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How to Remove Gum from Shoes: An Easy Guide 2024!

Chewing gum is probably the most common treats known to man. But sometimes chewing gum isn’t all good as it’s hard to remove if it gets stick to your clothes or shoes. Have you at any point stepped onto chewing gum while wearing your shoes? In any case, you should not worry about it since following methods will easily guide you to remove chewing gum from your shoes.

Method 1: Plastic Bag Method

Things Needed

  1. Plastic pack
  2. Freezer



  1. Place the shoe in a plastic bag.
  2. Press the plastic pack onto the gum with the goal that the gum holds fast to the sack.
  3. Place the shoe and the pack into the cooler.
  4. Allow it to freeze at any rate an hour or two.
  5. Remove the shoe and the pack from the cooler.
  6. When you pull the pack away from the shoe, the gum should adhere to the sack and be removed from the shoe.



Method 2: Utilizing Adhesive Removers

Things Needed

  1. WD-40
  2. Peanut margarine
  3. Baby oil
  4. Paper towels


1. Spray a modest quantity of WD-40 or other sleek substance on the gum, for example, applying nutty spread or baby oil

2. Allow it to set for a moment so it very well may be retained around the gum and slacken the glue bond.

3. Wipe it away with a paper towel or delicate material.

4. Repeat until the gum is totally evacuated.


Always use WD-40 with the help of guidelines.

Method 3: Scratching Method

Things Needed

  1.  Dull blade or spoon
  2.  Freezer


1. Start by scratching off the gum from the shoe.

2. Place the shoe in the cooler for an hour or two and permit the gum to solidify.

3. Remove the shoe from the cooler.

4. Pry any residual gum pieces out utilizing a spoon or dull blade.

5. If the gum mellow while you are expelling it, place the shoe back in the cooler to permit it to solidify once more.


Method 4: Sand/Dirt Method

Things Needed

  1. Sand
  2. Dry soil
  3. Stick


1. This strategy functions admirably if the gum is still delicate and malleable. Sprinkle the sand.

2. Rub the gum with a stick.

3. Continue to include soil or sand progressively as you scratch.

4. The gum will start to dissolve into little pieces.

5. Keep scouring until the gum is totally evacuated.


Method 5: Utilizing Ice

One of the essential techniques that you can use to expel chewing gum from your shoes is the utilization of ice. Truly, you heard it right; ice cubes can be utilized for disposing of the chewing gum from shoes, without harming the texture or material. In case your shoes get wet while doing so; you can use a shoe dryer to dry your shoes easily. If you desire to look for top dryers that best suit your needs, we recommend you to check our detailed review of the best shoes and boot dryers here.


Things Needed

  1. Ice


  1. You should simply fill a huge plastic sack with ice cubes and then place your shoe on its highest point, making sure to guarantee that the side with the gum is confronting downwards in contact with the sack. This procedure can take some time, so it’s recommended to utilize a nourishment stockpiling sack for guaranteeing that the ice doesn’t wind up dissolving before the activity has been finished.

2. Give satisfactory time. The gum will freeze totally and you’ll have the option to scratch it off effortlessly. The issue with this strategy is that it clearly requires a lot of time to do something amazing. In case you’re low on schedule, in this way, it is fitting for you to have a go at something different!

Method 6: Dissolving the Gum

You can utilize lighter liquid viably for this reason. Lighter liquid for the most part includes naphtha, which is combustible. Nail clean remover can likewise be utilized for this reason

Things Needed

  1. Naphtha
  2. Nail polish remover


  1. You should simply douse a bit of fabric with naphtha and rub it onto the chewing gum. You’ll see the chewing gum dissolving endlessly.

2. Nail remover can likewise be utilized for this reason. Like the strategy previously talked about, douse a cloth or fabric with acetone based nail remover and then rub it onto the chewing gum. Like the outcomes with the utilization of lighter liquid, you’ll see the chewing gum break up away.


Essentially saturate a paper towel or delicate material with the lighter liquid and rub the gum away. Be alert as lighter liquid is combustible. Work in an all around ventilated zone that is away from any flares. Nonetheless, infer-able from the properties of naphtha, there are various safety measures that you’ll have to work out. The head of these is that you’ll have to guarantee that the territory is very much ventilated, taking into account how simple it is for naphtha to burst into flames.

Nail clean remover can likewise be applied to the gum. The acetone will break down the gum however may harm your shoes.The use of acetone based nail clean removers, in any case, should be went with care. Why? All things considered, it is on the grounds that acetone has the capability of destroying particular sorts of shoes, particularly softened leather  shoes.


Despite the fact that it’s a well known treat that has earned acknowledgment for refreshing breath and forestalling tooth rot, gum appears to wind up in improper spots that make it just a disturbance. At the point when you discover it hanging from the base of your shoe, you’re left with a clingy goo that is by all accounts stuck like paste. Luckily, this is a typical issue and various strategies have been found to expel it. which are clarified above. Some are simpler than others, however at last, your shoe will be without gum and you’ll be making excellent progress so far instantly.

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