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How to Measure Feet for Boots? Guide for Everyone

As all of you are very much familiar with this common reality, that we all have feet of different sizes. This point is very important to ponder while purchasing a new pair of shoes. Having a perfect pair of boots is necessary as it directly relates to the comfort and health as well. A good fit also increases your productivity and performance at the workplace.

Therefore a useful guide has been designed here to help you better understand what type of boots you should buy. The guide will help you to calculate the length, width, and height of your feet including toes, and arch. Finally, you will get a better understanding of your foot size after reading this informative article.

Foot Measurement Guide

To help you order shoes of the exact size & width fitting for your feet first time, please follow the simple 3 step procedure below. Although, we are not giving you any guarantee that the first pair of shoes you try will be the perfect fit. Yet, the measurements below will help you to discover real comfort right from the beginning.

Step 1. Find your Shoe Size

With a tape measure or ruler, measure the distance from the back of your heel to the end of your longest toe (in mm). The best way is to use a paper and pencil and draw your feet one by one on two big size papers. Draw a center line for the width and length of your foot just like the given below photo shows, measure them with ruler and write the measurement down. Most people have feet of different sizes and the length of your longest foot will determine your shoe size.

Step 2. Find your Width Fitting

Use a scale, soft tape measure or string, and measure the circumference (in mm) around your foot at the widest point, usually where your toe joints meet your foot. Then substrate 3/16 inch from the reading to offset the small space between the pencil line and your actual foot.

For shoe size, view the table below and get the one closest to your reading.

Length = _____ inches – 3/16 inches = ________ inches (refer to chart 1 for your shoes size)

Width = ______ inches – 3/16 inches = ________ inches (refer to chart 2 to for you shoes width)

Step 3. UK/EUR Size Conversion

If the style you are interested in is referred to in continental sizes, please refer to the diagram to ensure you carry out the correct size conversion. 26 bones, 19 muscles, 33 joints and 107 ligaments are present in a human foot. Their development differs person to person so people do not have the same standards, regarding foot sizes. Along with these steps, if you are to buy square toe boots, you can go for one of the 5 pairs of insoles that we have reviewed in our latest article on the best insoles for square toe boots, for a perfect fitting.


Congratulation! By now, you are a master in measuring your boot size. Also many shoe companies provide full customer support services. They have their own specific measurement charts for length and width measuring as well as for UK and US size conversions. You can take help from those companies representatives in your town as well in choosing your perfect size. It is the best way to find a perfect match for your feet.

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