The Future of the Adult Entertainment Industry Beyond 2024

It has been said and proven too many times so far but we have to state it once more! The adult industry is huge and it is getting bigger and bigger as time goes by. With new technologies, new themes, and new trends, it is a constantly developing industry which is the real reason it so grossing so much over time and why it continues to increase its worth.

When you speak about the adult entertainment industry, we are not necessarily refereeing to video-only. It is so much bigger than that and it holds everything from adult toys, and dolls, to adult videos. It is a wide industry that has split into parts where each part is perfectly following and adding to the other to reap the benefits worldwide.

If you like numbers we have those for you as well right here. If you didn’t know the adult toy industry was valued at USD 30.48 billion in 2024 and it is expected to double that by 2030. If that isn’t a sure sign of huge expansion and progress then we don’t know what is. Another fact is that the adult video industry is expected to surpass US$ 300 Bn by 2030 which is another remarkable number and statistic that tells us a lot.

Another place that will tell you a lot and show as well is so go check them out and see for yourself.


What exactly are these numbers we mentioned telling us about this industry? Well, you probably know this but it doesn’t hurt to say again, it tells us that we are moving forward in technology and our needs and desires. It is a normal thing and progress should be expected in all forms and all routes. What we see coming into the first perspective when it comes to the adult entertainment industry are the usage of virtual reality and virtual worlds.

Many creators and many companies are heavily investing in virtual technology. This is something that is simply too good to pass especially in this type of industry where you need to replicate and feel every touch, sensation, and movement, and where it is desirable to make it as realistic as possible. VR is the future number one and you can expect to see most video productions invest in this heavily.

What VR can offer us in combination with the adult industry? Well, the one word that would closely explain it is – realism, or as close to it as possible. So far you probably saw some VR adult videos and you saw that they are scripted and that all you can do is look around and that is about it. Some things feel a bit closer and “realistic” than viewing the same thing on the screen but that is about it. What if we told you that the future of this industry may produce something like we saw in the 2018 movie Ready Player One. What if we got the opportunity to be “physically” in a room with your favourite porn star and see what they see, feel what they feel, even feel the sensation being output to you 1000 miles away sitting in your chair, via some sort of haptic suit just like in the movie. So far, we have gloves and VR sticks that aren’t enough but they are a step closer to what we are talking about.


This would be a huge breakthrough that everyone would love. A chance to load up your perfect scene with a partner you love and spend time with them, anywhere, anytime. It sounds a bit silly and it sounds a bit farfetched, but so have the other things in the past about things we have now. Anything is possible if the right people and the right amount of money is invested in the right way.

Imagine if you could, and we believe that there is a chance, for the adult video industry to be closely tied to adult toys and VR. There are so many opportunities here that can open doors to this kind of reality as far as next year. With correct sensors and motors and programming, you can connect your sex toy to your VR set and allow it to transmit the sensation you are seeing through the headset. The same thing can be done with adult sex dolls. So far you can opt for any type, any material, any sort, and part of a whole doll, and if you could make some of its parts work with certain videos, programs or scenes you can get out of VR you could make a huge breakthrough.

Robotics is advancing so much so fast, there are some refinements to be made with movement and with a lifelike feel but don’t be too awed when someone in the adult industry presents you with a first robotic sex doll. Real touches, real conversation, real feel and real…well you get the picture. When we say real you should be aware that we mean real as real it can get with these. Most people criticize these opinions because we somehow speak against people interacting more with people and that we, the visionaries force technology down everyone’s throat. This is simply not true.


We as human beings are smart and have the potential to make things as evolution has proved. Why hold that intelligence and knowledge back? Why not see these breakthroughs as something that can be used to aid in learning, why couldn’t it be something for people that have whatever type of issues with either the male or female side?! Some people are afraid of contact, afraid of talking or going out. Why wouldn’t these be their walker and aid in overcoming those fears and opening up to the world?

It is normal to see everything bad and sexual when you are talking about the adult entertainment industry, but you also have to know that it has evolved and grown so much from what it originally was. Who are we to say that they won’t do the same in future and branch out to things that shouldn’t only be considered to be sexual?

The future is tricky and no one knows what it may bring at some point, we can observe and try to predict based on trends, which is what we are doing, very successfully. To find out more stick with us and wait for further information in the future.

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