12 Signs Your Loved One Needs Help With Personal Care – 2024 Guide

Taking care of someone who is not in their best shape or state both mentally & physically can be tricky to spot. A lot of us pay often visitations to our parents or grandparents, and sometimes spotting some new changes may take some time to notice. You need to understand that your loved one is struggling with some basic everyday tasks by keeping your eyes open, and by spotting these top and key 12 signs!

12 Signs your loved one needs help with personal care

1. They are being forgetful

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Are they forgetful all of a sudden, or have they always had some issues remembering basic things? However, are they forgetting which medication to take, and are they experiencing short-term memory loss as well? Being forgetful can be scary since they can forget to pay the bills, lock the doors, and they can get lost in their own street or familiar surrounding. Keep an eye out for dementia or Alzheimer’s as well.

2. Poor hygiene

Poor hygiene can be a sign that they are forgetting to take care of themselves, or even do some basic everyday tasks. Are they forgetting about their grooming habits, is their hair dirty or properly washed, and are they washing their teeth? This also applies to their nails and clothes. Is everything clean and well-ironed? Sweep through their bathroom and closet and gather these answers.

3. Poor housekeeping or lawn care

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People can have a hard time keeping their house in order. However, how bad is the state of their home? Are their stacks of newspapers and dirty dishes, along with piles of dirty clothes? How long has it been since they’ve washed their windows and have mowed the lawn? These can be clear indicators that they are getting tired a lot quicker than they used to.

4. Poor nutrition

How are they eating, and what is their appetite like? Managing kitchen tasks and preparing new meals can become a struggle for most elderly people. Are they skinnier than they were before, and are they skipping grocery shopping? They might need some assistance when it comes to their shopping and mall-visitation activities, so ask ahead and help them stay healthy & on foot.

5. They are depressed or isolated

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Do they seem like they are sleeping in an odd pattern? Is their mood different and not as you’d expect it to be? Are they sleeping for a shorter period than before? Emotional changes and feeling tired will all showcase through this pattern and their sleeping schedule. Their balance can be compromised, so ask them about their beauty sleep, and their overall general thoughts.

6. Illness or recovery from a surgery

If they had surgery of any kind they might look a bit more drained than usual. They can be vulnerable to infection or other diseases since their immune system has been compromised. Any type of help with their medication, cooking, or cleaning is more than welcome in this case since their recovery can be long & draining, but it can also slow them down.

7. They can’t drive or use public transportation

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They are getting too tired to drive, or they are constantly losing their keys to their home or their car? Some can also feel drained after longer rides, and others can’t sit in a bus for too long since they might fall asleep and miss their final destination. Keeping check with all their errands and appointments can be tricky in this case, and they will feel disoriented.

8. Poor mobility

Do they have issues with poor eyesight, deficiency, as well as slower mobility? Are they forgetting to shower and they are drained and tired all the time? Every senior can easily fall and harm themselves in the middle of a day, especially as they become older. Hip fractures are quite common during their age. They might need a bit more help with balancing their walk than before, so heads up!

9. Major health concerns

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If your loved one suffers from chronic illnesses, they might need often trips to the hospital for medication or dialysis. Are they vulnerable and prone to developing other conditions as well? Being extra careful and with them at all times might be a must-do in your case. Also, taking care of them the right way is more than crucial. Helping a chronically ill loved one with their medical expenses is also crucial. If they are struggling to pay their bills, you might want to make them aware of a viatical settlement through sites like, which involves selling their life insurance policy for a lump cash sum.

10. Broken appliances

This one might be a small indicator that something is not okay with them. So, are you seeing a lot of inconveniences when it comes to their use of everyday appliances, such as a refrigerator and washing machine? How about their air conditioner and a blow dryer? They might be forgetting how to use them, or even turn them on for that matter.

11. Unopened mail

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Mail can clutter in one week only, especially if they have premium access to loads of different magazines or newspapers. If you notice that they are not reading as much as they used to, this can be a good sign that it is time to take things in a different route and help them with their everyday routine.

12. Messy, unkempt house

Household chores can pile up. When was the last time that they had a visitor, and what is the state of their home like at the moment? Is it not as tidy as it used to be? Mobility and function can make an impact on their home maintenance, as well as cleanliness levels.

How can you help them?

Not too sure if you can keep up with all of their needs & everyday tasks? Feel like it can get overwhelming? That’s okay since will help your loved ones with whatever they need! They will provide your elderly ones with the right care home and will compare it to other nourishing homes that are closest to your location. They have different budget options and they have a customer service & support team that will give you the best care for your dearest ones!

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