Best Winter Snow Boots 2021 – Buying Guide

With the arrival of 2021, the season of winter is in full swing and everywhere is frosty. It is also that time of the winter where you have to cover your face, hands, and feet from the icy winds of the season while making your daily excursions outside. While the importance of covering your upper body can never be less emphasized, your feet too need their protection from the frost. Winter snow boots are an essential and classic piece of gear that you can wear in the cold. They not only insulate your feet but can keep them comfortable and protected. It makes them a seminal attire for everyday use, physical activities, and even if only to keep out the cold. In this article, we have broken down the five best snow boots of the year, keeping in mind the quality, price, protection, and the useful all-rounded features they offer. If you’re looking to invest in a good pair of snow boots that serve both comfort and utility, our breakdown will help you make that choice:

1. NORTIV 8 Men's Waterproof Hiking Winter Snow Boots

Best Seller

  • Good traction
  • High quality outsoles with EVA cushioning
  • Thermolite insulation layer to protect against cold
  • The boots may wither after a few years depending on use

Insulation: Thermolite | Water-resistant: Yes | Technology: EVA footbed | Material: Leather | Outsole: Rubber

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We start off the list with the classic snow boots by NORTIV 8. With a strong thermolite insulation layer, these boots will keep your toes from getting cold while the 3m water-resistant coating will make sure to keep out any sogginess if you stepped in a puddle. Also equipped with an impressive EVA footbed, the NORTIV 8 hiking boots are composed of high-quality leather that features durable rubber outsoles with lugs that protrude in multiple directions giving them strong traction that will grip even onto slippery surfaces. This is the kind of boot you use for rugged activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, and camping. Because of its sturdy material and waterproof design, it helps to preserve from the harsh cold for a solid amount of years. This footwear has amassed a lot of rave reactions and is praised for its all-rounded nature and I can tesify that the praise is deserved.

A few have occasionally complained that after years or two of heavy use, the boots begin to show signs of wearing down. Though I haven’t tested them out for that long to join in the chorus.

With all things said, there’s a reason this model of the NORTIV 8 snow boot tops the list and it’s for all the great conveniences they bring for your wintery excursions outside.

2. WHITIN Insulated All-Weather Boots

Great Value

  • Decent insulation
  • Freedom to choose between fur and non-fur boots
  • Decent features for the nominal cost
  • The waterproofing doesn't work well

Insulation: Thermolite | Water-resistant: Yes | Technology: N/A | Material: Leather and Non-Leather | Outsole: Rubber

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The WHITIN insulated boots feature a sleek and classy design with an insulated coating that is meant to fend off the cold. These boots are available in two types; leather and non-leather. You also have the option to choose between boots that feature a fur-lining and those that don’t. Do note that the ones with the velvet fur-lining are warmer and more comfortable specifically in winter seasons while the ones without fur can be used during other seasons as well. Apart from the material, the WHITIN boots feature rubber outsoles with grooves in them that provide important traction. While the boots are water-resistant, they are not entirely waterproof, so keep in mind that exposed interaction with water can get your socks wet after some time.

However, for its price tag the WHITIN Insulated boots really impress while also keeping you comfortable and set for the winters.

3. ulogu Men's Snow Boots

Best Features

  • Superb waterproof design
  • Great ageing resistant durability
  • Rubber outsoles provide decent traction
  • The short length of the tongue makes it difficult for some users to tie laces

Insulation: Thermolite | Water-resistant: Yes | Technology: N/A | Material: Rubber | Outsole: Rubber

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The ulogu Snow Boots are absolutely impeccable! They’re also perhaps my favorite of the list because of the inexpensive price tag. The boots bring along a state-of-the-art waterproof and high durability design that only other boots twice as expensive would offer. Composed of rubber, the ulogu snow boots feature KPU uppers that are extremely water-resistant and barely age with time. From the ankles to the insoles, the boots feature a warm and comfortable fur-lining that ensure heat preservation and prevent your feet from getting cold in the frost.

The outsoles are made of rubber and feature three-dimensional lubs that are shock absorbent and provide impressive traction for physical outdoor activities such as hiking, tree-climbing, and mountain trekking.

Perhaps the only complaint these boots draw is the short length of the tongue, which makes tying the bootlaces tricky. Once you see past that minor issue, what you find is a very reliable pair of boots.

4. NORTIV 8 Winter Snow Skii Boots

Super Strong

  • Durable and strong for rough use
  • Thermolite insulation is very cold-resistant
  • Traction of the boots is also pretty decent
  • Some users will find awkward pressure on areas of foot after tightening laces

Insulation: Thermolite | Water-resistant: Yes | Technology: EVA footbed | Material: N/A | Outsole: Rubber

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Based on appearance alone, the NORTIV 8 Winter Snow Skii Boots are absolutely monstrous. They resemble something that NAVY Seals would wear in extremely harsh climates that involve outdoor trekking and climbing on snowy mountains. That’s because these boots are used for military training. Featuring a 200g Thermolite insulation, these snow boots more than do a solid job at keeping out the frost from numbing your toes even in temperatures as low as -25 Fahrenheit. They are cushioned with the patented EVA footbed that makes them very comfortable to walk on even on irregular terrains. The entire pair is also imbued with greater insulation. The soles are composed of rubber and feature lugs that protrude in multiple directions for stronger traction on slippery surfaces. The design of these snow boots also guarantees that they are reliably water-resistant, and it would only take a flood to get them soggy on the inside.

Honestly, if your purpose for these boots involves heavy use, then they are going to last you quite a good while. The only complaint I have, after being very nitpicky, is that when the bootlaces are tightened, the pressure on the upper ankle might be slightly uncomfortable after a period of walking.

Still, the NORTIV 8 Winter Snow Skii Boots are perhaps my personal favourite of the lot.

5. Climate X YSC5 Snow Boots

Double Secure Design

  • Draw string design for tightening boots
  • Thermolite insulation on the inner folds protects from cold
  • Decent waterproofing
  • Wear and tear after some months of use
  • Slight discomfort in the heel area

Insulation: Thermolite | Water-resistant: Yes | Technology: N/A | Material: N/A | Outsole: N/A

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The Climate X YSC5 snow boots are one of the lesser entries on this list. With the bare essentials of what you would expect out of a pair of snow boots, these do a decent job. The boots feature upper nylon that is water-resistant and can be tightened either with an easy to pull drawstring or with the help of a Velcro strap (though the strap isn’t too helpful to be honest). These will prevent water from unwarrantedly entering your socks while the Thermolite insulation on the lines of the inner-boot will be more than sufficient at keeping your feet and toes warm from the snow.

However, there have been complaints from users that durability is not this boot’s strongest virtue as heavy use will tend to create rips and seams into the nylon fabric. For that reason, it is suggested that these boots be used for light physical activity, which does not involve harsh use as they will surely take a toll on the boot’s life. While I did feel an awkward pressure in the heel area owing to the YSC5’s shape and design, the slight discomfort was forgotten after a couple minutes walking.

If you want to buy boots that can effortlessly get you through the harsh cold, look no further than the Climate X YSC5.

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