5 Reasons Why Do You Need an Autoformer for Your RV?

Those who love their Recreational Vehicles will need to read this ASAP if they haven’t fitted one of these devices already. People who use RVs love this way of life and there are not many things that can ruin that for them, but the power problems while you are sitting and enjoying yourself are one of the top nuances. Some of the old campgrounds might have power issues and problems with over usage of power because of too many RVs being hooked to the same power source, and those can lead to your discomfort and other problems with your vehicle.

Most of you don’t know about Autoformer and do not know what they are for. Basically, if you have an RV and you travel a lot and visit different campgrounds with questionable power quality then this device is what you need to save your RV from constant power surges, flickering lights and your appliances misbehaving.

Having power surges and power problems in general in your RV can be dangerous for you but it can cause damage to your vehicle as well. There are few ways to protect you and your RV and one of the best according to is having an Autoformer installed.

Today’s article will give you the reasons why you need one and why it is so lifesaving.

1. Boosts voltage

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As we previously mentioned these things can help you boost your voltage when needed. There are a lot of places where you can cam and hookup your RV to the power source, but if the power source is bad or weak, or even overused you will start seeing problems within your RV. There can be in the form of flickering lights, your appliances not working correctly or not working at all which will most definitely ruin your stay anywhere. What these Autorformers do convert the relationship between amps and voltage thanks to transformers built in the unit itself. They don’t produce or steal the power they simply convert amps to voltage and when there is over usage they will alleviate that problem and give you up to 10% voltage boost when needed.

2. System alleviation

This device will surely help alleviate your power system of any power losses and it will normalize the work of your appliances and prolong their lifespan. There will be no power loss in your extension cords, your power lines and wiring which is of utmost importance when it comes to your safety. It will stop low voltage use by your system and it will stop any potential damages that can be caused by prolonging low voltage use. These devices will also allow you to easily track your current power draw and power demands which is mostly a cosmetic thing but can also be an important one. Having Wireless or Bluetooth access to this information is really handy and neat.

3. Surge protector

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When we talk about RV and power protection we cannot glance over one important thing – surge protectors. Now, these come in different shapes and styles, modular and non-modular. Never mind which one of these you opt for, they are a great thing to have especially if you live in an area that “prides” with high thunder activity.

Surge protectors will protect your RV and your appliances from sudden power surges that can fry everything inside. The biggest concern that most RV owners have is losing the neutral line which can feed additional power to all your systems and cause them to burn or catch fire. Surge protectors are important because they will save you from these things and keep your RV safe and sound. There are several surge protectors out there that you can buy, but you should look for those that are modular meaning the replacement is easy and cheap, and you will have to replace these often.

4. It impacts only you

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding these products and most of them revolve around people talking that it draws power from everybody else at the campground or station to provide more for you. This just isn’t true and everyone else at the campground gets the same amount of power, the only difference is that you, if you have an Autoformer, have boosted voltage to have all your power needs to be met. You will get constant current without fluctuations and you will be protected from possible surges or drops, which will mean that your RV and its entire electrical system, as well as all the appliances, will have no problems operating normally. So there is no stealing from everyone else, you all get the same amount of power from the plug station you only get a boost from this thanks to those built-in transformers.

5. Safety and longer life

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We have already mentioned this a few times but these things really save your RV and save you as well. If you RV regularly you should invest in these things because you will have peace of mind concerning safety, and you will prolong the life of all things electrical inside. For a couple of hundreds of dollars, you can save yourself from the hassle of constant electrical repairs and controls, constant appliance changes due to power problems making them die, and in the long run, you will save a lot of money with one of these Autoformers.

In the end with all things said we don’t see why you shouldn’t get one of these immediately if you haven’t already. This is somewhat of a hefty investment but in the long run, it will pay off. There will be fewer service visits and fewer appliance repairs and changes. You will not have any electrical issues, regarding that your RV didn’t have any before installing an Autoformer.

With a one-time investment you can save yourself the problems all your neighbors will have especially in old campgrounds that have a bad power quality or are overpopulated and there are huge power demands. This device will alleviate your electrical system and allow you to enjoy without having a sporadic light show while watching TV.

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