11 Pros and Cons of Using Haskell for Software Developing

There has always been a variety in how the programming code has been approached which is the reason behind the existence of so many languages. While every engineer prefers a different language, functional programming remains one of the most popular options.

This language purely relies on mathematical functions since it is based on calculus, specifically the lambda type.

After being published in the 90s, Haskell became a staple piece in the programming world which in addition acquired lots of programming language extensions.

In this article, we’ll talk about all the pros and cons of using Haskell for software development. This should help you determine whether this is the language that will advance your project and your knowledge as a whole. Keep reading and find out more.


To understand the reason behind the popularity of this language, we prepared a short list of all the advantages this program possesses.



The first reason why this program is so popular is that the safety of the memory is simply top-notch. In the other languages, you have to manually manage the memory which is often filled with issues such as bugs.

However, in Haskell, everything is automatically saved without the possibility of memory loss. The safety of the memory is highly important since it directly affects the security of the software.

Garbage management

The safety is achieved using two methods, the first is the management of the garbage which Haskell uses, and the second is done by constant static checks. Even though garbage management is not so good for systems running in real-time, it is not as limiting as the static checks which promote better productivity.

Native coding production

The code in Haskell is assembled in advance so it directly matches the machine’s native code. Its compiler is exceptional, especially for optimizing and efficiency. This is the reason why is Haskell a preferable choice for projects who require absolute performance.

Real-time code validation

While writing the code, there are often situations where a single typo can ruin everything. Looking for a single error in line-long codes is particularly difficult. For that purpose, Haskell has implemented a solution that checks the code in real time so the error is logged for easier resolution.

Normally, lots of other languages have this function. However, Haskell went a step further and created a powerful system that integrates various types which makes the code validation quite convenient.

That way, you are being sure the program is clean of mistakes before the end product reaches the quality control unit. In addition, the programmer can learn more and understand the domain of the business.


Call by need

The description of a lazy program has been significant for Haskell since its beginnings and it remains one of its features. The main point is to delay the calculations until the end, or until you need them, which is where the call-by-need synonym comes from.

With that, you achieve refactoring easily, and a way to create customized control and improved functionality of the program.


The ability to do more things at once has been a cause of issues forever. However, in Haskell, everything is made quite simplistic. The use of virtual threads and lots of libraries makes coding in Haskell to be quite pleasant rather than painful.

Broad eco-system

While working on a language that is relatively new to you, some problems may be difficult to overcome. Luckily, most of the problems you’ll encounter in Haskell have already been solved and uploaded for public access.
In addition, as Serokell who is a leading Haskell software development company suggests, there are plenty of libraries and packages that are constantly improved to provide proper compatibility.


After going through all the things that make this language great, we must note some of the drawbacks related to this program.


Learning difficulties

If you are just a beginner in the engineering world, and you have a weak mathematical basis, learning Haskell will be surely hard. In addition, there are not enough tutorials where you can acquire the basics of this program.

However, when looking for a program that holds such advanced options, simplicity is something that you will never find. At last, by overcoming the challenge of learning this language, you can ruin all your past knowledge about other languages due to the change of perspective.

Mathematic community

As mentioned above, this language thoroughly relies on mathematics which is the reason behind the mathematics community. Most forums are filled with mathematic idioms which are hard to understand. That is why if you don’t have advanced knowledge in math, the chances you’ll find the needed information are slim.

Incompatibility with mobile applications

If your project is creating mobile applications and platforms, this is not the program you should use. Instead, you should look for similar alternatives that can be used in the creation of mobile apps.

Call by need issues

While the call-by-need evaluations are one of the advantages of this program, they have some drawbacks. For example, you don’t know whether a part of the code is evaluated at a certain point. This creates performance barriers and may create difficulty in bug resolutions.


While this is a program that has lots of advanced and useful options, learning it can be exceptionally hard, especially for beginners. In addition, the specific and narrow application framework makes this language non-diverse.

However, if you require a custom Haskell project, you can always rely on companies doing Haskell development for you. With lots of knowledge and expertise as well as experience in working with this program, you can be sure about the quality of the product as well as the quickness of the creation.

By working with a dedicated development team, you will learn more throughout the project and you can ask what interests you. Lastly, your project will be properly audited and maintained by the same company which provides quick fixes and longevity with lots of satisfied users as a result.

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