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Best Flip Flops for Men: 2024 Top Picks!

2020 has been a strange year with a notorious pandemic that nearly stopped the world dead in its tracks. However, it is also the year where the flip flops have been the unprecedented champion footwear for everyone no matter what part of the world they are in. In a summer where everyone has stayed indoors in lockdown, taken online classes, and worked from home, the flip-flops have been in use everywhere especially with the absence of dress codes.

Apart from being the rational choice in the summertime, flip flops are also pretty darn useful the rest of the time as well. These open-ended, cool, and easy to wear home sandals embody the quintessential laid-back style. While they are a classic piece of footwear and have existed for decades, each new year brings an improved and innovative design featuring computer-aided forms, cutting-edge ergonomics, high-quality materials, and enhanced construction techniques.

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If you’re looking to purchase a great pair of flip flops that fall under a modern design while providing premium comfort and a great overall experience, then I have ranked for you the five best flip flops for the year! Read the article to find out which ones suit you the most.

1. Reef Fanning Flip Flop

Best Choice

  • High quality materials
  • Well-fitting nubuck straps
  • Supreme comfort in the footbed
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Arch support could be better

Features: Synthetic Nubuck Straps, EVA Footbed | Weight:14.4 oz.

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Coming up at number 1 is the Reef Fanning flip flop which happens to be a premium all-around pair that offers longstanding durability, premium comfort, and a sturdy grip on slippery surfaces.

The strap of the Reef’s Fanning is composed of quality synthetic nubuck with wide and ergonomic straps that fit above your foot snugly while also being soft and pliable to the touch. The texture of the material is plush and doesn’t chafe the foot. The design also allows the upper to dry quickly so in case if you walk into a puddle, the top half will not be drenched.

The Fanning comes with an interesting quirk that can be found in its herringbone rubber sole; a bottle opener. Yes! It’s true. It may be flashy and a little superfluous but if you’re someone with a lot of beer bottles around the house, what’s wrong with being able to crack their caps open with an opener that’s always found beneath the soles?

Other than the bottle opener, the Fanning also comes with a midsole featuring a comfortable EVA footbed. It uses a small airbag under the heel, a sort of plastic injected with air bubbles that provides a decent cushioning effect making the Reef Fanning an incredibly comfortable slipper to wear. Walking in them feels great basically. I was initially skeptical about the traction but upon use found them to have a solid grip on even slippery surfaces.

Source: pexels.com

My only problem with the Reef Fanning is that I don’t find it ideal for arch support. The heel itself measures an inch higher than the footbed (most likely because of the airbag) which while being a comfortable feature does take away the natural angle for the foot.

But all in all, this is a lightweight slipper with premium comfort and top-quality materials. Were you to buy them, the Reef Fanning flip flops are bound to serve for long times to comes.

2. OluKai Men's Ohana

Premium Choice

  • Premium level of comfort
  • Excellent durability
  • Great traction on surfaces
  • Two rubber layers in the sole for cushioning
  • These weigh on the heavier side

Features: Synthetic Fiber, ICEVA Drop-in Footbed | Weight: 3 lbs.

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Next, we have the Olukai flip flops by Ohana that possesses some of the most essential features one should seek in a pair of flip flops. In terms of comfort, perhaps they are unrivaled by any on this list. The OluKais feel especially comforting when worn after a rigorous day of physical exercise.

The upper on these flip flops is made of synthetic fiber that is comfortable to wear. It also features jersey knitting and a neoprene foam backer that adds an extra layer of protection for the feet. These straps may fit snugly but they also don’t create any chaffing and are easy on the feet.

The midsole also features a compression-molded EVA as well as an ICEVA drop-in footbed with maximum ergonomic support that adds extensive levels of comfort to each step as it cushions your strides and absorbs the impact that would otherwise put stress on your feet and ligaments.

As months pass by and you use these sandals more, you find them to have become even more supple to the touch. The outsoles meanwhile utilize coral reel lugs that allow them to have strong traction even on smooth surfaces. The combination of the firm grippy footbed, high arch support, and dense tacky sole adds up to superior support and stability all around.

It is apparent when you wear the Olukai flip flops that they are made of high-quality materials and are constructed sturdily. They may be heavier than the average sandal (and it may be problematic for some) but that extra bit of weight also adds an incredible amount of durability. The attention to detail especially with the ergonomics also makes these flip flops very easy to wear if you’re standing on a work desk for hours on end.

In terms of price-to-performance ratio, very few shoes are as durable, versatile, and promising as the Olukai flip flops by Ohana. No games are being played here. The sandals are just too well-made.

3. Teva Mush II Flip-Flop

Bronze Medal

  • Comfortable canvas cotton upper
  • Provides excellent traction
  • Great for use in beaches
  • High quality and premium feel
  • Possible chaffing between toes

Features: Cotton Canvas Upper, EVA Midsole | Weight: 6.4 oz.

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And now we come upon the Mush II flip flops by Teva. One look and you notice how sturdy they are. The Mush II models also come available in wide variety of colors from which you can choose the ones that express you best.

With an all-natural cotton and canvas upper webbing as well as with a strap made of strong fabric, the Mush II brings comfort with each step and stride. Also featured is an EVA midsole that provides good cushioning and stability to the wearer. Teva utilizes some orthotic support in the midsole to make wearing these flip flops possible for extended periods of time. The outsole itself is made of synthetic rubber and promises to be grippy which is always a good thing to have on smooth surfaces.

Whereas a cheaper flip flop would slip or skid on a wet surface, the Mush II outsoles are much better at traction and give you a sense of safety. Teva made the smart choice of also adding is a second layer of rubber in the sole which lends greater support to the entire slipper. This creates a cushioning mechanism that absorbs pressure and relieves stress from your feet and ligaments. The cushioning itself is mostly standard and gets the job done though it’s not the best you’ll find.

The Mush II also have a good drying mechanism. If these flip flops ever got wet, the upper will dry itself out pretty soon without the absorbed water creating any squelching. Don’t think however that this means you begin wearing them underwater.

If there is one niggling issue with the Mush II, it could be that some wearers may feel like the thong of the straps can cause chafes between the toes.

All in all, the Mush II by Teva are advertised as the perfect beach sandal and with the features it has on offer, that claim is certainly more than true because of the sandal’s ability to deal with dirt, debris, and degrees of water. Hence why these sandals are the go-to footwear for the coolest and the most laid-back beach dwellers.

4. Crocs Crocband Flip Flop

The Dark Horse

  • Lightweight and easy to move in
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Comfort level is great
  • Thong is hard and painful
  • Traction is not great

Features: Croslite Foam Resin Upper, EVA Midsole | Weight: 6 lbs.

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Ever since their inception in 2002, Crocs has been churning out quality footwear that has won admirers from around the world. With the Crocband flip flops, they continue to keep the quality just as high. Featuring a simple design, promising durability, and quality comfort, the Crocband is a great pair of flip flops to consider.

These flip flops are crafted from a foam resin called Croslite and are impressively lightweight. They are designed pretty simplistically while also featuring a TPU toe post that adds comfort and improves traction in the sole. However, I found that the thong of the straps is made from the same TPU material which can feel stiff and might cause discomfort between the toes.

As is the case with a majority of flip flops, the Crocband also features an EVA midsole with cushioning properties. The footbed is a little stiff but provides decent arch support. You’ll also find strategically places massage pods on the footbed that make wearing these a comfortable experience.

The outsole itself is made of synthetic and utilizes the Croslite material, which makes the sole tight enough to handle loose dirt trails, but because of the foam on the underside the Crocband will admittedly be more slippery on rocks and other polished surfaces. However, with the level of thickness the soles have you won’t really feel sharp protruding pebbles causing discomfort to your foot when you’re outdoors.

Even with its few flaws, the Crocbands are a very reliable and underrated choice. With special emphasis given to comfort and durability, the flops are also pretty versatile both as a house slipper and for excursions outdoors. Quick to dry and lightweight, these low profile slippers will more than make up for the money you’ve paid.

5. Reef Phantom Sandals

Super Underrated

  • Lightweight construction
  • Well-fitting nubuck straps
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Traction is weak
  • Apparent wear and tear on rough terran

Features: Synthetic Nubuck Upper, Compression Molded EVA Footbed | Weight: 6 oz.

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And so we will close the rankings with the same brand that opened the rankings. Reef! But this time with the Phantom model of flip flops which is a pair of slippers that proves its worth with use. In a nutshell, the Phantom would be described as a lightweight slipper that is simplistically designed, comfortable to wear, and an affordable choice for anyone who needs a house slipper that can also be useful on a beach vacation.

The straps are composed of synthetic nubuck that provide a good fit without being too tight or loose on your feet. A compression molded EVA footbed helps add good support for medium and high arches. The flexibility and softness of the slippers feel pleasant and comfortable under the feet.

The EVA sole itself however doesn’t uniformly distribute the force which means if you’re walking on rocky terrain, be careful not to step on something too sharp. I would also not advertise the EVA sole for providing the best traction, especially on smooth surfaces. For the same price, you can find slippers that provide superior grip.

In terms of durability, the Phantom suffers. Because of the EVA footbed is not as sturdy when poked into by rocks and sharp objects in the terrain. If you’re daily passing through such debris don’t expect these flops to last you too long. However, if the most you do is walk from the house to the beach and back, then the Phantoms will most likely last you years.

It may not be the best option from all the flip flops currently out there, but the Phantom is still well-made, versatile, more comfortable and superior to any nameless brand of flip flops out there. For the money you dish out for it and the features you get in return, I reckon the middle ground is decent enough.

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