Can You Get A Job In Cyber Security With No Experience? – 2024 Guide

You are not happy with your current job and want a career change, but you are not sure what you can do without previous experience. Of course, there are always a lot of jobs available for unskilled workers, but that’s not what you want. A career in information technology is something that is currently the most popular in the world, but you are wondering if there is a job for you because you have no experience or no IT background at all.

If you want to start doing something in the IT world and don’t have a college degree, then the cybersecurity field is the right choice for you. Since digital technologies are all around us, computer security professionals have become an absolutely necessary part of every company. This has led to the number of job postings related to information technology security having increased by 100 percent in the last 5 years. If you are still wondering if you can get a job in cybersecurity with no experience, you will find the answer in this article, as well as much other useful information related to it.

Can get a job in cybersecurity with no experience?

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The answer is yes. We will tell you a few reasons why you can get a job without experience. Of course, all this does not mean that you will succeed very easily because that is a very serious and important profession. Although employers will not ask for experience and some will not even seek a course diploma, you definitely have to show knowledge. And you can acquire knowledge in different ways.

Reasons why you can get a job

1. Great demand

There is a great demand for professionals in this field, because it has become necessary for everyone to have at least one cybersecurity expert. That is why there are numerous job vacancies that employers simply cannot fill. For this reason, they have somewhat lowered the criteria and are no longer looking only for professionals with a college degree and 5 years of experience as is the case with many other professions. They have no choice but to hire anyone who demonstrates satisfactory knowledge.

2. There are no regulations

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There is no regulatory body that determines who can be employed and who cannot, as is the case with doctors, lawyers, engineers and so on. That’s why employers can hire whoever they want and it makes the situation easier for people like you.

3. There are various ways to learn

We mention medicine and law again, where the only way to gain the necessary knowledge is to attend medical or law school. On the other hand, in most IT-related professions, you can be completely self-taught. Since these are relatively new professions, a lot of people are self-taught or attend courses whose degrees have the same validity as college degrees for some other jobs. For that reason, you should check this option and find out which courses bring you respectable certificates. That way, you will be able to obtain knowledge in no time and start working as a cybersecurity professional, even you didn’t know anything about that until a few months ago.

4. Until recently, hiring managers were in a situation like you

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Since cybersecurity is a rapidly advancing field, but also new one, it is not uncommon for a hiring manager to be in a situation similar to yours just a year or two ago. Precisely because he also knows that it is possible to learn everything you need in a short time and successfully do the job without previous experience, he will be willing to give you a chance. It is clear to them that you do not need a college degree to do the job they expect of you.

5. Jobs to target

You may not be able to choose exactly which job position you want at first, but there should definitely be jobs that you target. Because even if you do not have all the desired skills, it is enough to have the required skills, and you will progress further when you start working.

Virus technician – As the name suggests, your job is to research new types of computer viruses and fight existing ones. You will work on software development and the use of existing ones to keep your company safe from outside intrusions through viruses.

Security engineer – Here you need to take care of the network and prevent all potential security breaches. So first of all you have to eliminate network vulnerabilities and have clearly developed security plans. Also, it is up to you to respond if an attack does happen because it is always possible. You need to have a plan of what to do in these situations.

Penetration tester – This is a very interesting job in the field of cybersecurity because it is your job to actually be a hacker. It is up to you to test your company’s security systems by trying to penetrate it. You will document all your attempts and suggest to other professionals from your company which parts to improve.

Our tips on how to get started

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It would be highly desirable to have knowledge of programming or networking so that the whole world of computing is familiar to you. If you don’t have that, our advice is to start right away, because you will need more time to master everything you need. Then, it is certainly very good to enroll in some of the courses and get basic and then advanced knowledge from the instructor. If you try to learn on your own, it can be too demanding, especially if you don’t have any computing background. And of course, keep yourself informed about new technologies. Some of the most important technologies are Clouds, then artificial intelligence and the like. You must always be up to date with the latest advances, in order to be able to meet all the challenges.


One of the good job search resources to find a job in cybersecurity with no experience is Jooble. But don’t think it will be easy. Just because they don’t require previous experience doesn’t mean you won’t have to spend months studying before you get a job. And after you get a job you must never stop learning because in the IT world everything is advancing at the speed of light.

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