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Top 3 Most Expensive Locations for a Luxury Vacation

Most people dream of a pleasant and affordable vacation abroad. And everyone is looking for their place under the sun. But in addition to budget options, there are also luxurious and expensive exotic countries. In these places, one thousand dollars is not money at all.

As a rule, billionaires and stars come here and often they rent private islands and entire villas.

Consider in detail the most expensive locations and resorts in the world in the top 3 selection (just in case you receive an unexpectedly large inheritance from your grandmother).

1. UAE – Dubai

Source: unsplash.com

The luxurious city of Dubai, in addition to the golden wrapping, has its own strict rules for tourism. Many people from all over the world try to get into the Arabian fairy tale in order to earn good money in this country, while others come with great glamor to relax in the city of the golden east. But of course, not everyone can afford a full-size vacation in Dubai. After all, its prices are very high, and without a good budget there is nothing to do here at all. Hotels and hotels are everywhere, the lowest price per night is $150. And here is a double room from $155 per night. Restaurants are full of large assortments of dishes, but prices are also decent, for example, if a cup of coffee costs from $5.50 and a simple cocktail from $15 – you can judge how much the dishes cost.

The UAE is a Muslim country, and bans on many things can also prevent you from resting. For example, swimming with an open torso is prohibited, as well as alcohol. Although there are hotels where it is still possible to drink alcohol, but prices are horrible: a bottle of wine $39.00 and a glass of beer will cost $7.50.

It is worth noting that even in the capital of the Emirates, Abu Dhabi, the prices are not so high. You can easily rent a luxury car and then drop by a massage parlor or beauty SPA like armonia.ae for a reasonable price. By the way, the SPAs here are excellent – be sure to come round the SPA center and enjoy a luxurious massage to restore strength for new travels.

If you’re a true billionaire, visit Mirage Palace. The hotel looks like a palace from Arabian fairy tales, while the rooms are equipped on the principle of “smart home” and all appliances respond to voice commands. Favorite resort of the rich and famous golfers. The hotel has several private fields – if desired, they can be rented entirely so that no one disturbs you during a game or a secret business meeting veiled under the game.

2. USA – Las Vegas

Source: unsplash.com

The night and bright city of Las Vegas is a real world of gambling excitement, as well as an expensive pleasure. Just like in Dubai, there is nothing to do here without money. This city is full of burning lights, signs of casinos and hotels. Rooms cost about $145 for one person, but for two people from $154. Various establishments with delicious American cuisine are also present here. Prices are roughly as follows: coffee $5.20, bottle of wine $15, cocktail $9.95, beer $6.40, and dinner for two will cost a little over $50.

Prices are certainly good if you have a decent budget. But it should be borne in mind that this city attracts people for the sake of gambling as a means to deal with stress, not food. Still, if you rest in Las Vegas, then $1000 will be only the initial rate for the rest.

3. Bahamas

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Beach holidays are not a rare desire among people who want to have a good rest. But there are beaches that are impossible to reach with a small budget. This is not to mention living on the island and everything else.

The paradise of the Bahamas is endowed with various interesting places, snow-white beaches, ancient buildings, a large aquarium, botanical gardens, an ancient lighthouse, museums and various small markets. Also in the Bahamas there are villas, bungalows and hotels. The price just for a night in a cheap hotel will cost from $20-50 per person. In expensive hotels $120 a night, and in luxury villas it reaches $400 and more. Even take into account the rest for five days, where the payment per person is $20, then $100 for five nights will have to be paid.

Prices also vary depending on location. For those who like to brighten up their vacation in the Bahamas, there is always entertainment. Some hotels are equipped with a golf course, water park, dolphinarium and even a cinema. It is also worth noting that the Bahamas even have their own casinos for gambling enthusiasts. Restaurants are very cozy offering tons of green food, but expensive in terms of prices. The main problem to get to the Bahamas is transport. Mostly this place is visited by aristocrats on their yachts or by helicopter. This archipelago is equipped with everything for a real and luxurious life. Therefore, the price can rise to $25,000 for one vacation in this heavenly place.

Source: medium.com

If the previous options seemed too cheap for you, get ready – we have an island just for you – Banwa Private Island, Philippines. This is the most luxurious resort in the world: the price per night here starts at $100,000.

This amount includes: six villas on the beach and 12 rooms in the garden, unlimited spa access, diving, tennis, yoga, kayaking and yachting. Don’t forget about the all-inclusive meals, vegetables and fruits will be brought for you from a private organic farm!

True, the transfer from Manila is not included in the price, so you will have to pay extra for a two-hour flight by helicopter or private jet.

That’s where you can spend an exclusive and expensive vacation. In these places, sometimes the price tag can go off scale. Despite all these countries and resorts are quite popular all over the globe. They are also considered the most expensive and luxurious corners of the world.

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