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Amazing Light Fixtures for your Luxury Home

Lighting is usually an afterthought in the interior of a home for most of us. When it is done right by the right designer, it brings your design to another level. Primarily, it works wonders when done in layers. You need to make informed decisions when selecting the best light fixtures for your luxury home.

Some of the contemporary designs you must consider for your luxury home include:

Bedroom light fixtures

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1. Flush mount lighting

They are ideal in rooms with shorter ceilings and an effortless blend with your interior décor. Most of them are not used in sloped ceiling since sloped ceiling tends to be taller than usual. You can either opt for modern, classic or elaborate styles for your home. They perfectly illuminate your stone finishes options such as Bianco Maremma, Montemerano Classic, and Etrusco, or you can also go here and learn more.

2. Wall sconces

An excellent place to hang a wall sconce is thirty to thirty-six inches above the top of the mattress and more than a foot from the edge of the bed. They are also hung on the side of the bed, centered with the headboard. Each scone should be at a distance of eight to ten feet from each other to provide even lighting.

3. Table lamp

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Choosing a suitable lamp is essential if you don’t want the light to shine directly in your eyes. Depending on your style and storage needs, choose whether to install two or one nightstands. The advantage of using two lamps is that it helps you achieve symmetry in the design.

4. Pendant lights

They are hung on either side of the bed and used as an alternative to a table wall or the wall sconce over the bed’s foot. Placing it high enough in the bedroom helps you avoid hitting your head when you get in and out of bed. If you already have ambient light in your room, you should use a pendant light that glows softly and makes a big impression without affecting the targeted light.

5. Recessed light

These lightings are perfect for providing ambient or general lightening to bedrooms. Dimmer switches can control the lights, giving you control over how soft or bright you wish the light to be. However, a few well-placed cans layered with task and accent lighting as needed will do the trick; hence you can layer recessed lights with floor lamps, table lamps, pendant light fixtures, and flush-mounted ceiling lights.

Living room light fixture

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1. Directional spotlights

The best lighting when it comes to reading is one that does provide the focused light you need. Ideally, the spotlights provide concentrated light that reduces eye strain and squinting thus highlighting the words on the page rather than words around your space. They have the power to illuminate a room and scatter light throughout your ceiling strategically.

2. Picture and Display Lights

They offer a perfect way to illuminate the artwork and add a dash of timeless style to any space and fashion. They stunningly adorn paintings, making the color palette pop and accentuating the fine details that go otherwise unnoticed in a room. However, this not only changes the look of your décor but the ambiance of the entire room.

3. Floor lamps

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They provide light and design to any room and can be used without a table beneath them. If you prefer your reading light next to a sofa, the shade’s bottom should be at around eye level when sitting. Thus, the lamp’s top will be around sixty inches high, considering the floor measurements.

Kitchen lighting

1. Cozy farmhouse

This adds the correct country pizzazz to your kitchen style for the proper décor lighting. They are preferred due to their compatibility with almost any décor. The class is superbly versatile, which is a great choice to pull together an electric collection and add up unexpected warmth.

2. Pendant Lighting

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Typically, they provide good ambient and handy focused light over the sink or the kitchen counter. It helps with practical tasks such as chopping and washing up vegetables. However, they don’t have to be limited to large kitchens and small kitchens.

3. Recessed Lighting

Most perfect kitchens are woefully underlit yet underthought while designing. The location of the lights makes a tremendous difference and the functionality of the kitchen. Primarily, they are very versatile and can be used to provide general task or accent lighting. The standard size is four to seven in diameter, while considering how far the ceiling is from the place you want the lighting placed.

Bathroom lighting

1. Vanity lights

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Typically, they fulfill an essential role in lighting the whole bathroom and help you see yourself in your best light while bathing. Primarily, it is located where you wash, prepare and apply makeups. It often features a mirror and a set of bath lights above the mirror and at the sides. They are available in a range of sizes from one to several patterns in a row. A large room requires four to five, while a small one may only need two to three of them.

2. Sconces

These are wall-mounted fixtures that are fixed on either side of the wall cladding in your bathroom. Before selecting, buying, and installing them, you must think about your mirror’s style and size. They can be a great alternative to vanity ones since they provide stylish lighting near your eyes level. There are various styles and designs, such as sleek modern look in metal and brushed nickel to traditional historical recreations in rustic iron with antique brass.

3. Ceiling mounted lights

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Good ceiling lighting stands for a reason. Some of the ceiling lights use in the bathroom include; be able to shave, apply makeup and pluck your eyebrows. Some ceilings will blend in seemingly with your décor regardless of your bathroom style. Ensure your ceiling-mounted lights illuminate the desired amount of light on your ceiling and have the right hues.


Contemporary home lighting ideas help you optimize your home. From the entryway to the living room, coordinating light fixtures can be quite tricky. For a luxurious feel incorporate lights that match our interior décor and illuminates extravagance and a wow factor in your space.

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