Techwear: What it is and How to Wear Them?

There are specialized clothes you have to wear to carry out certain activities. While these clothes do not look fashionable, they provide you with the right comfort to get the job done. However, gone are the days where you have to dress poorly to carry out an activity. Now, wearing clothes that are both functional and fashionable is possible.

Techwear is clothing that allows you to carry out your daily activities comfortably while maintaining that fashionable look. In this article, you are going to know all about techwear, why you should wear it, and how to style it perfectly.

What is Techwear?

Techwear which stands for technical wear is a fashion trend for clothes that have great uses and are also fashionable. Because the world is constantly experiencing great technological changes, this fashion niche is purely futuristic. Designed with your body and needs in mind, this clothing style combines functionality and aesthetics, something that has never been done in the fashion world.

However, techwear is quite different from sportswear in several ways. This is because it has hidden vents, taped seams, and specialized pockets. What makes it a great fashion trend is that it is designed to make life easier with its many properties. You can recognize technical wear clothing by its many layers, pockets, jackets, and nylon fabric.

Interestingly, techy clothing looks like a military uniform, sportswear, and outerwear apparel combined. It exists in black or gray most of the time. However, what makes it different from other fashion clothing is its functionality. In addition to looking fashionable, you are assured of storage space, comfort, breathability, and water resistance when wearing techwear. When thinking of clothing that solves a lot of basic problems, what should come to your mind is techwear.

Why should you Wear Techwear?


Techwear is an amazing clothing trend that offers comfort and style. You can opt for it for some outdoor activities too. Below are some of the benefits of wearing techwear clothing.


Getting caught by the rain is a situation you don’t want to be in. A good way to solve this problem of getting soaked whenever you are outside and it’s raining is by wearing techwear clothing. This is because it is made from materials that repel water. Besides being waterproof, this type of water-resistant clothing allows water vapor to pass through.

Enhanced Features


Techwear clothing is made with synthetic fabrics to enhance the properties of the clothes. Now you can find this clothing with enhanced features like scratch proof, elasticity, reflectiveness, and odor resistance. Wearing clothes with this kind of enhanced property sure has its benefits.

Free and Comfortable

When techwear clothing is being designed, it is done with your movement and comfortability in mind. You can move freely without worrying about the fabric becoming frayed or pulling at the elbow or knees. To further prove the comfortability of tech clothing, there are videos on the internet of people practicing martial arts while wearing the clothing. With technical wear clothing, you don’t have to worry about your comfortability and motion while looking trendy.

Lots of Storage Space


As you prepare to go out for the day’s activities, there are a lot of things you need to carry. These things include a water bottle, mobile phone, car keys, power banks, wallets, and a bunch of other stuff. However, there is only a little space to keep them.

Fortunately, techwear clothing is designed to give you enough room to store your important stuff. They have a lot of multi-compartments and removable attachments to help you carry all you need for the day’s activities.

How to Wear Techwear Stylishly?

Most techwear clothing is made from materials that are both water-resistant and windproof. Even though this fashion niche allows you to experiment, you need to know how to wear them. Interestingly, technical wear clothing is made up of outerwear, tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories. Below is a guide on how to style techwear clothing perfectly.



The outerwear in techwear consists of heavy and heat-trapping clothing like a jacket. This jacket must be waterproof, durable, and motion friendly. Besides helping you to absorb moisture that comes from sweating, tech jackets are made with breathable materials. On colder days where you won’t sweat much, you can wear a light hoodie in place of the jacket.


In techwear, the tops are worn beneath the outerwear. These tops are not tight-fitting but oversized t-shirts. When you wear them beneath your jacket, it will give off the complete techy effect.



Pants in the techwear niche are mostly cargo, sweatpants, or joggers with a lot of pockets, zippers, and straps. Some of these pants are water-repelling and can protect you from harsh weather conditions. Even though these pants exist in grey and brown colors, all-black is preferable.


Wearing the wrong footwear with techwear outerwear, top and pants is a fashion blunder. Your footwear has to be sneakers with tech features like zippers, for example. Interestingly, most techy footwear is high-rise shoes with bold designs and tapered ankles. These shoes match the other techwear pieces perfectly.



Accessories are a very important part of every fashion niche. Not only do they have several benefits for you, the user, they also bring life to your outfit. Completing your technical wear outfit with a backpack, utility pouch, messenger bag or sling bag will give you a fashionable appearance. Other accessories you can pair with your techy outfit are beanies or a baseball hat.


Since the introduction of technical wear in 2018, it has become general knowledge that clothes can be both functional and fashionable. Now, you know all about techy clothes including their benefits and how to wear them. To further put what you have learned from this article into good use, why don’t you buy technical wear clothing today?

Finally, you can visit this site to buy techwear at affordable prices. Besides, you can find techwear that is designed by top designers too. A good techy clothing doesn’t have to be expensive to look good.

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