How to Prepare Your Smartphone before Vacation Abroad

When we are traveling abroad there are lots of things to consider and it is crucial to keep lots of things in mind, however, we tend to forget the most important item in our luggage, that is the smartphone. This gadget can pretty much substitute everything you might need on the road, so it is essential to get your phone ready for the trip. Here are a few things you should keep on your list to have the best experience traveling abroad.

Charge your phone

Since you are most likely to use a smartphone as a navigator, to take lots of photos, and browse the web in the waiting lounge, all of that can take a toll on the battery of the phone, make sure to charge your phone the night before. It is important to check what type of outlets there are in the country of your destination so that you will not find yourself looking for a place to plug in. Besides, do not rely on the fact that you might recharge in the airport, as there is usually a queue to the nearest outlet. Now, just to be on the safe side, you might want to get a power bank and recharge your phone on the go.

Check your phone plan

We all know all too well how the roaming charges can add up to a huge bill at the end of your trip, or the situation when you lose a connection right in the middle of your route, and all because you have used up all the data. So, make sure to find out about the charges and costs involved in the phone use abroad, sometimes it might be cheaper to get a special sim card just for the trip, and save up a pretty penny in the process.

Also, talking about the data used in roaming, make sure to switch this option off, so that there are no constant updates of all the programs, as they can use up all those precious megabits, and leave you spending even more on the go. Be sure to check how to switch it off on your particular phone. Even if it is crucial for you to be able to use your personal phone number, you can create a hotspot, and use social networks to stay in touch.


Plan the transport

Thanks to the accessibility of the internet on the go, you can actually be more flexible with your transportation.

You might book tickets and change the scheduled time on the go, moreover, if you happen to change your plans, you will want to rent an SUV or a car, they are also at your fingertips. If you are planning a road trip, you will want to rent a full-size SUV with to be able to easily get around. Besides, you can also download apps to find cheap car rentals in the vicinity if something comes up last minute. Even though SUV rental can easily be found offline, by going on the net, you could compare pricing and check the availability of the suitable vehicle online.

Download necessary applications

When you are about to hit the road, you must make sure to download all the needed apps to have fewer worries on the go. Moreover, to save up some money and roaming data, you ought to better do it before the trip home.

You will want to download the translation app, especially if you are not really proficient in the language. Besides, the feature letting you translate the signs and indicators that are present in Google Translate can prove helpful even if you are fluently speaking the language. Furthermore, there are some maps of the cities in the applications that could prove of great use as well as audio guides to take you around on an excursion.

Have some backup for all your essential documents

There are lots of things that can go wrong when you are traveling, and unfortunately, pickpockets are one of those unfortunate things. Not to be stranded somewhere abroad, you will want to have an electronic copy of all of the important documents. In this case, you can go two ways, you can either take photos of your passport, tickets, visa, and all the crucial reservations.

Or, the other thing to do is to scan all the documents on your phone using one of the programs letting you do just that. Furthermore, if you upload those documents to the cloud storage you will have access to them whenever and wherever you need them. Besides you can add tickets to your Apple wallet and have them always with you, even if you leave the paper version behind.


Prepare suitable gear

When traveling to another country we often forget that there is lots of gadgets and gear necessary for your phone, and they can make your life easier and more convenient. Make sure to get a special case for your phone, better to find one with a chain or belt to hang it on your neck or wear it crossbody. Then let’s not forget about a selfie stick, such a mundane gadget can make a huge difference to all the photos you take., as it lets you take a shot at a wider angle or provides better stability to the video. And it is important to reiterate that a power bank is crucial to keep your phone charged and lets you extend your phone life.

Download some entertainment

When traveling there is usually lots of waiting involved and some time to kill on the way, so you will need some entertainment to keep you busy. You might want to download some videos or films to watch or audiobooks and podcasts to listen to. If you are a multitasker, there you are bound to have some lectures or seminars you need to catch up on, and a few hours in the airport or on the bus might just do the trick. Furthermore, you can download some books and pdfs to do some reading on your way, you will still carry your phone around, so it doe not add to your luggage.

Maps and navigator

When you are searching for a map application to download, you will see that there are lots to choose from.

Besides, most of them are incredibly easy to use and quite frankly rather user-friendly. Talking about the maps, you can pin some locations you want to visit ahead of time, so once you are in the country it will be easier to plan your route, and include all the attractions you want to visit. Besides, you can mark some establishments that have convenient coulee stops on the road or the ones that have lots of praising reviews.


Check that you have enough storage

It is something that you rarely check, but once your storage is overfilled, you will not be able to take the photos and will have to scroll through all your gallery to find the photos to delete. Even if you upload photos to the cloud, there is still a limit to the storage capacity as well. Before embarking on the trip, do try to sift through the files on your phone and free up some space for your next adventure. Even though wasting a bit of time deleting the photos on the go will not ultimately destroy your holiday, it might make you miss some of the most treasured moments.

Sort your payment method

Google pay or Apple pay will really come to your rescue in a foreign country. Not only will you not have to worry about currency exchange, about getting a good rate, or getting enough cash to last you through the trip, but also you will be able to make payments anywhere, just using your phone. Thanks to the wireless payment systems, you will be able to use this method to pay for transportation, your accommodation, and all the bits and pieces.

Think about safety

When on the road, people tend to use lots of public wifi spots, so that can be quite taxing for your phone safety.

It is possible to install a VPN since it will protect your data when it is transferred through different servers and save you from the risk of identity theft. Be sure to protect your passwords and any other confidential information, including your address, email, credit card details, and any other data. In particular, do take care if you are making some purchases online, as it can leave you vulnerable to hackers.

Overall, when you are traveling, your phone will surely come to your rescue in lots of ways and you will find that you will rely on your gadget in multiple different situations. It will basically substitute lots of items, like e-readers, music players and navigators, etc, and help you overcome obstacles and all the hurdles that you might encounter. But be sure to prepare the phone for the travels, charge it and get all the necessary applications to help you out.

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