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4 Signs Your Online Business Needs a Better Instagram Marketing Strategy

When it comes to digital marketing, social media has time and time again proven to be one of the most effective channels out there. Out of all social media platforms, Instagram promises the most traffic revenue and audience growth for your business if you choose to extend your digital marketing ventures there.

According to, a leading social media follower and like generation agency, Instagram marketing is one of the most effective ways of social media digital marketing. If done right, marketing on Instagram can take your business’s audience growth to a new level in a matter of days.

Thus it is no wonder that when most people say they need to utilize social media to enhance their digital marketing campaign, they mostly imply that they are going to utilize an Instagram marketing strategy for the company. However, in these fast paced times where the app is constantly updated with new features and designs, your marketing strategy that was working fine before now has a risk of becoming absolutely obsolete in the present.

The problem is that most business owners don’t know when their marketing strategy is failing and when it is time that they should adopt a new one. If you too are one of these people, then don’t worry because we are here to help you out. In this article we will be listing several signs that your online business needs a better Instagram marketing strategy. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on any crucial details.

You are not generating as much revenue as you should


The whole point of marketing is to generate more revenue for the products and services that your business offers to its customers. However if your Instagram marketing strategy hasn’t been changed in a while the problem might be because your strategy is falling out. Marketing on Instagram can be extremely effective if done by utilizing all the features the platform has to offer.

If you noticed that your revenue is not meeting the mark as it should have and your main marketing channel is Instagram, it can be an extremely clear sign that your online business needs a much better and improved marketing plan for Instagram. Make sure you read your revenue reports from time to time and ensure that whatever losses you have been incurring lately hasn’t been because of your outdated plan.

There are also user specific tools that are designed to track each user’s internet routes and the links they used to come to your website. These tools can help you track if users have been coming from Instagram to your website for buying your products and services like they did before.

Your website has stopped appearing in google search results


Now you might get confused at this point and we totally understand that. After all, what does Instagram have to do with the SEO of your website, right? Well, the reality is much more complicated than that. While Instagram doesn’t directly provide SEO content to a business website, an effective marketing strategy can place relevant and useful hashtags in your business’s Instagram posts that can make them rank higher in search results.

When users find your Instagram page, they are naturally led to your business website which helps your website get more organic traffic. So indirectly, an effective marketing plan for Instagram can help your business get more and more traffic than before. However, in case your marketing plan for Instagram is due past it’s reform date it can directly affect the SEO your website has been receiving and make it stop appearing in google search results.

Since most users only stick to the first page of their search results, it makes it more imperative that your website ranks high on search results or there is a chance that it’s online traffic can get very adversely affected. An effective marketing strategy for Instagram will help you do just that and an ineffective one will try its best to stop your website from getting online traffic.

Your ads are becoming financially irrelevant


Most ads that you post on Instagram operate on a pay per click basis which basically implies that you only need to pay the platform for the clicks that your audience makes. In hindsight, while this might sound like an extremely cost-effective ad plan, in reality it is anything but. If you don’t set a specific demographic for your audience, your ad will be shown to millions of Instagram users who can potentially click on it and increase your marketing advertising plan’s costs by a lot.

Even if you do specify a demographic for your audience and users but it is still a large range of users, it can still make your marketing plans incur hefty charges. An effective marketing plan for Instagram will take your product’s or service’s target audience in consideration and only ensure that they get your advertisements in their feed. This lowers down your marketing costs considerably and helps you target users that can actually turn into your clients.

Your traffic generation has become negligible


Contrary to the point above, the opposite end of the problem can also occur at an equal chance. Even if you are posting several ads on Instagram, you may not get any more traffic than you thought you would and are instead only obtaining a negligible number of users and clients for your business.

Since attracting more organic traffic towards your business website and platform is the main motive of your marketing strategy, not getting enough traffic generation breaks the point of having a marketing strategy in place. If your marketing plan for Instagram is not getting you as enough traffic as it once did, it is time to replace it with a new and better Instagram marketing strategy that can fulfill all the requirements of your online business.

This will help you get an increased amount of traffic that will be directed towards your website and consequently to your products or services where there is a higher chance of them purchasing it.


There are several signs that your online business needs a better Instagram marketing plan and we hope this article was insightful for you in spotting them. If it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.

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