4 Best Cat Trees for Large Cats – 2024 Buying Guide

Owning cats as pets and caring for them like regular members of the family is hardly a modern invention. It is actually an ancient custom dating back to the Ancient Egyptians who saw cats as deities. While most modern cats think of themselves as gods and goddesses, evident at every step from their majestic presence to being quite spoiled and bossy at times, humans still love and adore them. And how can you not. Just look at them, the faces, the fluffiness, the little paws and that sweet meow. Right up there with the dogs, cats are among the most common pet in the world and more and more people have them no matter how big or small their homes are.
The widespread of internet and the meme culture it brought caused cats to become even more popular and sought after. Videos and images of these cute adorable creatures appear all the time as proud owners share their footage with other fans. Such trends led to more care being given to the pets as the kitties now enjoy all sorts of special treats, toys, and other products that make their lives more fun and pleasurable. One of the best things you can afford your cat is a cat tree, and in this article we will talk about the best models for larger cats. To learn more about these trees, make sure to check out Maine Coon Hawaii.

Large Trees

You may be wondering why larger species need bigger trees, and how can you tell which model is meant for what size. Just like with most other things, there exist different products for different types of customers. Smaller models have smaller and less sturdy elements like platforms and sitting areas. They are not enough for larger species with heavier builds because they require more support. Larger felines need more sturdiness and more area to place their chunkier bodies. If you have a chonky boi running around your home, you definitely need a tree that can support larger kitties. The bases of such trees are broader too, offering more stability.

Different Styles

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When it comes to different styles of trees, four of them exist. Tall ones have narrower builds and are all about the height. They often reach six feet and are made for athletic cats who love climbing. Compact trees are wider but only three or four feet in height. Less active cats who do not usually climb will adore them. Modern feline trees have cool and innovative elements for the cat to play with and use. Curved poles, different materials, and moving pieces are all possible here. Finally, the classic tree type has a few platforms and perches on three or four levels, complete with a little hammock.

What to Look For

It all comes down to what kind of a cat you have. Here we do not mean just the larger size, but its personality and preferences. You probably know what it likes doing and how it spends most of its active hours. You are the best judge of what it may want. Think about the design as well so that the tree does not stick out too much from your interior. There should be enough scratching areas all over the tree, preferably from sisal but carpeting works as well. And at least a few different toys like dangling or rope objects. Feathers are useful too. Wooden trees are sturdier that corrugated cardboard and they last longer. The price range is quite huge as you can find them anywhere from $40 to $200. The larger, more complicated and unique it is, the more expensive it will be. Finally, the assembly should be a factor too as you do not want to spend hours on it.

Best on the Market

Finally, it is time to examine what the best cat trees for larger felines are. There are many of them currently on the market but these four really stand out.

1. Vesper Cat Furniture

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The first one on the list comes in three colors and three sizes, instantly giving you a lot of options. The styles include oak, walnut, and black, each of them offering good décor solutions. There are removable cushions, plenty of scratching surface, wider bases, and an easy assembly process. The platforms are wide and comfy enough and every model has a dangling ball toy. One or two boxes are available depending on the model where the cats can go in and have some privacy.

2. FEANDREA Multi-Level Tree

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This one is truly on the luxurious side and it only takes a single look to realize how amazing it is. Your cat(s) will go crazy about it since there is so much to do here. The tree has six levels, each one different that the other. There are two boxes to go in, three rope balls to play with, and everything is wrapped in smoky grey plush. White sisal scratching areas exist on every floor and there is a dedicated climbing area that looks like a cat slide. Extremely stable and wide, it virtually has no downsides.

3. Amazon Basics Multi-Level Tree

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Amazon’s own line titled Basics is all about efficiency and great prices. The quality of their products is above average while still being the budget options of the bunch. This cat tree comes in eight styles, condo, dual condo, hammock, multi-level, multi-platform, step ladder, tunnel and platform, and hammock and tunnel. On top of all that, three colors are available, beige, dark brown, and grey. Everything but the sisal scratching tubes is plush and each model has a small ball toy.

4. MidWest Cat Furniture

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Available in several different styles and color schemes, this tree is all a cat needs both to rest or nap and to play and be active. Somewhat smaller than the three models before it, it still has a high raised perch and it is sturdy and stable enough for larger felines. With an enclosure retreat on the ground floor and a round and comfy bed area at the very top, it looks neat and gives the cat a choice every time. Assembly is easy and manual is clear.

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