How Web Design Affects Your Business’s Overall Digital Marketing

There is a funny example of how marketing affects the brain of the customer, namely, several persons were asked to recognize one of the most recognizable brand logos while they were presented solely with the outlines of different logos on the white background. Unsurprisingly, a vast majority of respondents recognized the brands.

When the same approach was used to check if they can identify the plants from their habitats, the results were poor, as expected. The point is that a person will always recognize a notion that their senses and thoughts correspond with, and since the first thing you encounter when visiting a web page is its appearance, the answer to whether web design affects your business’s overall digital marketing is obvious. Thus, read the following lines and see how.

Laymen often wonder how it is that web designers are being paid as much as they are when all they do is sit in front of the computer doing nothing revolutionary, while in reality, neither all of them are paid as much as they contribute to a business, nor they do unimportant things. So, what aspects of web design are crucial for digital marketing?


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What web design should provide you with are distinctive features that will make your brand recognizable. If a person can make a difference from a product or a service that you provide from the competition, you can say that your marketing strategy is successful. Only, the job of the digital designer is not to advertise the product but to lure the potential customer to think about it, and that is feasible only if the right resources and techniques are used. One of those techniques implies using particular colors and shapes.


Sight is one of the most important senses that enable us to communicate with our surroundings. People have been assigning different meanings, even mystical abilities to certain colors, so whether we like it or not, certain shades shall make us feel particular emotions as soon as we see them. Using particular colors gives the web designer the power to manipulate the one who visits the web page. Thus, depending on the topic presented, it is possible to potentiate the visitor to associate it with either warm or cold emotions.


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The same approach mentioned in the previous segment could be used to explain how shapes affect the one who visits a particular web page. Sharp and edgy forms arouse fast and energetic emotions while round shapes make the viewer feel calm and secure. The same goes for symbols, which have particular meaning whether you are aware of it or the piece of information related to a particular object affects you subconsciously. When you combine the techniques of shapes and colors and use them in a web design, what you can expect from a web page visitor is rather to continue their journey through your web site than switch to another one. If you are looking to find additional info on how the aforementioned techniques are applicable you can find your answers at

User Experience

Although you might have hired an ingenious web designer whose work is admirable, the point of their project should not be to amaze the customers with their artwork, moreover, they need to provide them with adequate means of surfing through your website. That implies they understand the needs of a customer and have ways to meet them. Thus, if a project is properly done, a customer shall enjoy the experience provided by your website whether their initial intention was to come there or they randomly clicked on a link leading them to your address. In a nutshell, it is the user experience that is one of the most important results that a web designer needs to focus on, and they can only do that if they have insight both into the product details and the target group characteristics.

Apart from the aforementioned, it is the job of a web designer to appoint you to potential solutions and to highlight the most common problems, but also to enable the customers to know whatever they need to know as quickly as possible. This issue is easily dealt with either by providing real-time support or by deploying bot assistance. They operate as they recognize frequently asked questions and automatically provide corresponding answers.

Conversion Rate

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Even though a website should be interesting to potential customers, the point is not to host as many visitors as possible without convincing any of them to purchase whatever you are selling. That is why besides being pleasant to the eye a website needs to lead regular visitors into becoming consumers. Reducing the steps required to complete an order is what potentiates that behavior and increases the productivity of a web page.


You might have the most perfect design and the ideal web page navigation, but the content you present might be difficult to find online, no matter what browser your potential customers might be using. If your website is the first thing that pops up after they type in the keywords leading to your merch, then all of the aforementioned segments are not that important, because your product will easily be visible and you will find your customers easily. The catch is there is also competition, and the solution lies in search engine optimization, where your web designer should have the means of making your website content recognizable and visible when particular words are typed in a browser.


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You should be aware that trends change, and a website needs to follow them in order to provide contemporary solutions to new challenges. That does not mean that you will have to change everything from the bottom up at some point. It is the opposite, if you pay attention to current ongoings on the market and follow and apply innovations timely, you will never have to restructure the whole thing. For that reason, analytics and market monitoring are as important as any other marketing strategy and it is what a qualified web designer should provide.

Hopefully, you have realized how web design affects different spheres of digital marketing and how big of a role it has on the whole connection between the seller and the end-user. Numerous segments make the whole idea operational, and no matter how particular portions might seem irrelevant, they are all important pieces of a puzzle that when combined make the whole picture.

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