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The Home Webcam Revolution

It wasn’t that long ago that owning a personal webcam was something that few people could afford or have much use for. Recent years have seen that trend not just reverse but go through an entire sea change. The price of webcams has come way down and the quality of them has gone way up, helping fuel a revolution where thousands (if not millions) of people all around the globe are now broadcasting themselves live online. From business meetings to training sessions, adult chat to playing video games, live cams have become a regular part of many people’s day-to-day lives.

The Adult Entertainment Industry on the Cutting Edge of Cams

For many years the adult entertainment industry has been among those industries that have helped to drive technological advancement. From early adoption of VHS/video technology and DVD sales to online streams, live cam shows, and now virtual reality, live cams make up one of the biggest sectors of the adult industry. SexLikeReal lists not only models who are broadcasting themselves live but also feature online performers who perform their live shows in virtual reality.

A virtual reality viewer combined with live streaming makes for a cam show that will blow your mind. This allows the model to not just speak to and act for their viewers, they can now interact with them and provide an experience that is incredibly intimate and immersive.

Interaction is the key to success with live cam models. It isn’t just contained to the adult entertainment world. Gaming streamers and live podcasts also rely heavily on interaction for their success. Live streaming has taken the entertainment world in general to new heights not thought possible just a few decades ago.

The Technology is Improving

Source: business2community.com

Early webcams had poor picture quality and often choppy video (that was primarily to blame on slower internet connections but starting with poor video quality doesn’t help). It made streaming anything a frustrating experience. As technology in general improved, streaming technology also improved. With increased internet speeds and improvements in video compression, it didn’t take long before webcams were able to broadcast in HD and some of the newer cameras can even broadcast in 4K HD.

Along with the improvement of the webcams, audio and lighting equipment both have come a long way. An average person can now afford an HD camera, high-quality microphone, and a basic lighting kit allowing them to broadcast in a nearly professional manner.

As more and more people are working remoting, webcams and streaming are things many of us rely on to make a living as well as for entertainment, communication, and information gathering.

Streaming: entertainment or professional?

The answer to this question depends only on who talks – the viewer or a streamer. Entertainment can also be a profession as it showed numerous game players and other streamers. You can hold streams that would remind some kind of a webinar, where you speak about some points being a bit or completely unclear to your audience. It is also possible to make it fully interactive, to communicate with your subscribers and share information about yourself. It is up to a person to use it for entertaining or professional purpose.

Streaming has several forms:

  • regular – in terms of professional activity, streaming is the only content a person shares, whatever profession it is (daily, once per several days, weekly, etc.);
  • additional – if you can complete the content you post on a social media and other sources (can be a part of the SMM strategy);
  • rare – if something exceptional happens (is not a usual practice).

So whatever the purpose of a stream is, you can vary the contents as you wish. That is why streaming is so popular in the adult industry – it’s highly flexible to all the circumstances that can happen, and remind some kind of very special virtual meetings.

Virtual Reality In Use


In the context of webcam entertainment and professional activity, the integration of VR technologies become more and more frequent. Today there exist multiple web pages like SLR that offer a possibility to experience their content through the VR setting. And this is an exceptionally particular experience.

The specificity includes the use of the hardware that provides you with unique sensations. VR helmet has a construction to ‘fool’ your brain and makes it perceive what is happening as real. And with the accurate combination of visual and sound technologies, it becomes more and more believable. Do you know how it works?

The image is transferred for your eyes to conceive it just like you conceive the visual information about the real environment. Very similar separate pictures for each eye make it possible for the brain to generalize the information and compile the final image. That makes 3D as realizable as it is possible. The impression is enhanced by the sound, so the main points to make you believe are accomplished.

And now think about the fact that so many varieties of this technology are still being developed. Most of the existing opportunities are not available to the public, and there’s so much to explore yet…

What’s Next?

More and more live cam models are now broadcasting their shows using virtual reality. Being able to stream those live shows seamlessly helps the models provide an incredible experience for their visitors. With the VR marketplace expected to reach $84.09 billion by 2028, it is only logical that live streaming and virtual reality continue to integrate and improve the live experience.

Live streaming is more popular than ever before. Streaming in general now provides many of our services like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify for entertainment and Zoom and Microsoft Teams (among others) for work and school. The tech world is furiously working to improve the hardware and software of VR and streaming. The future for both of these services looks very bright. If they continue to work together and people find new and interesting ways to use the technology, the sky is the limit. There is no telling just where this can take us.

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