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How to Prepare to Move Furniture Successfully

Whether you are moving into a new place or you are simply rearranging your current apartment, furniture moving can be one of the most challenging steps that you have to take on. Therefore, you need to put a plan of action in place to ensure that it all goes nice and smoothly. Not only this, but you will also want to prevent an injury from occurring to you as well. So, with this in mind, here are a few steps that can help to ensure that everything works out well.

1. Measure up hallways and furniture

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There is simply no point in going through the process of lifting up furniture up or down the stairs and getting to the point where it cannot fit through the hallways. Therefore, you need to measure everything up to work out the dimensions that you are working with. Don’t forget to check out the doorways as well. It may be that you are able to move everything around and angle it in a different way. Also, by measuring the furniture, you will be able to see whether it will fit successfully in its new place.

2. Ensure you have the right equipment

There may be some equipment that is going to be required here. For example, you could well need some tools to take everything apart and get it into a state where moving is easy. You also may need some items, such as a dolly, to help you move the heavier items. In terms of packing it up, you could require some pallets. It is at this stage that you are going to want to look into a freight shipping service such as Shiply that will make everything a great deal easier.

3. Disassemble as much as possible

Taking the furniture apart into more manageable pieces will go a long way toward making the moving process that little bit easier. While it may be a little bit more effort, to begin with, it is more than likely going to help you out in the long run. At the same time, you should also consider it from a safety point of view. For example, if you have a cupboard and the doors or drawers fling open when you are moving, there is no doubt that an injury is more likely to occur.

4. Make sure to gather and store any loose parts

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When you are moving the furniture, there is every chance that you are going to need to take apart the different pieces, and this is going to lead to all sorts of nuts and bolts getting loose and lost. If you have a few plastic bags, this will help out no end when it comes to keeping them all in a single place. At the same time, you also need to closely consider the advantages of labeling everything. This way, you are not going to get anything mixed up when you arrive at the other side, and it will prevent a situation where you are trying to put together a piece of furniture with the wrong parts entirely.

5. Cover up any sharp ends

Often, the moving process can result in the sharp ends of furniture causing some damage. For example, they could easily end up banging into the walls or even into the people moving the furniture in the first place. Therefore, if you have some softer materials to cover up the sharp ends with, this will ensure it is not going to cause an issue. This also gives you peace of mind and stops you from having to worry about it all the time.

6. Load heavier items first

If you are moving the items yourself into a moving truck, it is certainly going to be worth carefully considering the order you are doing it in. There is simply no point in loading up the lighter items at the bottom and risking them getting crushed by the heavier ones. With this in mind, it is worth going back to your initial plan of action. The other major plus point of loading heavier items first is that you will get them out of the way, ensuring that you only have the lighter ones to go. This can be a great mental win right from the outset.

7. Cover up the floors

This is really some advice if you have hardwood flooring, but if you need to put the furniture down suddenly or even drag it along the floor, there is every chance that it is going to dent it or even cause some scratches. For this reason, it is worth covering the floor properly to prevent this from becoming an issue. Again, this can all come down to giving you peace of mind, which is so essential in being able to move the items free of worry.

8. Move anything that you could trip up on

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So far, only the furniture has been focused on, but you also need to closely consider anything that you could trip up on. Otherwise, you could be in the middle of moving a piece of heavy furniture and end up in a situation where you could fall over, and the risk of injury could be high. Therefore, before you even think about lifting anything up, it is going to be more than worth clearing a path. You should think about the entire journey in front of you and not just the room. For example, if there is anything in the hallways, you will need to move it out of the way.

All of these are among the steps that are going to help you ensure your move goes successfully. Ultimately, you need to make sure that you prepare properly for it, as well as take all of the necessary precautions to ensure that you are moving items safely. If you are going to hire the pros to take care of it all for you, this will definitely be worth doing sooner rather than later.

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