5 Best Floor Liners For Jeeps in 2024

The carpet present in your jeep endures a lot just during regular use. Suppose you have dogs and kids who are quite messy travelers and then add the rainy season and mud-stained boosts to that equation. Can you imagine the torture your jeep’s carpets go through?

A good carpet will endure all of that and will also contribute to increasing your car’s resale value. Moreover, it will also decrease the chances of the formation of mold or mildew inside your jeep. Also, It is easier to clean a floor mat than cleaning the actual floor of the jeep. When the floor mat gets dirty you can simply take it out and wash it or clean it with a wet cloth or sponge.

Floor mats also protect the interior of the jeep in every weather. They come with a sidewall that prevents water, dirt, mud or snow from going to the floor of the jeep. There are plenty of reasons as to why you should install a floor mat in your jeep. If you are looking for one, check out this website for more details.

There are a variety of floor mats that you can choose from and with so many options choosing the correct one may become a daunting task. Thus, to help you with your search, we have researched the five best all-weather floor mats which is a must-buy for your jeep wrangler.

1. Rugged Ridge

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The first option on our list is the rugged jeep floor mats. With high flexibility and durability, they are one of their kind. Moreover, they are made from eco-friendly materials which makes them one of the best options. You can buy them for the front, cargo and the rear part as well. One of the most impressive features of this mat is that it remains very flexible even in cold weather conditions.

You can get it in various colors such as grey, tan, and even black to match with the interior of your jeep. These mats are also made from high-density material, which is perfect to resist dirt, moisture, spills, snow, and even moisture. Even if the mat gets dirty somehow, you will be able to clean it easily. Besides, these are also spilling and shred proof making it one of the best mats you can get for your lovely jeep.

2. Molar

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One of the best things about this mat is that it has ribs that help keep unwanted elements like water and mud away. These floor mats are available for the rear as well as the front floor. Another plus point of these mats is that they are very flexible and don’t become hard or brittle even in cold weather conditions. Moreover, these mats are very easy to clean because they are spill and dust-resistant. The only drawback of these molar jeep wranglers floor mats is that they are not very sturdy and thus may feel very insubstantial.

3. Mopa

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The next floor liner on our list is the mopa floor mat, which is a very strong and durable, perfect floor mat for a jeep. Just like molar ones, mopa floor mats also have deep ribs. These ribs help to trap water, mud, snow, or dirt, which makes them slip-free.

Once they get dirty, you can easily clean them by simply washing them. These are available for both rears as well as the front floor of the jeep. Apart from protecting your Jeep from all sorts of things that can make it dirty, the mopa jeep wrangler looks quite stylish and will perfectly complement the interior of your jeep. The floor liner’s material is rubber, which makes it durable and super easy to wash and clean.

4. Husky

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It is of the favorite floor mats among jeep lovers and they stand out among the crowd because of their durability. These floor liners will provide the ultimate protection to your Jeep’s floor and will protect it from dirt, dust, and mud.

People often end up displacing the floor liner while they are traveling in the car; however, it is not the case with these floor mats.

They are designed in such a manner that they do not move from its place. These mats are not made from rubber.

Rather they are made from hard plastic, which makes them super durable and easy to clean. The only disadvantage of using these mats is that you might get a plastic-like smell in the jeep since it is made out of hard plastic.

5. Max

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They are best for people who want to give their jeep interior a nice look. Apart from being stylish, these are durable and effective in all sorts of weather, right from extreme cold to extremely hot weather conditions. These mats are also dust, dirt, and spill-resistant, which makes them an excellent option. Besides, cleaning these mats require minimum effort.

If you have used floor mats for your jeep previously, you might have noticed that some of them give that plastic or rubber-like smell. However, the max floor liners are odorless. Yes, you read that right. These floor mats will not produce any absurd smell to ruin your adventurous mood!

Final Word

If you are a jeep enthusiast and love keeping your vehicle clean, floor mats are a must-have. Some of the floor mats mentioned in the list above are more durable, while some are more stylish, making the interior look more premium thereby increasing the resale value of your jeep.

At the end of the day, it is up to you what you want to get for your jeep. Ensure that you do enough research about the features and quality of the mat before making the final decision.

You can even choose to buy a custom jeep mat that suits your vehicle and complements its overall appearance. Also, the mats are designed in such a way so that the maximum floor area inside your jeep is covered and it doesn’t get dirty with mud and sand etc.

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