are heavy, however, we kid you not these are amazingly lightweight, you can go around your workplace with no issue. The leather material of the upper also shields the feet from various kinds of climate.

A dedicated, hard-playing man deserves a product that will give him help, comfort, and security he needs whether he is in the kitchen filling in as a gourmet expert, working as a waiter or functioning as an engineer who is on-site and in an office day by day.

Do they have any downsides? Tragically, they do. Well, the leather is hard and stiff. The padded insole loses its richness after some time. After only a couple of long periods of ordinary usage, the outsole confined or lost footing. The straps as well have some downfall. They were either excessively long or excessively short.

What do we think about these? Well, they are not only lightweight but also durable, comfortable and provide the grasp you need. A complete package for you to enjoy.

2. Dockers Men's Society Non Slip-Ons

Stylish Shoes

  • Satisfactory Padding
  • Provides Support
  • Slip Resistant
  • Leather Flakes Off
  • Breakage of Shoe due to long Break-in Period

Type: Slip- Resistant | Technology: N/A | Material: N/A | Heel Size: 1 Inch | Sole: Syntheic Sole, Rubber Outsole, Gel-Heel Pad Insole | Memory Foam: N/A | | Adjustable Strap: N/A

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Searching for a couple that doesn’t resemble a rock-solid work boot yet offers a similar assurance as one, at that point you discovered it in the Dockers Men’s Society Non-Slip-Ons. They offer style and class combined with tough constancy and sure-footedness in any condition. They have a non slip-on loafer design. They are produced using great materials for style and toughness. These loafer styled shoes sport a custom-fitted look with a leather upper which is water repulsing, a square toe and 1″ heel, all give it an exceptionally rich look.

The covering and insole are produced using delicate textures. The insole has satisfactory padding while the heel highlights gel for comfort. The flexible goring tongue guarantees that the shoe slips on effectively and remains on. The twofold line sewing, material fixing and comfortable insole with gel heel cushion are altogether intended to offer you a work shoe that is far beyond a work boot. Importantly the synthetic sole and rubber outsole ensure superb traction when walking on any wet, slippery surfaces at work or when out on the town with friends and family. They are also great for the older gentleman who wants something to offer support and comfort without having to lace them up. If we talk about safety, these are pretty much safe to use on any kind of surface. While it does feature a 1-inch heel, the entire sole is covered in a unique tread that improves traction. Overall, the shoe is a safe choice for restaurant environments while maintaining a fashionable appearance.

On the drawback, after some time the leather flakes off. Getting used to these shoes takes some time, the break-in period is long and that might cause the shoe to break.

Snazzy and exquisite, these loafers are best for formal or casual wear just as for use as work shoes. They are slip safe shoes that are intended for the tasteful man. Water repellent leather uppers and elastic outsole which gives incredible footing on any surface and the gel heel pad insole take into account extreme comfort.

The Dockers brand is the source for easygoing, real and polished clothing and footwear. The brand keeps on growing its contributions to furnish people with shoes and garments that offer flexibility in a hurried way of life. Dockers provide elegant loafers that are flexible with sufficient padding, so you don’t feel tired.

3. Dansko XP 2.0

The Trusted One

  • High Quality
  • Comfortable
  • Extraordinary Slip-Resistant
  • Delicate
  • Takes Time To Get Used To

Type: Slip- Resistant | Technology: Thermoplastic Frame Constructionany, EVA sole| Material: 100% Leather | Heel Size: 1.75 Inches | Sole: N/A | Memory Foam: Removable | Adjustable Strap: N/A

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Dansko XP 2.0 is a phenomenal decision to amplify comfort and dependability. Dansko has three lead stop up models intended for individuals taking a shot at their feet throughout the day: the Dansko Professional, the Dansko Pro XP, and the Dansko XP 2.0. The presentation of the Pro XP accompanied significant changes from the Professional model, while the XP 2.0 is only a slight update on the Pro XP. The XP 2.0 has a high-thickness, *removable* memory foam footbed to improve padding and stun retention. Dansko thinned down the outside of the XP 2.0 while keeping up the ample toe box.

The XP 2.0 takes non-slip to another level. Dansko tried these out with SATRA, the main research and innovation association for the shoe business, to ensure the anti-slip outsole.  Dansko has been making shoes, clogs, and sandals for as long as 30 years. Established with the mission to give top-notch footwear, they have an army of fans the world over. Everything about the XP 2.0 is of the highest caliber, from the hand-stapling tying down the leather upper to the slip safe outsole to the thermoplastic inward frame construction that prevents the shoe from twisting, the XP 2.0 is one of the most excellent shoes you will discover.

It has a removable footbed for those that need custom orthotics, it is a flat out need. For the individuals who don’t, the included flexible foam footbed is an incredible, comfortable decision too.

Comfort- Dansko is famous for a reason. The XP 2.0 is highly-priced compared to other shoes we have looked at. There are explanations behind this: top-notch, hand-made, huge amounts of innovative highlights. In any case, on the off chance that you are on a financial limit, you’ll most likely need to look somewhere else.

It has a long break-in period and it will take time to get used to it. Dansko even has recordings of how they should function. As the shoe is a little delicate, its life span can reduce with extensive and tough usage.

Conclusively, Dansko is a trusted brand. When you become used to strolling in them with the rocker bottom you’ll understand how significant these highlights are. You will love them!

4. Birkenstock Tokyo Super Grip Leather


  • Thick Leather
  • Small Break-in Period
  • Excellent Cushioning
  • Wide Toe-box
  • Not Much Grip
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Type: Slip Resistant | Technology: Elastic Super Grip tread, EVA padded sole, Certified slip-resistant | Material: 100% Leather | Heel Size: 0.75 Inches| Sole: N/A | Memory Foam: N/A | Adjustable Strap: YES

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Being in the kitchen throughout the day isn’t simple. It’s a demanding job. The quick-paced condition, extended periods of time, and risky environment negatively affects your body, particularly your feet. Birkenstock planned the Tokyo Super Grip as a clog that can hold to the stamina of a chef, regardless of what sort of kitchen you work in. The exceptional elastic Super Grip tread is advanced to bring about a perfect movement when you walk and guarantees that no slips happen from wet, slick, or oily surfaces. The sole has been tried for slip resistance adhering to European standards. This will bring about sure-footedness that you can feel.

The leather of these shoes is sufficiently thick so you won’t need to stress a lot over spilling boiling water or oil on your feet. The great leather likewise makes cleanup a breeze. A basic wipe-off is normally enough to clean these shoes toward the night’s end.

The flexible back strap does a ton to help with the dependability of this shoe. Since this shoe has the most part made out of leather and cork, there is a brief time of breaking it in. This is normally valid for most Birkenstock brand shoes. When you’ve worn them around the kitchen for a couple of days, however, they’ll start to form to the state of your feet. As you walk, the heaviness of your body pushes down on the cork insole, which is fixed with softened leather for additional comfort and will normally shape to your feett after some time. The EVA padded sole further cushions your steps.

On the downside, some people may have complains about the toe box being wide and not providing the right grip. It usually depends upon the usage, if it is being used extensively for prolonged, one may feel it should have more padding. Some may find the shoe slightly heavier as compared to other ones.

A decent pair of kitchen shoes must be practical, utilitarian, efficient and comfortable. Birkenstock’s Tokyo Super Grip Leather shoe is one of the top picks for those who spend a great deal of long, unpleasant days in the restaurant. Want to make a fashion statement without compromising on comfort? These are the ones.

5. Croc Bistro Clog

The Sturdy One

  • Sturdy
  • Un-matched Support
  • Protect Your Feet
  • Poor Breathablilty
  • Low Quality Strap

Type: Slip Resistant | Technology: Crocs Lock slip-safe innovation, 360 Degree Comfort | Material: Crosslite | Heel Size: N/A | Sole: N/A | Memory Foam: N/A | Adjustable Strap: N/A

Last Update on 2024-06-23 using Amazon Product Advertising API

Crocs have taken a considerable amount of criticism throughout the years for the appearance of the shoe’s structure. Regardless of all the analysis, in reality, they are one of the greatest and most dependable shoe company in the business.

They’re very sturdy. Their support is unrivaled. They’re additionally the absolute most moderate shoes available.

The uncommon slip-resistant sole of this shoe is made out of licensed Crocs Lock slip-safe innovation that is interestingly intended to prevent slip and fall mishaps that can happen very effectively in a busy kitchen. They offer 360-degree comfort for the entire of the feet and makes these the absolute most agreeable clogs available today. It’s likewise incredibly lightweight and sturdy. The toe box is encased and made of thicker material to shield your toes from the infrequent spill. The strap on the back firmly yet easily secures your foot to keep you from slipping.

The Croslite material that makes up the whole shoe is amazingly tough.

The Bistro Clog doesn’t have the well known Crocs ventilation gaps, so the breathability of this shoe endures to some degree. The strap is inclined to breaking whenever moved or pulled at unreasonably and doesn’t appear to coordinate with the toughness of the rest of the shoe. These are uniquely designed to be spacious, to furnish your foot with adequate space for comfort. But this can make them too large for some people.

You’ll never need to stress over with these shoes. In case you’re searching for a shoe that provides comfort throughout the day and durability at a moderate value. The Crocs Bistro Clog is the shoe for you.

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