Best Dress Shoes for Flat Feet Men 2024 Reviewed

In a world where appearances in the workplace are a great indicator of an individual’s level of professionalism and self-grooming, dress shoes are the definitive footwear for every person who works in an office. Because of their sleekness and formality, dress shoes are best at showing you are committed to looking your best and working your best. But then what about men with flat feet who are likely to be overpronators? For them to wear a shoe that doesn’t provide arch support for an entire day in the office is an endeavor that would result in foot pains and more fatigued by the end.


If you’re a man who wants to look his best at work but were born with flat feet, it is important that you invest in dress shoes that will correct your pronation and support your arches. In order to buy a great pair of dress shoes, you should look for the following characteristics: a sturdy and durable build that will make your shoes last longer.

We recommend LIBERTYZENO dress shoes which provides you with a perfect fit and durability. A good design that provides support to the arches, heel, and a spacious toe box. You should also look for shoes that provide a good cushioning mechanism and are comfortable to wear for hours on end.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place because in this article I have ranked for your consideration the five best dress shoes for you so you can rock your style at the workplace without letting the low-arches of your feet hamper you from performing your best. Hopefully, the rankings will help you decide which pair of dress shoes suit your feet the most. Let’s read on then.

1. Clarks Men's Escalade Step

Best Choice

  • Simple and elegant design
  • Natural and high-quality leather construction
  • Superb arch/heel support
  • Level of comfort is great
  • Synthetic outsole poses risk of breaking with use

Features: Slip-On Loafers, Full-Grain Leather | Outsole: Synthetic Outsole

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Ranking at the top for its unrivaled simplicity of design and level of quality are the Escalade Step dress shoes by Clarks. These shoes come without laces and are easy to slip on and off at a moment’s go. What I particularly admire about the Escalades is just how classy they look, and it is made prominent by the minimalism in the design.

The upper is made of natural full-grain leather with an intricately woven stitching that allows the shoe to fit snugly around your foot. The natural material of the leather also means that the show will be breathable and allow plenty of good air circulation to keep your feet sweat-free.

While the footbed itself is standard and provides decent cushioning, Clarks allows you to remove them and replace them with other orthotic insoles to select for yourself the ideal shock-absorbing, stability providing footbeds.

In terms of arch support, the Escalade Step is a great shoe. The heel is elevated by 1.5 inches from the rest of the shoe and this feature will correct your pronation while also providing improved stability. The padding and comfort provided to the overall shoe went greatly appreciated and I found I could wear them for hours on end without getting tired.


The outsoles meanwhile are synthetically made and are also really flexible which adds to the general levels of comfort. The soles felt slick at first but with more use, they begin to show much-improved traction. Also, initially, it took me a few days for the shoe to fully break so barring the first few awkward days where the new shoe felt stiff to me, they eventually ended up becoming soft and supple to wear. However, because of the synthetic nature of the soles, there is a chance they will eventually wear down if you’re using them too roughly.

Clarks gives you the choice to choose between two classic colors. The black and the dark brown. The black pairs may look more suitable for an office environment while the dark brown ones on the other hand imbue the shoes with a level of ruggedness that would look especially classy with a pair of jeans.

All in all, the Clarks Escalade Step dress shoes embody the best features of a premium, high-quality, an incredibly classy bit of footwear.

2. Ecco Men's Helsinki Slip-On

Premium Choice

  • Made of durable leather
  • Arch support is very good
  • Polyurethane injected sole is flexible and padded
  • Shock absorption is another plus
  • Padding in insole is not ideal
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Features: Slip-On Loafers, Full-Grain Leather, FLUIDFORM PU sole | Outsole: N/A

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Next up are the Helsinki slip-ons by Ecco. These are a super classy pair of loafers that you can instantly wear on the go. The upper is composed of full-grain leather that is durable, with the leather itself manufactured from start to end in Ecco’s own leather tanneries. The leather material is natural and that keeps the shoes nice and breathable.

The shoes also have a removable insole that makes it easy to replace with another insole. The footbed itself is well-padded and provides plenty of cushioning. You will find comfort in the heels area and a squishy little lining under the toe that adds much needed cushioning. This will prevent your joints and heels from feeling stress and that can make walking or standing in the slip-ons a much easier task. For me personally, some extra padding to the insole of these shoes would have made it ideal for me.

The sole itself is very flexible and features a FLUIDFORM polyurethane injected into it that restores the outsole upon contact with the ground. This polyurethane will allow the outsole to automatically absorb the impact of your strides while simultaneously lessening the pressure on your feet and ligaments.

As for the arch support, the Helsinki slip-ons do a great job as the design itself both cushions your strides and also corrects your overpronation over time.

All in all, the Ecco Helsinki loafers are sophisticated pair of formal loafers that exude both class and casualty in one hot package. You can rock your look while out on a casual time with friends and you can also look slick walking into the office with these on. The price, features, and the design all work together to make this an incredible shoe.

3. Merrell Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe

Bronze Medal

  • Slip-on nature of the shoes is convenient
  • Very good arch support
  • Solid and breathable
  • Thick heel and cushioning midsole
  • Traction not good enough

Features: Slip-On Loafers, Full-Grain Leather, M-Select Grip Midsole | Outsole: N/A

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If your workplace is the kind where the environment is semi-formal instead of full blown corporate then I bring to your consideration the Merrell Encore Gust slip-ons. These shoes strike the right balance between being classy and hip. You’ll look like you take your professionalism seriously, but you’ll also look laid-back enough to show you’ve got everything under control.

So, what makes the Encore Gust such a promising pair to own? For one, they are an easy pair of slip-on shoes that you can wear on the go without the hassle of tying shoelaces. They are also very easy to clean and maintain.

Composed of full grain leather, the Encore Gusts are durable, and the material makes it look expensive. One of the first things you’ll notice with these slip-ons is the thickness of the heel. It is generously thick, and that feature allows the shoe to evenly distribute the weight of your entire body uniformly throughout the foot.

With an M-Select grip midsole, walking becomes a very easier and less stressful task. The sole also comes with an in-built airbag that significantly absorbs pressure and cushions your feet, preventing stress to the ligaments. The mesh lining wicks on the other hand keep the pair of shoes breathable eliminating the possibility of moisture and unpleasant odors.

As for the arch support, it is downright excellent and does what it promises to do. The ortholite footbed also adds extra convenience and the flexible nature of the rubber outsole adds extra punch to the cushioning.

My only problem in this otherwise flawless shoe is the lack of traction in the sole. I mean it will grip on most surfaces, but if you’re walking on a floor that’s been recently waxed and polished, I would suggest you walk with caution.

But even with that, the price to performance ration of the Encore Gust slip-ons is exceptional and you will never regret the money you’ve paid for it.

4. ECCO Men's Helsinki Oxford

The Dark Horse

  • Natural leather construction
  • Shock-absorbing PU outsole
  • These shoes have a moisture-wicking lining
  • One-inch heel takes getting used to
  • Synthetic sole will deteriorate over time

Features: Oxfords, Natural Leather | Outsole: PU Outsole

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And now we have a shoe almost identical to the Ecco Helsinki slip-ons but with only one difference; these ones happen to be Oxford shoes. The Oxfords are a classic shoe that originated from Ireland and Scotland before becoming popular in the entirety of the United Kingdom. These shoes are recognized for their closed lacing construction.

Anyways, these Helsinki Oxford shoes by Ecco exude an aura of sophistication and modernity, utilizing a minimalistic, timeless design that will never go out of fashion. The upper is built of 100% natural leather with a moisture-wicking lining to complete the look. The construction of the upper makes these Oxfords durable, classy, and imbues them with good breathability to keep the feet free from sweat and odors.

From the styles, you can choose between three colors: black, cocoa brown, and rusty red. For a formal look in the office, the blacks are the classic choice. But the cocoa brown and the red shades will also rock great with more casual attire such as jeans and denim trousers.

The outsole of the Helsinki Oxfords is injected with polyurethane that is going to provide the cushioning to keep the stress of your feet. The heel is given a one-inch high elevation for it to provide arch support and stability to the flat foot. This might feel weird to wear at first but you’ll get used to it over time. Because the outsole is made of PU, a synthetic, there is a chance that walking on rough terrain and rigorous use will eventually cause signs of deterioration to the outsoles.

Nonetheless, these Oxford shoes by Ecco look premium and expensive. And walking into the workplace or business meetings with these on will make you look like the suave career-man who only appreciates the fine things in life.

5. Dunham Men's Burlington Waterproof Oxford

Super Underrated

  • Weather resistant and durable
  • Versatile shoe for different fashion styles
  • Comfortable arch-support
  • The shoes take time to soften
  • Weighs more than average

Features: Oxfords, Natural Leather | Outsole: Synthetic Outsole

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To close out the list we have another pair of classy oxford dress shoes to give your professional persona the aura to make you the focus of the room. This time they are the Dunham Burlington dress shoes. Back when I was a 12th grader I had an exact replica of this design. They weren’t of the same Dunham brand but the design was definitely similar which, when I come to think of it, is common in most types of oxford shoes.

These Dunham shoes retain the classic look of the oxfords and utilize modern engineering to form an incredibly suave pair that will make any man look like a gentleman. The upper material is composed of high-quality natural leather. The material is incredibly resistant to different kind of weathers, keeping your feet insulated from rains as well as having good breathability to keep the feet cool and odor free.

The insole of the shoes contains a sturdy arch support with standard cushioning for comfort. In terms of design, there’s also a one-inch heel to correct pronation of flat feet.

The outsole is made of synthetic materials which is designated to absorb the shock of each stride. Again, the synthetic nature of the sole means probable wear and tear can occur depending on how roughly you use them. It takes a while for the shoes to break-in and for the initial few days you’ll find them a little stiff. The weight of the shoes is also higher than standard though if you’re not going to spend all day walking in them then you have fewer reasons to worry.

All in all, resilience and class is the main theme of the Dunham Burlington Oxford shoes. A footwear for the budding career-man.

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