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Maximizing Your Profit: The Dos and Don’Ts of Selling Luxury Fashion

Have you noticed how the online sales of almost everything have increased in the past two years? The main reason why the internet has become a huge shopping mall is that the variety of everything cannot be compared with what is offered in conventional shopping centers.

In addition, people are more and more informed about how the fashion industry is harmful to the environment and are choosing to join the circle of selling and buying second-hand clothes, knowing they will do something good for the environment. So, this kind of selling has been in huge expansion over the last couple of years. Here, we’re not talking about old clothes, but of people doing their best to sell luxury items, you can find out more about, them if you visit this site.

It’s probably not surprising that this whole process of online sales got even hotter with the start of the pandemic when we found ourselves locked in our homes with extra time and the desire to organize and clear our space. If you’ve just started thinking about the idea of online sales, it’s never too late to get started. That is, now is the ideal time to put this idea into action because statistics tell us that in May and October, before the summer and winter seasons, people shop most. Spring is the right time for setting things up, so people can get used to the idea of you selling luxury fashion.

But there’s a lot more to it, than just preparing luxury clothes, and selling them online. Naturally, you want to make sure the profit is decent, hence there are some do’s and don’ts you should be aware of. Read the rest of the article and find out what they are…

Choose the right platform

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Whether you’re selling luxury clothing, or perhaps luxury household items, there’s a specific audience and place for everything. Finding the right platform to sell might be a challenge having so many of these available online.  And there are platforms specialized in luxury second-hand clothing, where you can choose to have your goods even picked up by someone. All in all, you should find what works best for your particular case.

There are numerous options to choose from. All of them can be used to sell your luxury products. It’s just a matter of whether it improves your business and operations or not. Don’t choose to stay on those who cannot improve your business operation, as this will not maximize your profit.

Quality of technical support

In online business, every second counts. Every moment when our online store is not operational, our business loses money. For this reason, it is very important that we have technical support that will react quickly when there is a problem. And there will be for sure. It is desirable to have the support that is ready to respond 24/7 and that can be contacted in different ways (phone, web chat, email…). This is one of the key criteria based on which you will be choosing the platform to sell your luxury fashion.

Select the correct price

This means that you do not choose the price at which you would like to sell, but the one that is realistic. Look for similar luxury fashion items on sale sites and compare them.

Make sure the photos are good, don’t just post random ones

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If you put a picture of crumpled clothes thrown over the couch, you’re unlikely to get anyone interested in it, regardless of the fact they are luxurious. Just put yourself in the same situation and what would attract you. Use natural light, show how the garment looks when worn, and take pictures of any relevant details if any, the label, and if there is any damage. Try to use a good camera and make sure that the pictures are clear, and never post blurry photos. Choose a few of the best photos that show off the entire piece of clothing well. Don’t post just one picture or even 20 similar pictures because very often the person will lose interest that way. Choose a few of the most important ones that clearly convey how the piece of clothing looks and put the best one first because it will be the first image that will attract customers.

Write as much information as possible

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In addition to the obvious information such as the size, material, and composition of the item of clothing you are selling, add any other information, such as if there is any damage, perhaps the reason why you are selling, and it is not a bad idea to include the measurement, i.e. how much is a dress or a long shirt, how long are the sleeves and other important things people need to know of when buying online. And carefully selected keywords can help you and make your item more visible to potential customers who are looking for a specific item. Include in the description phrases about the period of the clothing such as a luxury jumpsuit from the eighties, a designer name, an embroidered blouse from the seventies, or even the names of famous people who wore something similar.

Keep your sales up to date

Inform your potential customers in a timely manner about whether something has been sold, answer questions, and when you have sold something, report the status of the shipment. Always be kind and polite to the people you communicate with regarding sales, so you might get a good review sooner. Reviews will influence the overall satisfaction of your customers, directly impacting the rise of your profit.

Finally, it’s important to be aware that what you’re selling is luxury stuff. Therefore, don’t be pushy and learn to accept no for an answer. Don’t use the same technique people selling random stuff do, persuading others to buy your fashion goods. Luxury is all about dignity.

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